Monday, October 21, 2013

He cannot work on what He doesn't have, and He cannot have you unless you give yourself to Him

My Dear Fam!

I hope no one had a heart attack that I am writing so late! It has been a crazy day. We had a lunch with our district and all baked a dish of our typical food from our country! I made some fried chicken and frenchfries! (which i didnt eat) haha. it was super fun! My favorite were the tacos from Nicaragua. super delicious! 

This week has been great! We had a sisters training meeting in Piura which was super great. I love getting together with all the Hermanas here in the mission, and especially seeing hna gutierrez again-each time its so fun to see how much more spanish we both know! We learned about the importance and power we can have in the families. The family is so important, and it is under serious attack! We are working with so many families and I know that the Gospel of Jesus Christ is what can bless the family the most! After the meeting we got to eat pizza and it was the best thing ever. And the crust here is SUPER fluffy. so great. I have so many great pics I want to send but everytime I try it freezes up. So maybe one day yall will get to see my adventures!! =)

this week we had a lot of struggles with contacting and teaching our investigators. so many trips, work, and busy schedules! We keep doing our best and hopefully this week we will be able to teach a lot more. But it´s always amazing to me to see when one thing seems to not be working out, something else does. It´s all in the Lord´s hands and we just need to trust in him. Pray for Carlos that he can be prepared and have his schedule free for his baptism! Olga, his wife, talks sooo fast. I hope one day i can be good enough to understand everything she says. but for now I just smile and nod and she keeps talking =) haha

Hna canaquiri cant roll her tongue either! But what i learned is that you can roll your rs in your words without being able to roll your tongue! she has been helping me with pronunciation and have been getting a lot better! I kind of like Español! 

our zone leaders gave us this talk called ¨The 4th missionary¨Im still reading but it is so good. It talks about the type of missionary or person we should strive to be. We can be obedient to the lord, but its not until we give our whole selft to him, our might and strenght AND our heart and mind, that he can work with us, and use us to bless others! look up this talk ok! 

love yall so much! siga adelante! 
con mucho amor
hna garlick

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