Monday, September 30, 2013

A Little Torta, Some Agua Frio, and a Whole lot of Felicidad Eterna

Familia Mia!
This weekend was the wedding, baptism, and confirmation of la familia bayona benites!!!!! The wedding of Olga and Bernabé was so sweet, and the reception was such a fun experience! We helped set up, take pictures, and serve the food. EVERYONE takes a turn dancing with the bride and groom one at a time. It took so long, but I loved it! There was so much joy and we had so much help and support from the ward members. There were so many details, especially with setting up the music, cleaning the church, setting everything up, preparing the food, and somehow it all worked out! I know it was the hand of the Lord because there is no way hna rosas and i could have done it on our own. They had 5 cakes (tortas) and after the individual dances probably danced for 4 more hours. We of course had to leave for that part, but it made us so happy that everything turned out! I have some pretty great pictures hopefully I will be able to send them soon.
The baptism the next day, saturday, was super special. The one request from Olga was to be baptised in warm water. haha That is pretty much not a possibility here, but Hna Rosas and I were determined to make her happy. We brought our little stove to the church in the morning when we had a meeting, and after our meeting we went to the house of Hno. Salinas to get a Texas sized pot. Well when we returned to the church it was locked and everyone was gone. oops. haha so we went back to our room adn realized we didnt have a way to cook our food.(we normally eat with members saturday for lunch but this week we were not scheduled) so it was kind of a funny situation but luckly fanny, the daughter of hno. salinas was super nice and let us come over to eat. Well after this we went to the church but the baptism was about to start in like 20 minutes, and so we didnt have time to heat up the water. We thought, well we will just heat up one pot full. We sure had a lot of faith that this one pot of boiling water would warm up the whole font. Well it ended up doing nothing. haha anwyays I think it was more of the thought and the important thing is that Olga, Bernabé, Jhairo, and Gustavo are now baptised! The water was freezing and they were shivering, but the spirit was so strong! I could not stop smiling as I saw each of them be baptized. They were all so happy and their testimonies afterwards that they shared were so powerful. Especially Bernabé. He has so much faith and he already is such a force for good in building up the kingdom of God! Their confirmation sunday was special as well, and Olga said she felt a warmth that she could not explain. Teaching them and seeing them grow in the gospel has been such an incredible experience and I am so thankful the Lord blessed me with the opportunity to get to know them and to see his work in action.
Im super excited for general conference! The session for relief society saturday was so great! I loved the talk on convenants and how to relieve your burdens, keep your covenants! Powerful stuff. I cant wait to hear the words of President Monson and the apostles this weekend! It is kind of like Christmas! Does everyone have their brackets for the lineup?
The music class kind of stopped. haha We ended up only having 3-4 students keep coming back and realized it wasn´t the best use for our time right now, and it was hard to coordinate getting the keys for the church and picking up the piano from the members house and everything. We are helping a little with the music for the primary program the end of this month so that will be fun!
I made french toast the other morning for hna rosas because she had never had it before. I made the syrup with the maple flavoring alan and lisa sent (it was super delicous!!) Anyways hna rosas took one bite and then said, ¨¨Quiere mi pan?¨¨ haha in other words she didnt like it at all. ha thats ok.
Love you all so much! Have a great week!!
Hermana Garlick

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