Monday, November 18, 2013


Mom, I can hear you saying that bringing us out in the family room pretzels with marshmallows. haha Well today we have transfers, and we found out that Hermana Canaquiri and I are both staying here in Paita together!I am so glad-I don´t know why but me and everyone else thought that I was heading out! But the Lord needs me here 
a little longer.

It has been a great week. I have seen the hand of the Lord with our investigators. Angelica has been having problersm with her husband. We had a lesson with her and were with a member, named Hermana marta. She was EXACTLY
what angelica needed, and was able to relate to her and help her so much. We have been praying a lot for her and the other day when we visited her she was completely changed and so much better! The Lord really is in this workand I know that the power of prayer is real!

We have also been teachinjg the friend of Hna Angelica, Ljelka. She says taht sheknows that this is true! She isn´t married but we are working on that! :) 
We got back to our room and it was filled with smoke! the members we live with were makeing tomalies in a fire in the room next door! oops! haha so we set off our fire alarm so they would come and put it out because we couldnt breath. haha it wasso funny but i am gald they put it out. 

Recipe of the week, pikeo. tuna, lime, and onions. so good.

hope yall have a great week! love yall, pray for yall, and I just want to say yall one mroe time. 

¡Los amo mucho!
Hermana Garlick

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