Monday, December 30, 2013

It's Kind of Hard Saying Goodbye! Off to New and Exciting Adventures!

Dear Family,

Wow so do I have news for yall! First off, it was SO great talking to you all on skype and laughing and seeing y'all. Definite highlight of my peruvian christmas and I am so blessed to have each and everyone of you in my life. Seeing little Jake was the best Christmas present ever and I am so thankful for him and that he is doing well. What a cutie! The rest of my christmas was great-we were super full almost to the point of being sick from our two lunches and two dinners, but it was all delicous and with people I love! Christmas to me is being with those you love, remembering Christ, and serving him. I'm so lucky I got to do all three. 

Well the news of the week is I got transfered! The hardest part of my mission so far was saying goodbye to all the adorable Paitainians. Marilu, Carlos y olga, Mayumi, La familia bayona benites, hermano salinas, and so many more! Ive never cried my eyes out more and I am so blessed for the almost 6 months I had the wonderful oportunity to serve in Paita. I am going to miss the people there like crazy. I learned so much in Paita and experienced so much joy and happiness. Each month I wrote a main lesson I learned- (I learned way more than this but hear they are:)
 Aug- When you think things arent working out, they are actually working out exactly the way the Lord intends them to be. 
Sep- Its not until you sacrifice all for the Lord that he knows that he means all to you. 
Oct-Without the spirit Im just a person talking. With the spirit Im a set apart messanger of Christ .
Nov- Obedience comes before the blessings, and that requires faith. 
Dec- Food is to be enjoyed, not just eaten and Its not until your heart hurts that your persepctive changes to a more eternal one. 
My missionary service in Paita will definitly be something I will never forget and always hold close to my heart! 

The Lord needs me in Chulucanas now! What I have heard about it is there are lots of mangos and masquitos! woohoo! haha Its about an hour from Piura, like Paita, but the opposite direction. I hear its pretty hot there, and there are no grocery stores, but we will see. I waited 6 months in Paita for a big grocery store so I sure hope we are blessed with one in Chulucanas. Anyways, more than what it is like there I am excited to meet and get to know and love new people and ward members! The church is the same everywhere-because well its the church of Jesus Christ. Im excited for all the adventures ahead!

The other news is that I will be training! I receive my 'daughter' tomorrow. haha I am excited for this opportunity and know the Lrod will help me as i trust in him and help my new companion adjust to the mission field! Oh yeah and one more thing- we are opening a new area! The part of Chulucanas has never had missionaries before so this sure is going to be an adventure. Im not sure exactly right now how we are giong to be able to do it, but I know for sure that with the help of the Lord all this are possible as we rely on him. The quote, 'who the lord calls the Lord qualifies' keeps coming to my mind. My spanish may not be perfect, I might not remember to do all what preach my gospel says, and I may not know where all the sciptures are, but I know one thing, and it is that I am in the Lords hands! He will give me strength to do what he has sent me here to do, otherwise he wouldnt have sent me here. Thanks for all your prayers and love, espcically this week as I embark on a very new and adventurous adventure. 

And today has been my most favorite pdays ever!!!!! because HERMANA GUTIERREZ is my companion again!!!!!!!!!!! :) just for today. but still, it has been the greatest, talking with her and catching up on the past 6 months and hearing all of her experiences. She will be trainging a new missionary as well-we are in her area about 10 minutes outside of Piura in Tacala. We have enjoyed getting icecream, taking pictures, shopping in the biggest grocery store Ive ever seen in Peru (AND IT HAD PEANUT BUTTER WHAAAAT!!!!!) We havent talked in English once--we sure have come a long way since the MTC. haha It will be fun spending the night with her, and then tomorrow we get our new companions.

Love yall so much and am so thankful for yall. Im grateful to be a full time missionary of the Lord! I know the church is true without a doubt, I know that he is very much a part of my life. I know the book of mormon and the blible are true and are the words of God. I know President MOnson is a prophet of God and his words are inspired. Im so grateful for this testimony I have. Now its time to go share it with the sweet people of Chulucanas!! (Be sure to google it and let me know what you learn..:)

With lots of love and besos y abrazos,
Hermana Garlick 

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