Monday, December 30, 2013

It's Kind of Hard Saying Goodbye! Off to New and Exciting Adventures!

Dear Family,

Wow so do I have news for yall! First off, it was SO great talking to you all on skype and laughing and seeing y'all. Definite highlight of my peruvian christmas and I am so blessed to have each and everyone of you in my life. Seeing little Jake was the best Christmas present ever and I am so thankful for him and that he is doing well. What a cutie! The rest of my christmas was great-we were super full almost to the point of being sick from our two lunches and two dinners, but it was all delicous and with people I love! Christmas to me is being with those you love, remembering Christ, and serving him. I'm so lucky I got to do all three. 

Well the news of the week is I got transfered! The hardest part of my mission so far was saying goodbye to all the adorable Paitainians. Marilu, Carlos y olga, Mayumi, La familia bayona benites, hermano salinas, and so many more! Ive never cried my eyes out more and I am so blessed for the almost 6 months I had the wonderful oportunity to serve in Paita. I am going to miss the people there like crazy. I learned so much in Paita and experienced so much joy and happiness. Each month I wrote a main lesson I learned- (I learned way more than this but hear they are:)
 Aug- When you think things arent working out, they are actually working out exactly the way the Lord intends them to be. 
Sep- Its not until you sacrifice all for the Lord that he knows that he means all to you. 
Oct-Without the spirit Im just a person talking. With the spirit Im a set apart messanger of Christ .
Nov- Obedience comes before the blessings, and that requires faith. 
Dec- Food is to be enjoyed, not just eaten and Its not until your heart hurts that your persepctive changes to a more eternal one. 
My missionary service in Paita will definitly be something I will never forget and always hold close to my heart! 

The Lord needs me in Chulucanas now! What I have heard about it is there are lots of mangos and masquitos! woohoo! haha Its about an hour from Piura, like Paita, but the opposite direction. I hear its pretty hot there, and there are no grocery stores, but we will see. I waited 6 months in Paita for a big grocery store so I sure hope we are blessed with one in Chulucanas. Anyways, more than what it is like there I am excited to meet and get to know and love new people and ward members! The church is the same everywhere-because well its the church of Jesus Christ. Im excited for all the adventures ahead!

The other news is that I will be training! I receive my 'daughter' tomorrow. haha I am excited for this opportunity and know the Lrod will help me as i trust in him and help my new companion adjust to the mission field! Oh yeah and one more thing- we are opening a new area! The part of Chulucanas has never had missionaries before so this sure is going to be an adventure. Im not sure exactly right now how we are giong to be able to do it, but I know for sure that with the help of the Lord all this are possible as we rely on him. The quote, 'who the lord calls the Lord qualifies' keeps coming to my mind. My spanish may not be perfect, I might not remember to do all what preach my gospel says, and I may not know where all the sciptures are, but I know one thing, and it is that I am in the Lords hands! He will give me strength to do what he has sent me here to do, otherwise he wouldnt have sent me here. Thanks for all your prayers and love, espcically this week as I embark on a very new and adventurous adventure. 

And today has been my most favorite pdays ever!!!!! because HERMANA GUTIERREZ is my companion again!!!!!!!!!!! :) just for today. but still, it has been the greatest, talking with her and catching up on the past 6 months and hearing all of her experiences. She will be trainging a new missionary as well-we are in her area about 10 minutes outside of Piura in Tacala. We have enjoyed getting icecream, taking pictures, shopping in the biggest grocery store Ive ever seen in Peru (AND IT HAD PEANUT BUTTER WHAAAAT!!!!!) We havent talked in English once--we sure have come a long way since the MTC. haha It will be fun spending the night with her, and then tomorrow we get our new companions.

Love yall so much and am so thankful for yall. Im grateful to be a full time missionary of the Lord! I know the church is true without a doubt, I know that he is very much a part of my life. I know the book of mormon and the blible are true and are the words of God. I know President MOnson is a prophet of God and his words are inspired. Im so grateful for this testimony I have. Now its time to go share it with the sweet people of Chulucanas!! (Be sure to google it and let me know what you learn..:)

With lots of love and besos y abrazos,
Hermana Garlick 

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Feliz Navidad!

Merry Merry Christmas
Christmas Tree in Paita!

Our sweet matching Alianza Lima soccer jerseys. We are doing the symbol of "la U" upside down because that's the rival...haha!
Making Thanksgiving hands

The Sister Missionaries

Our whole mission at the conference in Chiclayo with Elder Holland

The Houses are Changing Colors...Feliz Navidad!

Querida Familia,

Wow I cant believe its Christmas this week! Where has the time gone?? Well I have been doing just great. Last week Hermana Marilu our pensionista made us lamb, and I felt super christmas-y. I couldnt help but think of big fat greek wedding as we were eating. haha It is super tough but was very tasty! Im going to miss Marilus cooking. 5 months eating lunch with her every day is kind of a long time! (I still only eat half the rice she puts on my plate..she still doesnt realize I dont eat the portion size of a full grown peruvian man..haha)

Exciting times for paita...A Plazavea just got built!!!!!! It is a store like HEB but way smaller but wow it was amazing! I had forgotten that things such as cake mixes and bags of chips existed! Our store, Maxi that we usually buy at is like the size of a gas station. So it is way fun that we have a super big store to shop at! I bought a cookie mix to celebrate the new store! But the problem is that we dont have an oven but that wasnt a problem because cookie dough is better uncooked anyway.. hna canaquiri liked it too! (by the way she is practiocing her dialogue I wrote for her in english to talk to yall..haha...yall should practice your spanish for her!)

