Monday, October 14, 2013

Bienvenida a Paita Hermana Canaquiri

Hola Hola!
What a week! So many changes and lots going on. First of all, I got a new companion, Hermana Canaquiri! She is from Lima and is super cute. We have so much in common and I am so excited to be her companion! She loves learning English from me and she cracks me up. She is getting good at her prayers, we do a day all in English and a day all in Español. She has the same time in the mission as me as well-3 months! So she just finished her training as well and her first area was close to Piura. It has been so different without Hermana Rosas and having to teach Hermana Canaquiri the area and about all the members and people we are working with! At first I was a little overwhealmed with everything but as I relyed on the Lord I have been given so much strength! I am excited to continue to work here in Paita and to learn from all the sweet people here!
We are working a lot this week with Carlos, Angelica and her two sons, and Marcella and her two grandaughters she lives with. It´s amazing the power the Libro de Mormón has to change lives and the power it has in conversion. I am so thankful for this book and for how it has blessed my life. Each time I share my testimony of the Book I feel the Spirit and am so thankful for the knowledge I have and for what I can help others come to know for themseleves.
We are helping the primary prepare for their first primary program ever the end of this month! I taught ¨Con el Salvador al Lado¨¨ (If the Savior stood beside me) to the primary with just my voice becuase we didnt have the chord for the piano! ha. they did really well, but we got lucky and the man with the cord came. haha. So I was able to play for them to learn the melody, because they really only know one other song, I am a Child of God. It´s kind of hard to learn the songs without a piano player! In church on sunday we practiced again and are going to have one more practice. Thanks mom for teaching me piano and helping me want to practice every day! I have seen what great value it has had and I am so happy that I can help these cute kids out to learn some more songs!
So the other day Hna C and I made tons of french fries and I went a little crazy and I think I had way too much oil. And then we started to fast. The next morning I woke up with a super sharp pain in my stomoche, and it lasted all day long! I walked around hunched over and I never have felt that kind of pain in my stomache. I kept thining about how bad my knee hurt in the night the week after the surgery and that helped my stomache feel a little better. All the relief society sisters were so sweet and crowded around me asking me about what I ate and telling me about all these medicines that I should take. ha But I got a blessing from our district leader, and that gave me so much peace. He blessed me that I would be able to rely on the atonement of Jesus Christ. We kept working the rest of the day, and I still had the worst pain. That night before I went to bed hna. C said in the morning it would all be better. All that night I couldn´t sleep becuase the pain wouldnt go away. When my alarm went off in the morning after all the chickens, I didnt want to get down off my bunk to see if it hurt, but as I did I couldnt feel any pain! It really was a miracle and I am so thankful for prayer and for the lesson I learned from this. And I am also never again going to eat a lot of oil right before I fast. No more french fries for me.
Love you all! Eat some lettuce for me! Because we cant here! Remember what´s most important! And always rely on the Lord.
Con mucho amor,
Hermana Garlick

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