Friday, January 24, 2014

Teaching in the Rain!

Querida Familia,

What a great week it has been! Full of sweet experiences and mangos of course. :) The best part was probably when we were teaching Roger, his wife misseli, their mom Tempora, and her son Diosnel. We found them asking for directions to a members house. (We find soo many contacts through asking for directions..haha!) We were teachiung about repentance, and the spirit was strong. Roger hasnt been able to keep the commitments because he feels guiltyu for living in sin. We explained it doenst matter the sin, through christ we can be completely clean and forgiven. Then it started to rain! We were teaching outside of course, and it wasnt too bad so we stayed. but it made me think of the primary song I love--I want my life to be as clean as earth right after rain, I want to be the best I can, to live with God again. I am so grateful for Jesus Christ and for the Atonement. I know it is real and true! 
Hermana Maura, a member has taught me the definition of patience! She takes care of her dad miguel who we are teaching who cant hear too well and needs a lot of help, and her sister who has special needs who was just baptized a  year ago. She is such a great example to me of someone who lives each day for the Lord, and is so selfless! Everytime we go we come out with a huge bag of ciruelas--this super delicious fruit! 
The members here are THE BEST. They remind me a lot of the wonderufl members in Paita as well. Hermama Canayo has been such a help! Everytime we leave with her we get about 10 references. Everyone here knows everyone, so it makes member work so great and helpful and important! She has 4 daughters who also teach with us too. They are so fun and I am so grateful for this family and for the families here. This is the house we have the exercise class at Mondays so it has been fun jamming out with them to efy music! haha! 
This week we had a mutli zone conference and talked a lot about personal revelation. We talked about Enos and how when his soul hungered, he prayed fervently, in fact he wrestled with the Lord, and was able to receive some really important revelation for his life. Prayer is crucial for us to receive revelation. I was thinking about experiences I have had with prayer, and I remembered the day we were having a mia maid activity and I was in the car with mom and lili and we were looking for paxtons house. We had no idea which one it was, but sweet Lili, recently baptized a month or so ago, said that we should say a prayer! I dont remember who offered the prayer but I remember the sweet spirit we could feel when mom and I looked at each other. I got out and knocked on a door, which wasnt it, but the next one, out comes paxton! I know it was through the prayer of faith we were able to find the house of paxton so quick! Our first idea to knock every door in the street would have eventually worked too, but when we turn to the Lord and pray for help, he gives it to us! I have been applying this more each day and have seen how the help of the Lord comes, when we pray for it!

Ready for another fun and sunny and wet week here in chulucanas! February starts the rains that turns the streets to rivers people are saying...looks like we will need to buy some boots, but we will see! :)
love yall the moon and back!
Hermana Garlick

ps New favorite find of the week: mango jam! mmmmm!

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