Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Feliz Septiembre!

Hola familia!!
It has been another great week! A lot has happened. And its hard to remember what I have told you already so sorry if something doesnt make sense. haha. But the familia bayona benites had some complications with their wedding, but through the hand of the Lord and many miracles and much prayer and fasting, they are able to be married the 27th of this month!!!! We are so happy and I know that everything is working out because they are on the path to enter into the gate of baptism. It has been so great teaching this family, I love them so much and they have taught me so much and have such great faith. Bernave teaches his kids during our lessons more than we do. He is great. He always has a smile and is so prepared to be baptized! He told me I looked like Laura Ingalls Wilder the other day with my hair in a braid. haha
We had lunch with la familia Risco Arca Sunday. We eat lunch there every week day, since Marliu is our pensionista, and they are so sweet to invite us there again! . Elver made the lunch. They are so loving. They are unable to be married because Marilu still needs a divorce and they need more money. Yosara and Fabiano are the kids in the first photo I sent home. As we have been teaching them I have grown to love them so much! We were sharing our testimonies after we ate, and Elver said Hna Rosas and I were like his daughters (he has two our ages that live far away) and that he loves us and that we are his family. The way he says that the church is true is so powerful in his deep voice. We have been helping him quit smoking and its amazing to see the changes he has been going through. The gospel changes lives! Through Christ all things are possible and Its incredible seeing the gospel working in this family, even though they are unable to be baptized for a while.
We had an exchange this week, and Hermana Maldovano came here and I led the area! what! I remembered where everything was and was able to explain to her about all the people we were teaching and was the one who started and ended all the conversations. wow! That really was a test of my Spanish. A couple times I had to look at her and laugh since I wasnt sure how to exmpalin or say something, or the best is when we are done talking to someone and I look at her and say, what just happend? haha but it was crazy to see the progress I have made since I have got here! Still working on my rr though if anyone has any tricks send them my way por favor but I think Ive tried all of them. One day haha.
Love you all and keep being great and living and sharing the gospel! Because its true!
love you!

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