Friday, June 28, 2013

The Week of all Weeks!!

Dear Fam,
I can't believe all that has happened this week! It has been absolutely the greatest! Singing in the world wide missionary broadcast was probably one of the neatest experiences ever!!! We were on the 4th row, about 20 feet away from the general authorities! no big deal. Hermana Gutierrez is so funny she said, "We are so lucky, we get to see the back of their heads!!" haha, she's right, not many people can say that. Elder Nelson kept looking back at us and waving, it was so great! Singing was such a great spiritual experience. When we practiced earlier in the week singing "Hark all ye Nations," the choir director had us all stand up on different lines of the song, according to which continent we were going to on our missions. It was so neat seeing all of us gradually standing, representing where we were serving! Finally at the end when we were all standing you could feel the power of all the missionaries. It was so neat. During the actual broadcast, the camera man came right to our row?!?!?! hahaha Everyone was so jealous! It was the ultimate adreniline rush. haha I'm glad we didn't forget the last word to the song, "tooo-day" How crazy is that though! What a fun thing to always remember! It was fun reading about Dad's reaction yelling out my name at church! haha I can just picture it! The meeting was so great and got me even more excited to be a missionary! The other way fun thing was during our break Hna Gutierrez and I went out to get a drink, and I got to see JESS AND KELL!!!! AHHH It was the greatest thing ever, seeing mi hermanas!!! And then Travis too! Even though it was only for a few seconds, it made me so so happy! :)
Thanks so much for the letters, packages, and "dear elder" letters, and emails! It's so weird not having a phone and only being able to get on the computer once a week. Getting letters is the greatest thing ever! Thanks so much!!
Another great thing that happened this week, was our devotional on Tuesday night! Janice Kapp Perry came and spoke to us-the one who wrote, "As Sister's in Zion," and the missionary version I typed and sent in my last email! She also wrote all my favorite primary songs, including, "I'm trying to be like Jesus," "A Child's Prayer," and "I love to see the temple." She taught us about the power of music. I really liked what she said, she said, "We can learn things through music that would otherwise take much longer to learn." I have definitely grown in my testimonty and learned so much through these songs she has written, along with the hymns! We got to sing a medly of all the songs she has written all together with her leading. That was such an amazing experience! At the end, she sang a song she wrote that's called "Like Jesus," that is her testimony! Before she sang it, she said, "pretend like I'm your grandma." That was so sweet, and made me think of how greatful I am for my Grandmas! Thanks Grandma Blake, Grandma Garlick, and Grandma M for being such incredible examples to me and for your love and support! I'm so lucky!
We love p-days! We went to the temple this morning, and we are about to go to our zone picnic we have. Last week an Elder in our zone rapped to us about his conversion story. It was so funny! haha It's fun getting to know so many people that are all doing the same thing!
Lots of people are getting sick here, so we are not even allowed to shake hands! A Hermana in my district got sick, but she is better now! Hopefully we will stay away from the sickness!
I'm so happy with the food here, mainly becuase they have two of my favorite things, Life and Peanut Butter. I also really like the wraps they serve almost every day, it's like subway style but with a chicken wrap. yum!
One of my teachers here, Hermano Christofferson, gave us this really great quote: "We are not earning our way to heaven, we are learning our way there." How true is that! Each day we learn how to be more christlike, how to rely on the atonement more, and how to best serve others and to do our best! I've been studying charity, or the pure love of christ more. I thought how charity is kind of like making cookies. It takes time, effort, sometimes it's not perfect, but the effects of our charity blesses others and makes them want to bless others too! Also, the more ingredients you have for cookies, the more you can make. The more spirit we have, from scripture study, prayer, church, and other things, the more we can share the pure love of Christ with others! It's fun having an hour of personal study every morning to have time to ponder and think about different aspects of the gospel. I love it!
Love you all! Have a great week!
Hermana Garlick

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