Monday, February 24, 2014

Hasta la Iglesia de Jesucristo de los santos do los últimos días, por favor :)

Howdy family!

Another great week! Do I say that every week? sorry if I do. But it always is! 

We started telling the Motos what I wrote for the subject this week, instead of just the direction of the roads to get to the church, so more people can get familiar with the name of the church! :) Dad, I remember you always saying the full name of the church to people and thinking jeez, its long, but I have liked doing it too in the mission, so thanks for the example. :) In Paita we always said, ¨hasta la iglesia de los mormones,¨ Everyone there knew what that was, but here the church is a lot less known! But more people are hearing about the church, one moto ride at a time. :) 

Eva´s baptism is this saturday! She is super excited and inviting everyone. And our flute duet is so sweet. Hna Gozán said Im the fasted person she has every taught to play the flute, must be in my blood or something. Mom, its what you played, right? I cant exactly remember. :) 

This week we were walking back to civilization from Ñacara, (we always say that coming back from Ñacara, haha) and a teenage boy yelled from his house, ¨¿¿Tü hablas ingles??¨I replied Si, and we were about to just keep going, because everyone asks me that, but we turned back, and talked to him, he loves English and wants to get better at it. We dont have a class here because there are not many people interested, but we invited him to church. Long story short, he, named Alexis, came to church the next day for all three hours, we taught him the restoration, and hes interested in being baptized! What! Comes in handy being a gringa sometimes. :) 

Love yall to death! Sorry this is short but gotta run! The church is true. Shall we not go on in so great a cause? ;) 

Hermana Garlick

Monday, February 17, 2014

To the Rescue!

Querida Familia,

Great to hear from yall!! It has been a great week!! We were able to see so many miracles-the Hand of the Lord really is in this work! 

We were teaching Leandro this week, and it was so incredible---he told us how he finally prayed to know if the book of mormon is true, and he felt something change in him! As he said that I felt goose bumps. He still have lots of doubts, but I know he has felt the Spirit and Im excited to keep working with him! Also, Eva is doing really well, preparing for her baptism in 2 weeks! She wanted to be the one to set the date, not us, and March 1st it was. She is excited and already inviting her friends. :) 
Most exciting moment of the week, we were able to rescue katty!!!!!! :) Rescuing someone means we teach someone who is inactive all the 5 lessons, they attend church twice, and are interviewed. No one else knows, but we do and it made us so happy! Its the same process for a baptism. Katty just makes me so happy. She is 21, her enthusiasm for the gospel is incredible. She has earnestly sought her answers, and the Lord has given them to her. She is excited to keep participating in te church as a reconverted latter day saint! This work is incredible and Im so glad to be a part of it! :)
This week we were finally about to find Roger and Miselli again! (Diosnel and Tempora went to Tumbes)... As we were teaching them, hna gozan and I pulled out the pamphlet for the word of wisdom at the exact same time! We didnt have it planned or anything. I think this is what it means to be one, and to have unity with your companion! Being in tune with the spirit and being able to know what our investigators need. 
This week one mronigng we hicked up the hill Ñañanica, the members we went with call it ¨monte del Señor¨. There is a huge cross up there, and it is such a pretty view of Chulucanas! And they all wanted me to do gymnastics of course. I was able to whip out a round off back hand back hand. Havent done that in months! Only a little sore still..haha
We got a new district leader, Elder Holms from South Jordan Utah. He is such a  hard worker and our distirict meeting was wow, so great! It got Hermana Gozan and I pumped up so much to get to work work work! AND he gave us oreos. It was a good meeting! :) 
Every third sunday here the missionaries speak. I spoke about the atonement of Chirst, and how the more we understand it, and apply it, the more we will want to share it. Im so thankful for the atonement of Jesus Christ. He is our rescuer. He is who will lift us up when we fall, and give us strength when we are weak. Im thankful for the gospel of Jesus Christ, and as I live it I can feel the power of the atonement in my life. This makes me want to shout with a peruvian flute to the world how incredible and imporatnat our message is! But talking to people sitting out side from door to door will have to do for now. :)
Found this quote this week and kind of like it- Äs we act in faith, our blessings will be much different than we expect, but much greater than we can imagine.¨-Elder Anderson.
There are so many blessings waiting for us! We just need to be obedient and we will receive them.
Love yall to Perú and back!
Hermana Garlick

Monday, February 10, 2014

Alisson and Our Balcony

Apple Hut! We added the K to take the stink out!

Merry Kiss Miss!

Hola Familia!

