Monday, August 26, 2013

We just let the Spirit do the Work!

Familia Mia!!
Another week! I can´t believe I have already been her for 6 weeks! Feels more like 6 seconds! I have been learning so much and am so excited for all I will learn. Paita is great and the people are so kind and helpful.
A few things I learned this week. Dont peel an orange and then put your contacts in. It BURNS! also, I thought I already knew this, but dont touch a hot stove to see if it is hot. I successfully burned off my finger print I think. Anyways, I sure am playing the part of a child well. haha I really feel like I can understand how children feel now though. Not being able to say what I want to say, and knowing exaclty what I want. Patience is so important, and its true that by small and simple things great things come to pass! Each day I have been learning more, and I know with the help of the Lord I will one day be able to communicate all my thoughts in Spanish, be able to roll my R´s, and be able to form all my sentances correctly. I will keep trying. =) I love the moments when I completely understand what someone is saying. It is so exciting! And Hermana Rosas is so helpful. And trying to help her learn English is fun too, and it makes me realize how hard it is.
The other day Hermana Rosas asked me how to stretch, because she was seeing all the weird ways I was stretching in the morning. I said you have to go farther than you think you can and hold it, and then do it again and go even farther. IF you do this everyday you will be able to stretch in ways you never thought possible! Its like with our goals and in our lives. If you push ourselves a little more everyday, we will make great progress! But if we dont try harder, we will always stay the same. It is so simple but sometimes stretching is uncomfortable or hurts. But if you dont go through the pain you will never have the results you could have!
Carlos was at church this week and loved it! He said he could feel the spirit and that the peace and love he felt was his answer that the church is true! After teaching him part of the plan of salvation I invited him to pray to know if it was true. He simply relpied, Oh, Its true. (but in spanish of course). Its amazing how the Lord has been preparing his heart to receive the gospel at this time. All we as the missionaries need to do is let the Spirit do the work! Carlos speaks really quietly and thinks a lot before he speaks and asks great questions. He is someone in tune with the spirit, that´s for sure! For his job he dives in the ocean and repairs the ships. How cool is that! Anyways Im excited to keep teaching him and help him prepare for his baptism!
Happy happy birthday to dad today and mom this past week!!!!! I love yáll so much! You will have to add a 5th happy birthday song in Spanish. It is probably on youtube if you want to find it. haha
Well off to another week serving the Lord! I love learning more and more each day, and each day I am more and more grateful for what I have and for this gospel. it´´s true!
Hermana Garlick

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