Monday, August 19, 2013

Agua Por Favor!

Hola Familia!!
¡¿Como esta?! This week has been super busy, we have so much going on but I love it!
First off, Mayumi´s baptism!! The day before we got knews that there was no agua en la capilla!! This happens a lot actually, the tanks are empty or something and there is no water. It has happened to us like three times. (but we fixed our sink now so thats good news). There is a big water tower close to where we live.(like in c-stat, I love having that landmark) On the water tower it says ¨´Claro¨¨ which means like clear or sure. They say it so much here in converstions. It is fun to use. Well anyways, no agua. Yeah, big problemo because that means no baptism! And we had made a ton of invitations and invited all the ward and our investigators! oops! So we were praying so hard that there would be water and it would all work out.
Well that night we got a call saying there was water in the church now!! We were so relieved. The next day when we went to our meeting, we looked in the font, and there sure was water in there, but it was super dirty! ahhh! Long story short, we ended up having the baptism in a church building about five minutes away. Everything ended up working out, and la familia Bayona Benites even came!! The baptism was so neat and Mayumi was so happy and I could see such a difference in her! The water was freezing cold and she was shivering, but the warmth of the spirit was there! It was such a great experience. From the whole water experience I learned the Lord hears our prayers, and wont always answer them in the way we want, but everything will always work out!
We are making wedding invitations for the Familia Bayona Benites and helping them with a reception for the 7th of september! It has been so fun teaching them, they are so receptive and Barnove teaches me way more than we teach him!
All is well here in Paita, and every day I am more and more grateful for yáll, for the gospel, and for my testimony! Love you all so much and hope yall have such a great week!!!
love hna g

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