So the other week I started notciing something-that the houses are changing colors!! Bright neon new colors started popping up like daisys! I later learned that this a tradition here-before christmas everyone paints their house a new color! so that is kind of fun and I think we should do that too. But I was thinking about how during the year the houses get dirty, chipped, and faded from the sun. But with a fresh coat of paint, they are as good as new! Its kind of like with us. During the week we make mistakes, get dirty, and need a little refresher. Thanks to the Santa Cena, the sacrament, we are able to become clean, new, fresh, and bright! Each week as we paint ourselves through the sacrament, the atonement of christ, we become as good as new and are able to start again. Thankfully there is an unlimited number of coats we can have! 

There are a lot of fun things going on for Christmas here. I led a small choir in church and we sang away in a manger from the childrens song book-it was great! And all the missionaries in our zone sang in a christmas concert and I led and nate I will sing it for you on skype, I made a nate ending :) We also went and sang in a park abajo and that was super fun! Everyone here has chocolatadas for christmas. Its this party with hot chocolate panetón (this sweet bread with dried fruit) and gifts! We were able to have one for a family of 6 orphan children on sunday. My heart melted a little when I saw them all walk in--so cute and so small! 6 kids from the age of 16 to 2. Wow. It was so fun seeing them smile as they ate and received their gifts. Its not until your heart hurts a little for someone else that your persective changes to a more eternal one. I have so much to be grateful for and I am so blessed to be a missionary and to be here helping others have a great Christmas. I am so thankful for my savior jesus Christ and for his sacrafice. I know he lives and loves me,a nd everyone of his children! we may go through some pretty rough times and some sweet kids may not have parents, but what we do have is a savior who loves us and wants the best for us. Thats why each year is teh best chrimstas ever! HOpe you all have a great chirmstas and cant wait to see yall on skype and see little baby jake.
Love you lots and lots and lots!!
hermana Garlick

Monday, December 16, 2013

¨The real Christmas comes to him who has taken Christ into his life as a moving, dynamic, vitalizing force. The real spirit of Christmas lies in the life and mission of the Master.¨-Howard W. Hunter


I am so happy right now! baby Jake is here! I am so so so happy and loved all the pics! Keep them coming! 

What a week. We had some tough days-one where 7 appointments in a row fell through, world record! But we just keep going! The heat isn´t as bad as Texas but the sun is sharp if that makes any sense. I think I can explain it better in Spanish. haha Angelica and her two sons accepted a baptismal date! but because of different things we are going to have to postpone the baptism. If they are not baptized while I am here in Paita they will be very soon! I am so happy for them and have learned a lot having the opportunity to teach them! 

Well this week we started running again which I love and am so happy. but the problem is is sometimes we dont have water. I have really learned to appreciate water! This week I also got called a ¨modela¨ by a little girl. I should have started using my yellow bag a long time ago. Also this week we saw some people setting up tents in a run down park. We thought they were homeless people. But then a little girl ran past us yelling the circus the circus! Hna and i could not stop laughing because the little girl thought it was the circus. The next day we were walking by again, and what do you know, a circus tent is starting be be built! I guess the lesson we learned from this is that things are not always what they seem! And little kids are usually right. =) 

I gave my third talk here in this branch this week. Each time it´s easier and easier. I am so blessed to know so many great people here in Paita. Everytime I think of leaving here it makes me so sad, to leave all these amazing people I ahve learned to love. But I will go where the lord needs me to go! transfers are the 30th of december, so we will see!

It is so fun being in the Christmas season and beinga missionary. This time really is about serving others and about Christ! I read an article in the Liahona that talked about President Monson when he was young with a friend and his friend asked, what does turkey taste like? president monson responded, like chicken. then he realized his friend had never tried either because of his poor circumstances. So, president monson went and got his two pet rabbits adn gave them to him and said, here, have my rabbits, its like chicken too. Wow I love this story. Of love of sacrifice, about Christmas! In this time of year I hope we can all sacrifice what we have for the Lord and serve him! (And this story made me think of poor jumper too..)

Well I hope yall have such a great week! Love you all lots and lots!
¡Hasta Luego! 
Hermana Garlick

Monday, December 9, 2013

Listen Listen to the Still Small Voice


It has been a great week! I love the lessons I have been learning, and especially about the guidance of the spirit. This week we were in a lesson with Angelica and she had some doctrinal questions. I froze for half a second, then remembered what I had read in my personal study in the morning. I was able to flip right open to the scripture and answer her question! I know that the Lord guides every aspect of our lives, and as we follow the spirit we will do his will and have success. 
We had a training with Presidente Rowley and he taught us the importance of us as missionaries, especially here in Paita in branches, that we should influence, not control. I have such a personality to control what´s going on. But our purpose here is not to control. Its to help, lead, guide, and set examples! So we have been working on being influencers and not controllers here in the branch. 
I realized I am the only gringa in all of paita. Its kind of crazy! This week they told us we cant use backpacks anymore! So yeah jess and kell, you´re specail blue backpack I cant use anymore. It is sad. But I have the yellow bag which is good. 
We are putting together a christmas choir to sing in a park for christmas, and also in sacrament meeting. Thanks nate for inspiring me to be a choir director. Never thought this would happen but yeah, surprise! So we have been having fun with that. 
We found some great new investigators this week! It was sad they were not able to come to church, but hopefully the next week! It has been hard with Angelica struggling to accept a baptismal date, but I know with the help of the Lord and the spirit she will. 
Love y´all so much! So excited for my lil nephew to get here. I will be expecting 100000 pictures. :)

los amo mucho!
Hermana Garlick

Monday, December 2, 2013

Give Me a Chance!

