Monday, December 2, 2013

It's Getting Hotter!

Dear Fam,

It is such a strange sensation to have it be getting hotter and hotter as christmas is apporaching! But everything else is just the same-the music and decorations and well, christmas cheer! :)

I was able to have a great thanksgiving! I taught Yosarra and Fabiano how to make turkey hands. :) So that was fun! And the other way happy part of my Día de Acción de Gracias was that I got 5 letters from yall! Ones that you sent the week I got here, mom! ha! It was so fun to read all those. Thanks so much! And the package as well mama! Im excited to start opening those up in a couple weeks. :) (and especially the one that is a cylinder...:) I hope yall get my christmas eve letters I sent! crossing my fingers. :)

This past week we moved rooms! Before we were living with members from the other rama outside of ours, but now we are in our area super close to the church! It is SO nice! We are living with Hna Marta. She is a return missionary and is so great. She has a daughter out on a mission right now too! Our new room is great. It was a ton of work moving and a lot of time, but now we are going to save so much time being in our area and not wasting our soles on motos. Hermano Salinas, our Líder misional, helped so much and spend his whole morning helping us with the other missionaries. During his cooking time for lunch too! that is a true sacrifice! Also, our pensionista, Hermana Marliú, came over and helped us unpack, folded our clothes so perfectly, and help us get organized. She knew just where we should move things to get more oraganized. I felt like I had you, mom and dad, there helping us! I am taken care of here. :)

We are working a ton more with less actives. We have a new number we count each week now, the number of ¨¨rescatados.¨ It´s the same process for a baptism, but for someone who is less active or not active at all. We teach them all of the lessons, they have an interview, and attend church 2 times at least. I have been loving working more with less active members-this is the work of salvación too and is just as important! 

Wow, I´m just about at my 6th month mark, whaaat? Where does the time go. Happy moment of the week-when we were reporting sunday night to our district leader, I was talking on the phone and elder aguilar thought I was hna Canaquiri! That made me feel so great. haha Hna Canaquiri it´s becuase now she is starting to talk like a gringa after being around me, well, all the time. no, it´s me starting to sound more like her, that´s it. :)

Love you all lots and lots! Thanks so much for your prayers and love! I feel strengthened every day from yall and am so extrememly blessed. Have a great week. The church is true! 

Los amo mucho!
Hna G

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