Monday, August 12, 2013

Couldn't be Happier!

Hola Familia!
Wow, it has been quite the happy week! I have been focusing on developing my faith and studying faith. Every day we have been walking by this brick wall that is being built. The bricks are like our testimony, and they are being cemented together by faith! Each day the wall is bigger, and soon it will be someones house. At first it was super small, but gradually and gradually it has grown Our testimonys are the same. They can become a strong house if we have enough faith. Last night there was another small earthquake, and I actually felt it this time because Hna Rosas yelled out my name and that woke me up! If we just have piles of bricks, they will fall over when an earthquake comes. But with faith to cement our beliefs together, we can be strong and not fall! I like what true to the faith says about faith, its believing while we dont understand all things, Christ does. Its showing our dedication to the lord through actions, even when its hard. All the people we teach, we invite them to take acts of faith. This is how their testimony can become cemented and strong Its amazing what faith I have seen in people this week. ANd its amazing that when we feel we are at the lowest of lows, that is when the Lord can make the most out of us. I have felt probably every emotion from stressed, overwhelemed, frustrated, and tired, but as I have turned to the Lord for help I have been given peace and added strength, and the spirit I am so blessed and my faith has grown so much this week!
I dont remember all what I said about la familia Bayona Benites, but they were all at church on sunday! Barnove and Olga are not married, so we taught them about the law of chastity and the blessings they can receive tif they obey this law Barnove has been wanting to get married for a while now, but Olga hasnt wanted to. IN our lesson barnove stood up and proposed to her! It was such a sweet moment and all their 5 kids were SO HAPPY. Olga still says she doesnt want to be baptized, but will be married so Barnove can be. I am so glad the Lord softened her heart. Their son Gustavo, who is 14 has been going to seminary every morning and all the activities for hombres jovenes. Jairo is 10 and asks us so many quesitions and loves singing the hymns! Then there is Zoley, Diego, and the Elsa. They dont have many earthly possessions at all, we helped them make lunch and they have dirt floors and no running water. Its amazing to see their faith and to see the testimony of Barnove grow. From hearing him pray for the first time a few weeks ago to now, it is amazing to see the change in this family! I am so happy to know them and that we can be helping to bring the restored gospel into their home!
Another great part of this week has been helping Mayumi prepare for her baptism this Saturday! She is 20 and has a little girl Maria. The gospel has COMPLETELY turned her life around and she is so excited to be baptized. She has such great faith and shows it through praying and reading the scriptures every day! You can see the light she has now
Finally, Carlos. Our lesson with Ricardo fell through so we were walking down the street and saw this lady in a red robe at her door. Right in front of her house they had just poured a cement sidewalk. (there is a ton of construction here, its great they are paving the roads so there is not so much dust when we walk!) We walked up to her and hna rosas said she was a member of the chruch and had just gone through surgery. We talked for a little bit, and then were about to leave since there was no way we could get in the house to share a message with her Then hna rosas said, we can do it so we used the side wall of the house and hna olga is her name, hna olga helped us leap into the door. haha Well at first i didn´t realize how important this was for us to do , but now i do Her husband is not a member, and didn´t want anything to do with the church. She has been praying for years for him to listen.. Well we invited him to sit in on the lesson, and we could see his countenance change! He let us come back again,a dn we taught the restauracion and he said he wants to be baptized! Hna olga held us in her arms and could not thank us enough. Carlos had us sign his libro de mormon we gave him, The spirit was so stron gin our lesson wiht him and he was so receptive. THe lord really is preparing his children to hear his message when they are ready .
I am so grateful for this gospel and for how I have seen it change lives already, adn I have only been here for a month!
Seeing the joy the gospel can bring is the happiest thing ever! I love you all! family is what matters, the gospel is true. And the future is as bright as your faith! Have a great weeek!
con amor,
hermana garlick

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