It's Getting Hotter!

Dear Fam,

It is such a strange sensation to have it be getting hotter and hotter as christmas is apporaching! But everything else is just the same-the music and decorations and well, christmas cheer! :)

I was able to have a great thanksgiving! I taught Yosarra and Fabiano how to make turkey hands. :) So that was fun! And the other way happy part of my Día de Acción de Gracias was that I got 5 letters from yall! Ones that you sent the week I got here, mom! ha! It was so fun to read all those. Thanks so much! And the package as well mama! Im excited to start opening those up in a couple weeks. :) (and especially the one that is a cylinder...:) I hope yall get my christmas eve letters I sent! crossing my fingers. :)

This past week we moved rooms! Before we were living with members from the other rama outside of ours, but now we are in our area super close to the church! It is SO nice! We are living with Hna Marta. She is a return missionary and is so great. She has a daughter out on a mission right now too! Our new room is great. It was a ton of work moving and a lot of time, but now we are going to save so much time being in our area and not wasting our soles on motos. Hermano Salinas, our Líder misional, helped so much and spend his whole morning helping us with the other missionaries. During his cooking time for lunch too! that is a true sacrifice! Also, our pensionista, Hermana Marliú, came over and helped us unpack, folded our clothes so perfectly, and help us get organized. She knew just where we should move things to get more oraganized. I felt like I had you, mom and dad, there helping us! I am taken care of here. :)

We are working a ton more with less actives. We have a new number we count each week now, the number of ¨¨rescatados.¨ It´s the same process for a baptism, but for someone who is less active or not active at all. We teach them all of the lessons, they have an interview, and attend church 2 times at least. I have been loving working more with less active members-this is the work of salvación too and is just as important! 

Wow, I´m just about at my 6th month mark, whaaat? Where does the time go. Happy moment of the week-when we were reporting sunday night to our district leader, I was talking on the phone and elder aguilar thought I was hna Canaquiri! That made me feel so great. haha Hna Canaquiri it´s becuase now she is starting to talk like a gringa after being around me, well, all the time. no, it´s me starting to sound more like her, that´s it. :)

Love you all lots and lots! Thanks so much for your prayers and love! I feel strengthened every day from yall and am so extrememly blessed. Have a great week. The church is true! 

Los amo mucho!
Hna G

Monday, November 25, 2013

The Multitude Went Forth....One By One

Mi Querida Familia,

I have so much to tell yall it´s crazy! Dad I´m so glad all went well with the surgery! AND LIL BABY DYER IS ALMOST HERE IM SO EXCITED!! Ok get ready for this email!

What an incredible experience I was able to have in the devotional in Chiclayo with Elder Nelson! I have been upflifted, changed, and strengthened-it was an experience I will never forget.
We got to wake up at 4:30am and ride a bus con dos pisos! It was so fun seeing my former companions hna rosas and gutierrez. It´s so fun being able to talk to hna g in spanish :) We were all seated in the stake center there-it was our mission and the mission Chiclayo, about 400 missionaries! We sat there waiting for 30 min for Elder Nelson to walk in. When he finally did, wow, he was literally glowing! I was so happy-we ALL had the opportunity to go up to the front and shake his hand! It reminded me in 3 Nefi 11:15 when las nefitas came up to touch Jesus Christ- one by one. What Elder Nelson did is exactly what jesus Christ would have done! My half second I got to smile and shake his hand and look into his eyes is something I´ll never forget. I know he is an apostle of God!
He and his wife spoke such inspired words. They both had translators since they don´t speak Spanish. They are hilarious by the way. Sister Nelson talked about how miracles can and are occuring in our missions. They happen through our exact obedience which brings the Spirit, and our faithful prayers which call down the powers of heaven. She talked about as missionaries, we are fulfilling our convenant we made in the pre-mortal life- to serve a worthy mission. What a responsibility that I have! I also loved what she said about prayers and the other side of the veil. She said about a year ago she got more and more into family history work, and that she was led by the Spirit to pray to be able to fnid those ancestors who had taken the gospel discussions and were desperately waiting for their work to be done. She applied this to our missions. We can also pray to be led to the people whos ancestors are ready and waiting for their convenants to be carried out in teh temple. She said they are saying, ¨go go go get-em-go!!!¨It was great how they translated that one. :) The other side of the veil is working just as hard as this one-so as we seek revelation we will be one in this work-those that are in teh spirit world and us here on earth.
Elder Nelson brought down the house. He said, ¨As missionaries, we are the linkage between the people and the purposes of the Lord.¨ The Lord´s plan wouldn´t work without missionary work! We are helping fulfill the purpose of God as we help others prepare for Eternal life. We help them do this through ordinances of slavation-baptism and confirmaiton- and exaltation- the convenants in the temple. He said we are here to fulfill our purpose to invite them to come unto christ through faith, repentance, baptism, gift of the holy ghost, and enduring to the ENDowment and temple sealing. (his joke only worked in english..haha) He said ¨we endure to the end so we can return to father.¨Normally we put ¨the¨before ¨father¨The way he said it though with such respect and love made me see and feel how he is litteraly MY father. Like when we refer to dad. :) I also love what he said about how it is important to build from centers of strenght. The church, our testimonies, our areas, our lives. The more spread out we are, the more we try to do at once, the less effective we are. As we focus our efforts in centers of strenght, we will continue to be strengthened and strengthened. By small things great things come to pass! 
Finally he ended with his testimony. Most powerful part by far! I was probably the most simple testimony I have heard an apostle share-and he did it in Spanish! i have never felt the spirit as strongly listening to a testimony as i did in this devotional with Elder Nelson. His words weren´t just a list of memorized spanish sentences. There was power and truth behind every word he said-it made me cry! Im so grateful for this amazing testimony buiding expereince. I also have a testimony of this gospel. Yo sé que Jesucristo vive. Sé que la iglesia es verdadera y que José smith fue un profeta. Sé que el Libro de Mormón es la palabra de Dios. Sé que familias puedan ser eternas! 
Sorry I couldn´t just pick one favorite part to share. It was all so good! :) In the total of 8 hours we were on the bus, I found my inner Elaine, and well wrote a poem about life in the mission. Thanks grandma for inspiring this poem, and dad, of course. :)

