Monday, January 13, 2014

Turtles, Cockroaches and Water Fights, Oh My!

Hey fam!

Chulucanas is super great. It has been a great week...we are not getting lost nearly as often and we are learning to drink lots of water so we are not dehydrated! This month is a little crazy here, because its carnavales!!! basically this means the town is in a huge water fight all month!!!! everyone has water balloons on every corner and in every moto. We have to dodge so many! they only got us twice, and me once in the bus through the rude! haha its kind of fun though and exciting. The gringa is the biggest target too...I feel bad for Hermna Gozán..haha but we learned that if we talk to them and say hi to them they usually dont get us wet, so thats good. Its a good lesson in life, when you pray for and do good for your enemies, well they aren´t your enemies any more. 
There was an earthquake this week! During our companionship study. I really felt like i was in the movie freaky friday in real life makell! haha But anyways everything was ok and it only lasted about 5 seconds. We have definitely been experiencing new things here! Including when we were in a lesson and i felt something touch my foot, and looked down and did a little shreak, it was the head of a turtle popping out! haha Also, after the earthquake we had a whole bunch of new frineds in our room (cockraoches)...but i think we got rid of just aobut all of them:. Thanks makell for building up my immunity against things like that since i was always the one that had to kill them. :) 
So I love this town so much! 80s music is really big, so thats fun! Everyone knows everyone whcih is so great when we are with a member...weso many references each time!. Not many tourists come here so I get a lot of looks! But thats good because then the people will talk to us more. :)
Im teaching Hermana Gozan the peruvian culture, food, and language...there are tons of words different. Shes already getting her peruvian accent on. :) She has been teaching me about honduras, its so fun! And Im practicing my Honduran accent. :) 
I got the Christmas eve letters this week and a bunch of Christmas cards! thanks yall! I loved reading those!
We started teaching Miguel, jorge, Roger, and manuel this week. They are all so great and have been prepared for the lord for our message. Miguel is 86 and has Alzheimers...but he has such great faith. he asks us every week where we are from. I have learned so much from him and his faith in Christ, Im excited to be here and work with all of these wonderful people here. I know this is the Lords work and I know its true! I know its through our faith in him that we can do hard things. Love you all so much and thanks for your prayers!
love, Ali

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