Friday, June 14, 2013

Soy una Misionera!!

Querida Familia y Amigos,
Wow, I can't believe I have been a missionary for over a week now! I love it so much. My p-day is on Friday, so that is when I will be able to get on email and write letters.
Where to begin?! I love being here at the Provo MTC so much. I have just 5 more weeks here now, and then hopefully my VISA will be in so I can head to Peru!
The day I came into the MTC, 932 other missionaries came in as well-the highest number ever to enter in one day! There are so many missionaries here, it is fun to hear so many different languages being spoken as I walk around!
Another reason why it's great being here is because I have been able to run into so many people! It was so exciting to see Lizzie, I actually saw her as we were getting our name tags at the same time! :) I also see a ton of people from my freshman ward which is fun, as well as Carter and Nefi from home! And it was such a surprise when Nate walked into my class! :)
My companion is Hermana Gutierrez, and she is so great! She is from California and went to BYU last year as well. We get along super well and have a ton of fun together. We are seriously laughing all the time. I am so glad we get along so well! :) She has such a strong testimony and helps me grow, and is great at her Spanish so we are able to help each other so much. I will hopefully have time to attach some pictures so you can see us!
Our district has six sisters, and four elders. Me and Hermana Gutierrez are the only two going to Peru, Piura, and everyone else is going to Argentina. We are with each other all the time and have been able to get to know each other really well. Hermana Rainsdon is from Alpine and knows the Reneers-so that's fun! Our zone has four districts, and all of the different zones are spanish speaking as well, but going all different places. Church is all in Spanish which is fun, and helps me pay attention a lot better. Brother Watson is in my Branch Presidency, and he is related to us! I don't know if I remember this right, but I think he said his Grandma Venice or something is siblings with Great Grandpa Hicken! He said he had Kaleb in his Branch too when he was here I think! It was so fun talking to him and having him tell me how he remembers Elaine, (Grandma Garlick), and how they basically grew up on the farm together! I thought that was such a great mini miracle that out of all the branches here at the mtc I got  into the one that Brother Watson is in who knew Grandma! I know that this did not happen by accident and I am so grateful for this blessing!
Spanish has been coming along! Our teachers only speak in Spanish, so we kind of don't have a choice but to learn it. We try to speak it as much as we can to each other. I'm still trying to figure out how to roll my R's...haha that will be an exciting day when I can finally do it. It is really tiering studying all day long, but we love it. There is literally not a free moment-we are constantly studying the gospel or spanish, or both. I love it so much! The spirit is so strong and everyone here is so kind and happy and I love it. :)
We get to go to the temple Friday mornings which is the best. I love going there and feeling such great peace! It is also fun to get to walk outside of the MTC. Since we are always in here, when we get to go out it is super fun. :)
There are amazing devotionals every sunday night and tuesday night that are so good. Since there are way too many missionaries here, we are starting to have Tuesday devotionals in the marriott center! It was fun walking over with everyone-it felt like a giant parade. And it also felt like we were about to watch a basketball game. haha but the devotional was good too. :) The speaker, Elder Arnold, talked about how God sees his Children at their full potential, and that is how we should see others too. I also really liked how he talked about how missionaries are called to be disciples of Jesus Christ 100% of the time. How great is that?! I am so happy to be a missionary and to dedicate ALL My time to serving the Lord for this next 18 months.
There is a worldwide missionary broadcast on the 23rd as I'm sure y'all know, and Hermana Gutierrez and I are singing in the choir! :) So be sure to look out for my red orange shirt I will be wearing. :)
We have been going to a yoga/pilates/excercise class every morning which is so fun, and have been able to do some running during our exercise time in the middle of the day as well. And luckly there is room for me to do some gymnastics in my room too. :)
The other day we were walking down our hall after our morning exercise class and found a whole box of cupcakes from the coco bean in the food give away pile! :) we were so excited and ate them right then! haha I felt sick the rest of the day, but I think it was worth it. Those cupcakes don't just appear out of nowhere every day! :)
I am so grateful to be a missionary. It is a lot of work, but I have been closer to my Savior Jesus Christ than I have ever been! I know Jesus lives and he is my Savior, and I know that through him I can do hard things, like learn Spanish and live in Peru! I know the Book of Mormon is true and am so thankful for the peace and strength it gives me and how it helps me live my life. I know Thomas S. Monson is a living prophet today who leads and guides this church! I am so grateful for this testimony I have and share with everyone around me. 
Well, can't wait for my second exciting week, full of more studying and learning and growing! It's the best.
Hermana Garlick

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