Una Misionera en Perú

Every morning I wake up to the crack of a rooster crowing in the room next door,
I hop down from my bed and pray, and get ready for what the next 24 hours has in store.
I do some handstands, listening to MOTAB, eat some juicy fruit (not the gum) and take a quick shower,
Then it´s time to study and gain some spiritual power.
I read the Book of Mormon, the Bibile, Preach my Gospel, and words of Living prophets of God,
I put on his armour,and learn to apply and cling to the iron rod.
With my companion we study together to learn in unity and love,
We pray a few more times to our Heavenly Father above.
Now we are prepared to leave our room and to go and teach the word,
We tap with our pens on the doors, harder and harder until we are heard.
In the morning we are lucky if someone will open up their door,
Everyone is either in the market, preparing lunch, or has talked to missionaries before.
But we keep going in the sun, dodging the many dogs, talking to everyone we meet,
Eventually it´s time for us to go to our pensionista to eat. 
Rice, potatoes, chicken, tomatoes in lime juice,
Chica Morada, Piña, or papaya to drink-it´s ours to choose.
After lunch we return to our room while everyone shuts their eyes,
But we instead study language, ¨Chau¨is the word we say for ¨bye.¨
After we study once again it´s time to go out and proselyte,
We don´t stop moving until it reaches night. 
We share our testimonies with all who have ears to hear,
We know as we pray for strength and are obedient, the Spirit for our guide is always near.
Visiting recent converts, less actives, members, and new investigators,
Sometimes appointments fall through, so we set out on new endevours.
Teaching English, music, helping clean, or painting a wall,
As servants of the Lord we show him we are willing to give our all. 
Carlos, Elver, Mayumi, and Marilú,
All of God´s children we are helping to come to Christ-to name a few.
As we walk we laugh, talk, and my companion helps me with my Spanish pronunciation,
I help her learn words in English- we make a good combination.
Far away from our families, each other is all we got,
We serve each other freely, and fan the other when we get hot.
Once the many twinkling stars come out we wave for a moto to take us home,
Back in our room we eat some bread or cereat quick, we have no time to Roam.
Now we plan for the rext day in our niftly planner,
Meaningful appointments and plans are what fill every hour. 
It´s getting late, but we are not done just yet, 
We fill out teaching records of who and what we were able to teach, so we don´t forget.
At last it´s time to get ready for bed-we pray and give thanks to be forgivn of our many sin.
A good nights sleep is what we need, because tomorrow we are getting up to do it all again. 
A missionary in Perú-it´s who I am and what I´ll be-
For 18 months seeing the Lord work miracles in all of his children- and well, in me!

Hope yall have a little better idea now what missionary life is like here! It is so great. Guess what! Sunday I directed the choir we put together for branch conference! Nate I really wish I had had your baton! Never thought I would do this. haha but it was great! And also at the releif society conference I played the piano and accompanied Diego on the violin! Can now check that one off the bucket list. haha kell me and you despues the mission. Oh yeah, also it was hna canaquiris birthday this week! she turned 21! And we got the same great cake i got for my birthday! I made her some happy french toast in the morning. :) haha Oh yeah, and this week lil Diego Bayona Benites, he is 2, started saying actual words in his prayers for the first time, not just mumble mumble, Amen! But he prayed for me-he can say my name!! That made me so happy! haha Today we went to the same beach, Congrejos, that we went to my first week here. As the whole zone was stuffed in a bus over there, I realized I am the ONLY missinoary still in the zone from when I was first here. I lucked out getting to be in Paita for 4 transfers!! 

