Monday, July 29, 2013

Three Words: oct..o..pus.

Querida familia,
Wow, it feels like I was just barely writing yall! I will try my best to make sense of everything I want to tell you!
One day we should be returning to Lima to get our visas, but we have no idea when. Hopefully all of that will work out! 
We live in a room in part of a members house in the other branch. Our sink gets backed up super fast so we do our dishes in shower. Its actually a really nice alternative, you can do it all at once. I highly suggest it!
We have lunch with Marilu, our pensionista, and make our own breakfast and dinner. One weekends we go to members houses for lunch. Marilu is one of our investigators as well! her and Elver have a date to be baptized in december because marilu have to save up money for her to get a divorce so she can get married to elver. Their kids are Yosra and Fabiano who were in the photo I sent last week. They are so cute, the familia Riso Arca. We are over there all the time and are such a great family. Fabiano likes teaching me spanish. We have fruit juice for every meal, which is really good. I also like the fish! There is also a really good type of banana that is orange called, platino isla. It would be perfect for halloween. Yall should order some or something. My peanut butter withdrawls havnt been too bad, but then again I have some reeses peices from the mtc I have been rationing out. Hermana Rosas taught me to warm up my milk for cereal. DO IT. it sounds gross but tastes so deliecous and if you have cocopuffs or something it´s like hot chocolate! I can see makell cringing but if you dont try it then you will never know. hot cereal is the new thing.
Oh yeah, I had octopus for lunch today! The aftertaste...yum. It is like eating a sponge that tastes like a mix between a fish and octopus. there is really no way to describe it. luckily there was a stuffed animal octopus close by for a picture. and luckily hermana rosas liked it so she finished mine.
We ride motos around, and its kind of like the indiana jones ride at disney land without seatbelts. jared and dallin would love it!
I went on an exchange to Piura and it was so fun. Hermana Ruiz could understand a ton of English so that was so nice being able to talk to someone. Its great only speaking Spanish, but I still dont know very much so it just feels good to speak English.
If you send me a package, make sure to put ¨Chad Alvin Rowley´´ on the top. If you send me anything send me cds, we have mini dvd players, pictures, or anything i could give the kids, peanut butter. haha jk. they have mani here which is like nutella but carmel, its good!
I am going to print off letters from here to read through the week. The internet connection is super slow so it takes a long time to load, and pictures take forever too, thats why i cant send very many. i lowerd the resolution on my camera so they will load faster.
This week we were teaching Marta, whos husband was killed recently. We taught her about the atonement of Christ and how she can be given strength. she also has cancer. It is so comforting knowing we have a savior who has suffered all so we can rely on him. I asked her to say the closing prayer, and I couldnt understand her response, but it was really long. She was talking SO fast, but i just kept good eye contact and smiling, having no idea what she was saying. then after a few minutes I hear hna rosas say, amen. marta had been saying the prayer that whole time with her eyes open and hand gestures, and i thought she was just telling us a long story. hahah I could not stop laughing inside.
I am like a child again. I remember Nate emailing home and saying something like that. I am constantly asking hna rosas what we are doing, what things are, how to say things (which is hard because she doesnt know english..) and just asking a million questions. She is so patient with me. Thanks so much for you love and prayers. I need them, but most importantly the people we teach and meet and the members of the branch here need them!
Oh and mom you would be hppy to know that I led the music in  the primary sunday. I used all your tricks and they loved it. We sang soy un hijo de dios a ton because I dont think they know many more. It was fun and those kids are great. They ask me to speak english all the time and love it. Its so fun talking to them and they love it when I ask them how to say things.
Have a great week everyone!
love Hermana Garlick

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