Monday, November 11, 2013

Nunca Estamos Solo!

Familia Mia!
Hey everyone, Hope yall have had a great week! I have. I discovered being a missionary is like being a full time visiting teacher, and you are assigned to EVERYONE! ha it´s great, I wouldn´t rather be doing anything else!
Angelica, on of our invesitgators we are working with is starting to have some doubts. She loves the church and comes almost every week. Last time we visited her, she told us how her whole entire family is catholic. She feels very alone. I can´t imagine what that would feel like, entering into another church with your whole enitre family being catholic. We were talking to her about how we are never alone. Jesus Christ suffered the atonement, so when we are in difficult times or decisions, we dont have to do it solo! Im so thankful for the sacrafice of Jesus Christ and for the knowledge I have that he is with me every step of the way her in Peru.
Yesterday we were on our way to visit La familia Bayona Benites, and I had the thought no, we should go visit this family of investigators we went to once, but they were not very receptive. We followed the prompting and it was crazy-they completely changed! They were so receptive as we shared the restauration. The Lord really had softened their hearts. I´m so thankful for the guidance of the spirit in this work. I could have thought, now we have another appointment, or no, they acted a little short or rude the last time we were there, but no, we went, because the Lord always knows better. Always follow the promptings of the spirit. I´m thankful for this experience we were albe to have!
New favorite foods of the week: orange jam(yeah dad you would go crazy over this), and banana coconut granola bars. this week someone told me I looked like a 17 year old. maaan. It was fun the other day we visisted a family we hadn´t visisted in while, and they were so impressed with my spanish improvement. That made me feel really great. haha
Love yall! Im teaching hna canaquiri how to talk like a Texan,so has been fun :)
hna g

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