Ok I think that´s all. Makes up for last weeks carta. Hope yall have a great day and week! Feliz Día de Gracias! Hermana Marilú made us turkey today! haha. I am so thankful for each one of yall!!!

les amo muchísimo!
Hermana Garlick

Monday, November 18, 2013

Picher Pirfekt!

 Sisters in the Peru, Piura Mission (all except those in Tumbes)
 The first church built in South America
 Hermana Garlick and Hermana Canaquiri
La Playa!


Mom, I can hear you saying that bringing us out in the family room pretzels with marshmallows. haha Well today we have transfers, and we found out that Hermana Canaquiri and I are both staying here in Paita together!I am so glad-I don´t know why but me and everyone else thought that I was heading out! But the Lord needs me here 
a little longer.

It has been a great week. I have seen the hand of the Lord with our investigators. Angelica has been having problersm with her husband. We had a lesson with her and were with a member, named Hermana marta. She was EXACTLY
what angelica needed, and was able to relate to her and help her so much. We have been praying a lot for her and the other day when we visited her she was completely changed and so much better! The Lord really is in this workand I know that the power of prayer is real!

We have also been teachinjg the friend of Hna Angelica, Ljelka. She says taht sheknows that this is true! She isn´t married but we are working on that! :) 
We got back to our room and it was filled with smoke! the members we live with were makeing tomalies in a fire in the room next door! oops! haha so we set off our fire alarm so they would come and put it out because we couldnt breath. haha it wasso funny but i am gald they put it out. 

Recipe of the week, pikeo. tuna, lime, and onions. so good.

hope yall have a great week! love yall, pray for yall, and I just want to say yall one mroe time. 

¡Los amo mucho!
Hermana Garlick

Monday, November 11, 2013

Nunca Estamos Solo!

Familia Mia!
Hey everyone, Hope yall have had a great week! I have. I discovered being a missionary is like being a full time visiting teacher, and you are assigned to EVERYONE! ha it´s great, I wouldn´t rather be doing anything else!
Angelica, on of our invesitgators we are working with is starting to have some doubts. She loves the church and comes almost every week. Last time we visited her, she told us how her whole entire family is catholic. She feels very alone. I can´t imagine what that would feel like, entering into another church with your whole enitre family being catholic. We were talking to her about how we are never alone. Jesus Christ suffered the atonement, so when we are in difficult times or decisions, we dont have to do it solo! Im so thankful for the sacrafice of Jesus Christ and for the knowledge I have that he is with me every step of the way her in Peru.
Yesterday we were on our way to visit La familia Bayona Benites, and I had the thought no, we should go visit this family of investigators we went to once, but they were not very receptive. We followed the prompting and it was crazy-they completely changed! They were so receptive as we shared the restauration. The Lord really had softened their hearts. I´m so thankful for the guidance of the spirit in this work. I could have thought, now we have another appointment, or no, they acted a little short or rude the last time we were there, but no, we went, because the Lord always knows better. Always follow the promptings of the spirit. I´m thankful for this experience we were albe to have!
New favorite foods of the week: orange jam(yeah dad you would go crazy over this), and banana coconut granola bars. this week someone told me I looked like a 17 year old. maaan. It was fun the other day we visisted a family we hadn´t visisted in while, and they were so impressed with my spanish improvement. That made me feel really great. haha
Love yall! Im teaching hna canaquiri how to talk like a Texan,so has been fun :)
hna g

Monday, November 4, 2013

A Juicy Mango

Hola Familia!
Happy Monday! It has been a fun week. Hope yall had a great halloween. Here, the 31st is halloween, but also el Día de la canción creolla, a holiday celibrating the music of peru! How awesome is that! And more people celebrate this holiday rather than halloween. But anyways there was an activity for the district that night celebrating the music of peru and we got to go for a little bit. It was fun hearing the different types of music! It was also outside and way cold! The ocean brings in this cold air in the nights. But from everyone I have talked to I am lucky to only be here for one summer because they are a little hot here. haha
Last week was the primary program and it turned out great! They had two of the older kids conduct the whole thing and it was super cute. They had all the girls have matching yellow headbands and the boys these blue cape things. Yeah it was too much. They sang Con el Salvador al Lado so great too, and they even remembered that its only the third verse that they go up! haha I am so thankful for the examples and pure testimonies of children. I am working hard to become more like a child each day and put off the natural man. It´s only through the atonement of jesus christ that this is possible! As we strive to be each day the person we want to become, the Savior makes that possible!
Today for p-day we went to Colan, about 20 minutes north I think, and we got to see the very first church that was built in south america in the 1500´s! It was super cool to see and think of how many churches there are now, and how that was the first! And now there how many lds churches in south america! It´s amazing how the church has grown. And Paita isn´t lacking too much to become a stake soon! We ran into a couple from New Zealand when we were in Colan at a gift shop and the few of us from north america were talking to them in english because they knew no spanish! It was funny how bad we were stumbling on our words! President Rowley has stressed the importance of us speaking spanish with each other, and to not speak english when we see other missionaries from the US. Now in the mission there are 38 sister missionaries, and over half are from the united states!
The 20th of November we get to go on a 4 hour bus ride south to Chiclayo for a devotional with Elder Nelson! Our whole mission is going-I am so excited! Does any one know if he speaks Spanish? But anyways I can´t wait to hear an apostle of the Lord here. How blessed we are to have living prophets and apostles to lead and guide us this day. I still haven´t gone to lima for my visa, hmmm I sure hope that that´s ok! They haven´t told us anything.
I love it when people give us fruit here! Especially the mangos. They are so juicy and delicious. It´s how I picture the fruit of the tree of life in the vision Lehi had. Heavenly Father has so many blessings for us- as we obey and do what he asks, we will receive all the juicy mangos we want and so much more! Oh and tip of the day- mango on your pancakes. do it!
love yall lots. I think i forgot how to say yall. Next month I will have to practice with yall en navidad.
hna Garlick

Monday, October 28, 2013

Fried Chicken!!

