Monday, September 23, 2013

Loving Life!

Querida Familia,
Another week! I have been doing great. I think my stomache is getting more used to the food and so that´s good! ha This week I had an interview with Presidente Rowley. It was so great! It was in English and literaly was the first time I have full out spoken English since coming here! It was 15 minutes and as I was talking it felt so weird! ha A few times I had to stop to remember how to say something. Being with Hermana Rosas all the time has helped my spanish so much, but it was nice to have the chance to speak English. :) The interview was great and I learned a lot from Pres! He talked about what is success, and really success is in those small things we do every day! Success is facing toward the Savior and progressing, it´s every day coming closer to him! We also talked about how the mysteries of God are right in front of our faces. It´s those revelations we receive everyday and simple answers to prayers. I am so thankful for this this week and for what I was able to learn!
So I have 2 more weeks with Hermana Rosas here in Paita and that finishes my 12 week training! and she told me the pattern normally is that she will leave and I will stay here and get a new companion! So we will see! She has been such an excelent trainer adn I have leraned so much from her. We have been so blessed here in Paita. This week we are preparing for the Baptism of La familia Bayona Benites!!!! Bernabe y Olga are going to get married this Friday too! Its such a big weekend! (and we found out we spelled Bernabe as Bernave wrong this whole time and on all the invitations...oops pretty embarrassing. haha) They are so excited and hermana rosas and I couldnt be happier! and hopefully with Carlos´s work schedule he will be able to be baptized too!
Today is El Día de los Mercedes, or something like that. People from other citys walk here to Paita! It takes them about a week of walking! how crazy is that! But anyways it´s because the Virgin de los Mercedes is here. There are so many people and so many markets and people saling things and music and parades and well it´s just one big party! So it´s pretty fun seeing so many people walking here! Kind of cool!
We use Soles here for our money- 2.5 Soles is about one dollar. Anyways, Hna Rosas always says to me ¨¿Tiene un sol?¨¨ And that means ¨¨Do you have a sol?¨¨ Everytime she says taht it makes me laugh becase its like she is asking me if I have a soul. hahaha I dont know why I think it´s funny but I explained it to her and she thought it was funny too.
Love yall tons! I got the cards this week mom-thanks so much! love the pictures! and reading that made me so dizzy. hahah I´ve been thinking a lot about the sacrafices to be so far away from yáll and not be able to talk to yall or write you very much. Its hard, but I know that I owe everything to the Lord! It´s not until we sacrafice everything that the Lord knows taht he means everything to us. Love yall and keep growing in your testimonies and trusting in the Lord!
Con amor,

Hermana Garlick

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