Monday, December 16, 2013

¨The real Christmas comes to him who has taken Christ into his life as a moving, dynamic, vitalizing force. The real spirit of Christmas lies in the life and mission of the Master.¨-Howard W. Hunter


I am so happy right now! baby Jake is here! I am so so so happy and loved all the pics! Keep them coming! 

What a week. We had some tough days-one where 7 appointments in a row fell through, world record! But we just keep going! The heat isn´t as bad as Texas but the sun is sharp if that makes any sense. I think I can explain it better in Spanish. haha Angelica and her two sons accepted a baptismal date! but because of different things we are going to have to postpone the baptism. If they are not baptized while I am here in Paita they will be very soon! I am so happy for them and have learned a lot having the opportunity to teach them! 

Well this week we started running again which I love and am so happy. but the problem is is sometimes we dont have water. I have really learned to appreciate water! This week I also got called a ¨modela¨ by a little girl. I should have started using my yellow bag a long time ago. Also this week we saw some people setting up tents in a run down park. We thought they were homeless people. But then a little girl ran past us yelling the circus the circus! Hna and i could not stop laughing because the little girl thought it was the circus. The next day we were walking by again, and what do you know, a circus tent is starting be be built! I guess the lesson we learned from this is that things are not always what they seem! And little kids are usually right. =) 

I gave my third talk here in this branch this week. Each time it´s easier and easier. I am so blessed to know so many great people here in Paita. Everytime I think of leaving here it makes me so sad, to leave all these amazing people I ahve learned to love. But I will go where the lord needs me to go! transfers are the 30th of december, so we will see!

It is so fun being in the Christmas season and beinga missionary. This time really is about serving others and about Christ! I read an article in the Liahona that talked about President Monson when he was young with a friend and his friend asked, what does turkey taste like? president monson responded, like chicken. then he realized his friend had never tried either because of his poor circumstances. So, president monson went and got his two pet rabbits adn gave them to him and said, here, have my rabbits, its like chicken too. Wow I love this story. Of love of sacrifice, about Christmas! In this time of year I hope we can all sacrifice what we have for the Lord and serve him! (And this story made me think of poor jumper too..)

Well I hope yall have such a great week! Love you all lots and lots!
¡Hasta Luego! 
Hermana Garlick

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  1. Sure love reading Ali's experiences! What an amazing missionary she is. I think I may need a yellow bag =)