Monday, December 9, 2013

Listen Listen to the Still Small Voice


It has been a great week! I love the lessons I have been learning, and especially about the guidance of the spirit. This week we were in a lesson with Angelica and she had some doctrinal questions. I froze for half a second, then remembered what I had read in my personal study in the morning. I was able to flip right open to the scripture and answer her question! I know that the Lord guides every aspect of our lives, and as we follow the spirit we will do his will and have success. 
We had a training with Presidente Rowley and he taught us the importance of us as missionaries, especially here in Paita in branches, that we should influence, not control. I have such a personality to control what´s going on. But our purpose here is not to control. Its to help, lead, guide, and set examples! So we have been working on being influencers and not controllers here in the branch. 
I realized I am the only gringa in all of paita. Its kind of crazy! This week they told us we cant use backpacks anymore! So yeah jess and kell, you´re specail blue backpack I cant use anymore. It is sad. But I have the yellow bag which is good. 
We are putting together a christmas choir to sing in a park for christmas, and also in sacrament meeting. Thanks nate for inspiring me to be a choir director. Never thought this would happen but yeah, surprise! So we have been having fun with that. 
We found some great new investigators this week! It was sad they were not able to come to church, but hopefully the next week! It has been hard with Angelica struggling to accept a baptismal date, but I know with the help of the Lord and the spirit she will. 
Love y´all so much! So excited for my lil nephew to get here. I will be expecting 100000 pictures. :)

los amo mucho!
Hermana Garlick

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