Llama and Iglesia Catolica!


Miracles Happen...ALL the time!

Familia Mia,

The song in princess diaries, miracles happen once in a while when you believe,(haha kell) is way incorrect. They happen all the time! Every day infact. Carlos was baptized Saturday!! It was such a special and rewarding experience. I have been working with him since I got here, and to see him finally enter the waters of baptism was incredible. He was so happy and his wife, Olga. She bore her testimony and explained how she had been waiting for 30 years for this day. And I thought waiting 3-4 months felt long! haha. Anyways the Lord is working so many miracles. And they are right in front of our faces. 

Jess your story you wrote is incredible. I think I read it five times this week. This life is full of difficulties and tests. The trick is relying on the Lord and coming out of trials refined, not damaged-like you said! The command the Lord has for us to ¨¨be ye therefore perfect,¨¨ is only possible through our own personal suffering and learning here on the earth. In our past District meeting we were talking about the example of Jesus Christ, and how he was sent to earth, he suffered, died, and was resurrected. We also, were sent here on missions, suffer our own trials, give up our old selves and give ourselves to the Lord, and come out a changed, disciple of Christ. I´m thankful for this life and for the things the Lord allows us to learn through trials out of his love. 

This week was fun, we started teaching a couple, Karina and Tosheo and Karina is from Brazil! I love her accent. She also speaks English, and Japanese! I was explaining about the Book of Mormon and I couldn´t remember a word and Karina said, you can say it in English! ha I froze because I forgot how to speak English too. haha She told me I could teach in English. But then I said my companion wont have an idea what we were saying. haha So we stuck with spanish. But that was kind of fun! It´s hard for her to understand the language of the scriptures in Spanish, so we are going to see if we can get one in portugeuse. 

Hope y'all have a great week! remember to recognize, and record and thank the Lord for all the miracles you see each day, they are all around us!

Love y'all lots! 
Hermana Garlick

Monday, October 21, 2013

He cannot work on what He doesn't have, and He cannot have you unless you give yourself to Him

My Dear Fam!

I hope no one had a heart attack that I am writing so late! It has been a crazy day. We had a lunch with our district and all baked a dish of our typical food from our country! I made some fried chicken and frenchfries! (which i didnt eat) haha. it was super fun! My favorite were the tacos from Nicaragua. super delicious! 

This week has been great! We had a sisters training meeting in Piura which was super great. I love getting together with all the Hermanas here in the mission, and especially seeing hna gutierrez again-each time its so fun to see how much more spanish we both know! We learned about the importance and power we can have in the families. The family is so important, and it is under serious attack! We are working with so many families and I know that the Gospel of Jesus Christ is what can bless the family the most! After the meeting we got to eat pizza and it was the best thing ever. And the crust here is SUPER fluffy. so great. I have so many great pics I want to send but everytime I try it freezes up. So maybe one day yall will get to see my adventures!! =)

this week we had a lot of struggles with contacting and teaching our investigators. so many trips, work, and busy schedules! We keep doing our best and hopefully this week we will be able to teach a lot more. But it´s always amazing to me to see when one thing seems to not be working out, something else does. It´s all in the Lord´s hands and we just need to trust in him. Pray for Carlos that he can be prepared and have his schedule free for his baptism! Olga, his wife, talks sooo fast. I hope one day i can be good enough to understand everything she says. but for now I just smile and nod and she keeps talking =) haha

Hna canaquiri cant roll her tongue either! But what i learned is that you can roll your rs in your words without being able to roll your tongue! she has been helping me with pronunciation and have been getting a lot better! I kind of like Español! 

our zone leaders gave us this talk called ¨The 4th missionary¨Im still reading but it is so good. It talks about the type of missionary or person we should strive to be. We can be obedient to the lord, but its not until we give our whole selft to him, our might and strenght AND our heart and mind, that he can work with us, and use us to bless others! look up this talk ok! 

