Monday, January 6, 2014

New Area, New Companion, New Modes of Transportation, and New Year!!

My dear family!!!!

Boy do I have a lot to tell yall! Chulucanas is so great! And Hermana Gozán too! She is from Honduras and is so great. She has been a member her whole life, is 23, likes to play instruments, and paint and draw! She has such a strong testimony and already is such a great missionary. In so many ways she is the one training me! I am so happy for this time I have to be companions with her!

 Chulucanas is way great! The whole city is divided in 2 areas, ours is the area with the hill Ñañañique, everything on the side of the road Roman Castilla. It is hotter here than paita, thats for sure! But its overcast after 4 or 5 every day so that helps. There is no need to knock doors here, everyone is already sitting outside with their doors wide open! I hav nver drank more water in my life! We are constantly thirsty but we keep going! :) Chulucanas is known for its mangos, and the president of the branch told me thats because the soil and water are sweet. So thats the secret to delicious mangos from chulucanas. Also there are bunches of Alissons here in peru, but with two s´s... no one gets it right! haha but anwyays mom and dad, thanks for giving me a peruvian name! :) The main mode of transportation is moto, and also there are a ton of Donkeys!!!!! I love seeing all of them around, it is so fun. There are no supermarkets, but th small stores do just fine. (but hopefully when we go to pirua we will be able to buy some things..)

 We have been working like crazy trying to figure out the area and where all the investigators, and members live. We found out opening an area means that two new missionaries replace two others--we were glad to find that out! haha There were elders here before...we sure found a lot of surprises in our room---including a  cockroach collection! Other than those surprises it is going great. The church is super small and reminds me of the one in Puerto Rico we went too! The sisters in Relief society already asked me to have an exercise class, so we had that this morning which was way fun! I lvoe it. Also sister rowley asked me in the sisters meeting friday to teach about exercise and health, so that will be good too! I love that I can still do what I love and help others through my talents. 

So we have been contacting like crazy this week. It is so fun talking to everyone, the people are so friendly, and there are also way mre catholics here than paita. We were talking to two older ladies who are sisters and they were so sweet and they kept laughing their heads off in the lesson. It was so cute and we had no idea why they were laughing but it made me think of me and my sisteers and I decided tahts how wer are going to be when we are older. Sit out on our porch together and just laugh and enjoy the breeze.:) anways We found a ton of new investigators prepared by the Lord through it too! We also have a few progressing investigators progressing towards baptism! I know that as we exercise our faith the Lord blesses us with miracles. It may be a little hot and a few mosquitos, but nothing will stop the work of the Lord from going forth! In spanish the word esperar means to wait, and esperanaza means hope. Waiting for miracles to happen doesnt mean sitting around doing nothing. It means having a hope in Christ and putting that hope into action. I know as we continue to put our faith in the lord, wait on him, and have hope, we really will see miracles, even if it takes a while! 

I am so thankful for the tender mercies of the Lord--the day I was with Hermana Gutierrez as I moved here to Chulucanas was just what I needed and it was so great being her companion again! We went to la plaza de armas en piura and I bought some new sunglasses (kell i got it down from 35 to 15--you'd be so proud of me. :) In the night we were able to go and teach and it was so great teaching with her real life investigators. cmpared with our ten minute lesson to juan in the mtc, to now, we sure have come a long way and been blessed by the Lord. I am so excited to keep working here in Chulucanas and to b an instrument in the hands f the Lord. Thanks for all yur lvo and prayers, love yall so muich!!!

les amo mucho!

Hermana Garlick

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