Monday, August 5, 2013

Following the Example of Jesus Christ

Querido familia,
It has been another great week! Hopefully these pictures send. Anyways, thanks for all the emails! Sorry I don´t have time to reply to everything, but keep them coming, they are so great to read and to print out to bring to my room.
Here are a few fun things that happened this week:
Apparently I`m a deep sleeper now, there was an earthquake in the night and I didn´t even wake up! I wish I would have I want to feel what it feels like!
We were teaching a familiy and the uncle asked me to marry his nephew. I felt a little like Ammon in Alma 17. haha I kind of pretended to not understand. I said, lo siento, soy misionera. haha
A couple times this week when we were in a lesson and I asked a question, the person we were teaching would turn to Hermana Rosas with a confused look on their face. She would then repeat EXACTLY what I said, and they understand. I have a lot of work to do. haha I just keep trying and working on my Peruvian accent. Almost everyday asked to speak English by a kid here. I never knew English sounded so cool, but to them it does!
At lunch Marilu made us ¨¨chivo.¨¨ I didn´t have my dictionary so I didn´t know what it was which was a little scarey. I ate it and it was pretty good! I looked it up later and it was goat.
Fabiano, the son of Marilu says the cutest prayers. They remind me of Jareds when he was little, you don´t understand a word of it and then the Amen is nice and loud and clear. I wish I could record it, it´s so cute!  
I have been called gringa a lot, I sure stand out here! When we were walking to church on Sunday on man called us angeles de Dios. I liked that one. haha
We taught la familia bayona benites again and they are so great! We showed the video of the Restauration, and the sound wasn´t working-I was praying so hard and it finally did. They really loved it and love the church! The dad, Hermano Barnove, said after the video that he knew in his heart that this was true. It was such a happy moment! He said he feels like we are family. That was so great to here him say that. It´s so amazing being a missionary and helping people come to Christ!
There is a flu breakout in Piura, so we are supposed to be more careful-pray for us!
I am striving to follow the example of Jesus Christ more and more each day. He set the perfect example for us! Í am so grateful each day we have a new chance to show our dedication and commitment to follow Jesus Christ. I am so greatful for the scriptures that teach us how we can be the most happy in this life. The Bible and The Book of Mormon and so amazing and powerful, when we read them, apply them, and live the teachings. I am working on this every day!
Have a great week! Cuidese Mucho!
Hermana Garly (that´s what they call me here)

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