love yall so much! siga adelante! 
con mucho amor
hna garlick

Monday, October 14, 2013

Bienvenida a Paita Hermana Canaquiri

Hola Hola!
What a week! So many changes and lots going on. First of all, I got a new companion, Hermana Canaquiri! She is from Lima and is super cute. We have so much in common and I am so excited to be her companion! She loves learning English from me and she cracks me up. She is getting good at her prayers, we do a day all in English and a day all in Español. She has the same time in the mission as me as well-3 months! So she just finished her training as well and her first area was close to Piura. It has been so different without Hermana Rosas and having to teach Hermana Canaquiri the area and about all the members and people we are working with! At first I was a little overwhealmed with everything but as I relyed on the Lord I have been given so much strength! I am excited to continue to work here in Paita and to learn from all the sweet people here!
We are working a lot this week with Carlos, Angelica and her two sons, and Marcella and her two grandaughters she lives with. It´s amazing the power the Libro de Mormón has to change lives and the power it has in conversion. I am so thankful for this book and for how it has blessed my life. Each time I share my testimony of the Book I feel the Spirit and am so thankful for the knowledge I have and for what I can help others come to know for themseleves.
We are helping the primary prepare for their first primary program ever the end of this month! I taught ¨Con el Salvador al Lado¨¨ (If the Savior stood beside me) to the primary with just my voice becuase we didnt have the chord for the piano! ha. they did really well, but we got lucky and the man with the cord came. haha. So I was able to play for them to learn the melody, because they really only know one other song, I am a Child of God. It´s kind of hard to learn the songs without a piano player! In church on sunday we practiced again and are going to have one more practice. Thanks mom for teaching me piano and helping me want to practice every day! I have seen what great value it has had and I am so happy that I can help these cute kids out to learn some more songs!
So the other day Hna C and I made tons of french fries and I went a little crazy and I think I had way too much oil. And then we started to fast. The next morning I woke up with a super sharp pain in my stomoche, and it lasted all day long! I walked around hunched over and I never have felt that kind of pain in my stomache. I kept thining about how bad my knee hurt in the night the week after the surgery and that helped my stomache feel a little better. All the relief society sisters were so sweet and crowded around me asking me about what I ate and telling me about all these medicines that I should take. ha But I got a blessing from our district leader, and that gave me so much peace. He blessed me that I would be able to rely on the atonement of Jesus Christ. We kept working the rest of the day, and I still had the worst pain. That night before I went to bed hna. C said in the morning it would all be better. All that night I couldn´t sleep becuase the pain wouldnt go away. When my alarm went off in the morning after all the chickens, I didnt want to get down off my bunk to see if it hurt, but as I did I couldnt feel any pain! It really was a miracle and I am so thankful for prayer and for the lesson I learned from this. And I am also never again going to eat a lot of oil right before I fast. No more french fries for me.
Love you all! Eat some lettuce for me! Because we cant here! Remember what´s most important! And always rely on the Lord.
Con mucho amor,
Hermana Garlick

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

In the Hands of the Lord

Hey fam!
So we found out Hermana Rosas is getting transfered in the morning which means I will be getting a new companion tomorrow!!!!!! It is going to be so different here in Paita without Hermana Rosas. I have learned so much from her and she has been such a patient, loving, and magnificent trainer. One of the most important things I have learned from her is the importance of this work and how to serve with all my heart, might, mind, and strength. I am excited though to meet my new companion! It will be an adventure, that´s for sure. Good thing we are in the hands of the Lord. Thanks for all your prayers!
I was reading the Liahona the other morning and just about freaked out when I saw the article I was reading was by Lauren Bangerter Wilde!!! It is about finding success on the mission. It made reading it so much more meaningful knowing it was my cousin who served in Germany who was talking! I am thankful for that and for what I learned-how success on the mission should not be based on the decisions of others. Everything is in the hands of the Lord and if I do my part and serve with all I got, well then I know I am being successful. Thanks Lauren!
General Conference was so sweet! I wasn´t able to understand everything, which was a little frustrating, but I definitely was able to receive more personal revelation than I ever have before during a general conference! I think it had to do with the fact I was paying more attention to how I was feeling and not so much what was being said. I loved the musical number Beautiful Savior. It reminded me of when we sangthat in ward Choir with Nate. I love that song and am thankfulfor the spirit I could feel during it!
We had the baptism of Guillermo Saturday, he is the son in law of the president of our branch! It was so great. We are praying and fasting for Carlos. He all of the sudden got toobusy and it is hard to get a hold of him. He went from being super excited for his baptism to not wanting to talk to us. We dont know all the details but are trying to do all we can to help him. I hope we will be able to meet with him this week and helphim with whatever it is he needs! It´s comforting to know that the Lord knows excatly what he is going through, and while we dont, if we work through the Spirit we will be doing the Lords will. We also are working with Angelica and her two sons, she has been to church three times and wasat 3 of the sessions of conference! We hope she continues progressing!
Well, have a great week! I have been feeling more and more focused and dedicated to the work. I have so much to be grateful for and I am so thankful for this gospel. It´s true!
Love ya´ll so much!
Hermana Garlick

