Monday, November 4, 2013

A Juicy Mango

Hola Familia!
Happy Monday! It has been a fun week. Hope yall had a great halloween. Here, the 31st is halloween, but also el Día de la canción creolla, a holiday celibrating the music of peru! How awesome is that! And more people celebrate this holiday rather than halloween. But anyways there was an activity for the district that night celebrating the music of peru and we got to go for a little bit. It was fun hearing the different types of music! It was also outside and way cold! The ocean brings in this cold air in the nights. But from everyone I have talked to I am lucky to only be here for one summer because they are a little hot here. haha
Last week was the primary program and it turned out great! They had two of the older kids conduct the whole thing and it was super cute. They had all the girls have matching yellow headbands and the boys these blue cape things. Yeah it was too much. They sang Con el Salvador al Lado so great too, and they even remembered that its only the third verse that they go up! haha I am so thankful for the examples and pure testimonies of children. I am working hard to become more like a child each day and put off the natural man. It´s only through the atonement of jesus christ that this is possible! As we strive to be each day the person we want to become, the Savior makes that possible!
Today for p-day we went to Colan, about 20 minutes north I think, and we got to see the very first church that was built in south america in the 1500´s! It was super cool to see and think of how many churches there are now, and how that was the first! And now there how many lds churches in south america! It´s amazing how the church has grown. And Paita isn´t lacking too much to become a stake soon! We ran into a couple from New Zealand when we were in Colan at a gift shop and the few of us from north america were talking to them in english because they knew no spanish! It was funny how bad we were stumbling on our words! President Rowley has stressed the importance of us speaking spanish with each other, and to not speak english when we see other missionaries from the US. Now in the mission there are 38 sister missionaries, and over half are from the united states!
The 20th of November we get to go on a 4 hour bus ride south to Chiclayo for a devotional with Elder Nelson! Our whole mission is going-I am so excited! Does any one know if he speaks Spanish? But anyways I can´t wait to hear an apostle of the Lord here. How blessed we are to have living prophets and apostles to lead and guide us this day. I still haven´t gone to lima for my visa, hmmm I sure hope that that´s ok! They haven´t told us anything.
I love it when people give us fruit here! Especially the mangos. They are so juicy and delicious. It´s how I picture the fruit of the tree of life in the vision Lehi had. Heavenly Father has so many blessings for us- as we obey and do what he asks, we will receive all the juicy mangos we want and so much more! Oh and tip of the day- mango on your pancakes. do it!
love yall lots. I think i forgot how to say yall. Next month I will have to practice with yall en navidad.
hna Garlick

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