Monday, January 27, 2014

"I Believe There are Angels Among Us, Sent Down to Us, From Somewhere Up Above..."

Hola Familia!

So great to hear from yall! Sounds like the cruise was a blast mom and dad, and I cant believe how much baby jacob is growing!!! I finally got a picture of him printed out and have it on my desk. I LOVE IT. and I love seeing him grow in the pics you send jess! What a cutie!!!! I want to pinch his cheeks off all the time. 

We had lots of moments whens this week. Here are a few... Moment when...
-we get asked if we are from the circus by some kids again. This time we responded yes and they got really excited. :)
-A boy with a waterballoon has that smile on his face saying im going to get you wet and boy did he, all up in our faces and everything! haha!
-we are in district meeting and we are singing a hymn in english, but i forgot it was in english and I said, remember to sing energeticallly, because thats what the top of the hymn says, but try saying energetically with spanish pronunciation, and its super funny. we all couldnt stop laughing! 
-We are in ward council and presidente Aguilar, the first counciler, says that ¨Este reunion va a ser corto como una mini falda.¨or, this meeting is going to be short like a mini skirt. hhahahah and we laughed. 

This week has been another great one with lots of miracles! We were able to find and teach finally Leslie, Eva, and Betsy, three of the investigators the Elders before us had, and they were ALL at church!!!! It was such a miracle because the power went out and I was super sad because I thought no one would come to church, but wow, everyone did! Even Graciella, a less active, we were sooo happy!! :) Without the fans going it was a wee bit more hot, but thats what hymn books are for, to fan ourselves. :) With it being vacations for everyone here until march, everyone is going on trips and to piura and lima, so it ahs been a challenge finding our recent converts and all the less actives on our lists, but this week we really were able to do so much work and be led by the spirit to do it! 

Disonel and Tempora (his mom) really are progressing! They went on a trip to Tumbes which was sad, but they get back this week. Tempora is the sweetest mom who wants the best for her kids. She said at first she was listening to us for her kids, but now for herself--there is a complete change in her. Before it was well, in my church, casa de oracion, and she always refered to that. Well they were at church 2 weeks ago and loved it and want to come back. I sure hope they are reading their book of mormons on their trip! We found them asking for directions to a house of a member. I know the Lord guides us in everything we do, even in the people we ask for directions. :)

Another miracle was finding Katty! REmember miguel, the 86 year old with altzheimers, parkinsons, and knee problems we were teaching? well his grandaughter was visiting him, and was baptized 6 years ago, but went inactive after a year and she is 21 now. She said she was praying for a sign for what she should do in her life, and then the Elders showed up to give Miguel a blessing becasuse we asked them to, and she said she knew that was her answer! So we are teaching her all the lessons, because she does not remember too much from when she was baptzied. Im so thankful to see the hand of the Lord working so maticulasly so that we can find who is prepared to return to the church!

Hermana Gozán got sick this week which was no fun, but I wqas albe to do divisions with Cynthia, a member who is 25, and the primary president, and preparing to go on a missino! She is so great and it was fun for the 2 days together being companions. :) 

So I had the greatest experience this week! We were in a neighborhood called Michaela, and on our way to Ñacara, and around the corner comes Grandma Garlick! Or at least I thought it was!!! She was the jolliest old lady with white hair, dressed in white with the bluest eyes! She was SO excited to see us and ran up to us and gave us hugs! She started talking and has the greatest accent-she is from New Zealand. She is a nun too! The first thing she said to me was, I know you, where have I met you before, I know you! I said I wasnt sure but maybe we had met. She randomly would start talking in English, but I would respond in spanish, I feel bad if Hermana Gozán cant understand! When she found out my name was Hermana Garlick, she licked her lips and said MMMM hahahhah it was so great! No one here knows what garlick means, but it was way fun that she did. :) I felt like I was talking to my grandma the whole time, we started talking about what we do as missionaries and waht she does as a nun. She was in Columbia before, and now here for I cant remember how many years but lots! She gave us her address and invited us to come over for coffee one day next week. Hermana Gozan goes. well maybe chocolate, we dont drink coffee. She said thats ok! hahaHer name is Maria Clada Aldiridgi or something like that :) Before we left a cute little skinny boy with dirt on her face ran up to her and gave her the biggest hug and just held it there. Ok way too cute! When she said bye to us she said, ¨chau loves¨! This experience had sister gozan and me smiling so big. She really brightened our spirits and made me feel like I was talking to someone I had known forever. Ill let you know how our visit with her goes this week. Im so thankful for that fun experience. I know she was an angel that God sent to us. I want to be a missionary like her. :) 

Well, off to work work work! I like what it says in Predicad mi Evangelio about diligience and work. THe more we work, the more we ahve the spirit, the more we have the spirit, the more we can touch peoples hearts, and the more we have joy! I was reading in Jacob 5 today and found all the ways we should be diligent in there. As we trust in God he will help us and give us strength to be diligent in all our labors! Now its time to keep forgetting ourselves and getting to work! 

LOves, :)
Hermana Garlick

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