Monday, September 30, 2013

A Little Torta, Some Agua Frio, and a Whole lot of Felicidad Eterna

Familia Mia!
This weekend was the wedding, baptism, and confirmation of la familia bayona benites!!!!! The wedding of Olga and Bernabé was so sweet, and the reception was such a fun experience! We helped set up, take pictures, and serve the food. EVERYONE takes a turn dancing with the bride and groom one at a time. It took so long, but I loved it! There was so much joy and we had so much help and support from the ward members. There were so many details, especially with setting up the music, cleaning the church, setting everything up, preparing the food, and somehow it all worked out! I know it was the hand of the Lord because there is no way hna rosas and i could have done it on our own. They had 5 cakes (tortas) and after the individual dances probably danced for 4 more hours. We of course had to leave for that part, but it made us so happy that everything turned out! I have some pretty great pictures hopefully I will be able to send them soon.
The baptism the next day, saturday, was super special. The one request from Olga was to be baptised in warm water. haha That is pretty much not a possibility here, but Hna Rosas and I were determined to make her happy. We brought our little stove to the church in the morning when we had a meeting, and after our meeting we went to the house of Hno. Salinas to get a Texas sized pot. Well when we returned to the church it was locked and everyone was gone. oops. haha so we went back to our room adn realized we didnt have a way to cook our food.(we normally eat with members saturday for lunch but this week we were not scheduled) so it was kind of a funny situation but luckly fanny, the daughter of hno. salinas was super nice and let us come over to eat. Well after this we went to the church but the baptism was about to start in like 20 minutes, and so we didnt have time to heat up the water. We thought, well we will just heat up one pot full. We sure had a lot of faith that this one pot of boiling water would warm up the whole font. Well it ended up doing nothing. haha anwyays I think it was more of the thought and the important thing is that Olga, Bernabé, Jhairo, and Gustavo are now baptised! The water was freezing and they were shivering, but the spirit was so strong! I could not stop smiling as I saw each of them be baptized. They were all so happy and their testimonies afterwards that they shared were so powerful. Especially Bernabé. He has so much faith and he already is such a force for good in building up the kingdom of God! Their confirmation sunday was special as well, and Olga said she felt a warmth that she could not explain. Teaching them and seeing them grow in the gospel has been such an incredible experience and I am so thankful the Lord blessed me with the opportunity to get to know them and to see his work in action.
Im super excited for general conference! The session for relief society saturday was so great! I loved the talk on convenants and how to relieve your burdens, keep your covenants! Powerful stuff. I cant wait to hear the words of President Monson and the apostles this weekend! It is kind of like Christmas! Does everyone have their brackets for the lineup?
The music class kind of stopped. haha We ended up only having 3-4 students keep coming back and realized it wasn´t the best use for our time right now, and it was hard to coordinate getting the keys for the church and picking up the piano from the members house and everything. We are helping a little with the music for the primary program the end of this month so that will be fun!
I made french toast the other morning for hna rosas because she had never had it before. I made the syrup with the maple flavoring alan and lisa sent (it was super delicous!!) Anyways hna rosas took one bite and then said, ¨¨Quiere mi pan?¨¨ haha in other words she didnt like it at all. ha thats ok.
Love you all so much! Have a great week!!
Hermana Garlick

Monday, September 23, 2013

bienvenido a peru!!!!!

 Paula's Baptism

Cumpeañnos Almuerzo!

Con la Familia Salinas 

 Con la Familia Risco Arca

Mirador- Here is Paita!! this is Paita Baja, Our area is in Paita Alta

Loving Life!

Querida Familia,
Another week! I have been doing great. I think my stomache is getting more used to the food and so that´s good! ha This week I had an interview with Presidente Rowley. It was so great! It was in English and literaly was the first time I have full out spoken English since coming here! It was 15 minutes and as I was talking it felt so weird! ha A few times I had to stop to remember how to say something. Being with Hermana Rosas all the time has helped my spanish so much, but it was nice to have the chance to speak English. :) The interview was great and I learned a lot from Pres! He talked about what is success, and really success is in those small things we do every day! Success is facing toward the Savior and progressing, it´s every day coming closer to him! We also talked about how the mysteries of God are right in front of our faces. It´s those revelations we receive everyday and simple answers to prayers. I am so thankful for this this week and for what I was able to learn!
So I have 2 more weeks with Hermana Rosas here in Paita and that finishes my 12 week training! and she told me the pattern normally is that she will leave and I will stay here and get a new companion! So we will see! She has been such an excelent trainer adn I have leraned so much from her. We have been so blessed here in Paita. This week we are preparing for the Baptism of La familia Bayona Benites!!!! Bernabe y Olga are going to get married this Friday too! Its such a big weekend! (and we found out we spelled Bernabe as Bernave wrong this whole time and on all the invitations...oops pretty embarrassing. haha) They are so excited and hermana rosas and I couldnt be happier! and hopefully with Carlos´s work schedule he will be able to be baptized too!
Today is El Día de los Mercedes, or something like that. People from other citys walk here to Paita! It takes them about a week of walking! how crazy is that! But anyways it´s because the Virgin de los Mercedes is here. There are so many people and so many markets and people saling things and music and parades and well it´s just one big party! So it´s pretty fun seeing so many people walking here! Kind of cool!
We use Soles here for our money- 2.5 Soles is about one dollar. Anyways, Hna Rosas always says to me ¨¿Tiene un sol?¨¨ And that means ¨¨Do you have a sol?¨¨ Everytime she says taht it makes me laugh becase its like she is asking me if I have a soul. hahaha I dont know why I think it´s funny but I explained it to her and she thought it was funny too.
Love yall tons! I got the cards this week mom-thanks so much! love the pictures! and reading that made me so dizzy. hahah I´ve been thinking a lot about the sacrafices to be so far away from yáll and not be able to talk to yall or write you very much. Its hard, but I know that I owe everything to the Lord! It´s not until we sacrafice everything that the Lord knows taht he means everything to us. Love yall and keep growing in your testimonies and trusting in the Lord!
Con amor,

Hermana Garlick