Monday, September 16, 2013

Just Another Day in Paradise

Dear Fam,
What a week! We had an interesting experience with a lady who is Evangelica and all she wanted to do was argue and find scriptures that contradict what we teach and try to convert us to her religion. It was definitely a different feeling in that lesson and all we could do was share our testimonies with her! She cant find a scripture to prove that our testimony is wrong, or that what we are saying is not true! What we know in our hearts, no one can deny or say is wrong. After that experience I gained a stronger testimony of the importance of personal testimony.
We had a baptism of Paola who we have been teaching and her family is less active. She is nine and is super cute and it was so happy seeing her be baptised, even though it took 3 times to get her all the way under in the freezing water! Us 4 missionaries in the branch sang away in a manger for the musical number,because another investigator of the elders was being baptized and that was his favorite hymn. It was super cute though because everyone started singing with us. And I was perfectly ok with that!
Oh yeah, yesterday I turned 20! It was a great day and we had a conference which was broadcasted to all of peru. Richard G. Scott spoke, and I had no idea he speaks spanish!!! But he speaks really well, and he speaks at a speed I can understand so much better than other people! haha If everyone spoke at Elder Scott speed I would be able to understand so much more. ha but He gave such a great message on the value of women and the importance of husband and wife. Sweet Hermana Marta made me lasagna, and the cake from hno salinas and hno Elver were so good, and were made with so much love! I am so blessed here to know so many sweet and loving people! I really am in paradise.
I picked for my birhtday scripture this year Juan 15:9. Heavenly father and jesus christ love us, and we need to countinue living each day in their love! I love that scriputre and have had so many wonderful examples in my life of how to demonstrate the pure love of christ to others. As I have been studying attributes of Christ, I have realized how interconnected they all are. Patience is being diligent, and being diligent we gain knowledge, adn the more knowledge we have the more our faith grows, adn the more our faith grows the more we desire to be obedient, and well it just keeps going! It is so important to be contintually striving to be like Jesus Christ. The more we become like him the more we can bless others, and thats what we are on this earth to do!
love you all tons and hope this week is great!
Hermana Garlick

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