So this week felt a little like Christmas. I got a package from the ward ym/yw for Christmas, and wow, I was so excited! Please send a huge thanks! I fell on the floor at how many reeses christmas trees there were and the peanut butter.(literally I did) Hermana Gozan loved the Texas spicy crackers that I couldnt even eat one they were too spicey! She loves spice though and was eating them by the handful. It was almost too much for her too, she was surprised, because nothing is too hot for her. :) She also loved trying beef jerky for the first time. :)  Thanks so much!! 

Also, we were having kind of an off day, I think it was Thursday. We were tired, hot, and couldnt think straight- not sure what was wrong with us! I was praying that we could snap back into it so we could teach the rest of our lessons for the day. Well, we were trying to find the house of Maria Clara, the nun from New Zealand, so we were asking this older couple for directions. They said the direction we have doesnt exist. This confirms to me that she really was an angel! Anyways, We told them a little about the church, but are not too interested, ¨Somos Católicos.¨Well, we were leaving and we always give a kiss on the cheek to other women, and the men just the hand shake. Well, I was way off and I dont even know what happened but I leaned in to give the old man a kiss!!! hahahhah Just when I was about to I realized what I was doing and pulled back really fast. We left there soo fast and were laughing for about ten minutes. This kicked us back into gear and woke us up and the rest of the day went great! We are never going to walk down that street again. haha just kidding. Kind of really funny experience to have a kiss miss and Im definitely not making that mistake again! 
This week I also had the opportunity to try squid soup! I dont recommend it! 
But Eva made it for us, so it was really sweet. Sad news with her. She said she cant commit to a baptismal date--needs more time! We are going to keep working with her, I know in the Lords timing she will feel ready!
Wow, lots happened this week. Last lunes we went to Piura and bought our food in Tottus, a grocery store like HEB! I feel overwhealmed shopping in there now. haha (Kell, when I went in there I felt like how we felt when we found that giant platos in houston..hahah)
Also we were teaching Betsy this week, and when we were at the door a moto zoomed by and a HUGE water balloon splatted me right on the back! It felt great and refreshing and hurt a little but thats ok! at least its not mud balls or something that is being thrown at us! 
On the fourth, I sure was thinking a lot about Elaine Raquel! We were able to see so many miracles this day too, I know she was helping us out! Katty, the grandaughter of Miguel, went out with us to teach! It was amazing, she said both the lessons we taught with her were answers to her doubts and questions. I know that the Lords hand is in all things. And sad news, Miguel is going to move to another city. Im going to miss teaching him! He may not remember anything we have taught him (with his Alzheimers,) but I sure will forever remember the things he has taught me! And I know that if we hadnt been teaching miguel, that we would have never found Katty, who is prepared to return to the church (was baptized like 7 years ago.) She wants to prepare to go through the temple, and leave on the mission! How awesome is that! :) 
We went to Piura two other times this week for trainings! They were great. I always come back from those inspired to be better. As we were coming back in our charter bus, We were in the middle of nowhere, and felt a huge swirve, and then a crash and a jult! It was one of those moments you feel like you are in a movie, but it is real life. A small truck had hit the bus from head on! Everyone was ok, and I know we were protected. The part where the door to leave was smashed in, so people started jumping out the windows. The lady behind us was crying pretty bad, I put her hand on my shoulder and told her everything was going to be ok, because I knew it would be! They got another side door open on the side of the driver, and we were all able to leave. We found a man with a cell phone and called the mission office, and another bus came to pick us up. The man we talked to is named Tomas, and he is from Lima! He is very interested in learnning more about the church. We wrote down all his info and gave him a pamphlet. I just know he will be a bishop on day, and I know that is why the bus crashed! All is well and I know that the Lord is protecting and blessing us. 
We bought these flutes today in the market for only 4 soles! (thats like $1.50 !) Hermana Gozan is teaching me to play, and it is so fun, I love it! 
The other day in my personal study I was thinking about my testimony of Joseph Smith, and moments in my life that have given me my testimony of the first vision. The first one I could remember was when the missionaries were over, and shared the message of the first vision. I dont remember which ones they were, but I remember the spirit I felt as they shared the words of joseph smith telling of the exerpiece. I also remember when Kell and I went through the sacred grove-what a powerful experience! I remember feeling like I was walking through the temple. And the last experience is every time I share the first vision with people here. The spirit testifies to me each time we share it that it is true. I know it is! I know joseph saw God the father and Jesus Christ. I konw that he was called as a prophet of God. Im so thankful for this knowledge I have and for the oppoortunity I have to share it with others! 
Sure love yall, and hope you each have a great week! I hope the mix up dinner for valentines day doesnt get too crazy. :) Love love love yall!!
Hermana Garlick

Monday, February 3, 2014

"Thru Thorny Ways Leads to a Joyful End..."

Mi Querida Familia,

It was a super happy week for emails, it was the first week I got an email from everyone of yall!!! Super fun. :D I sure love yall and am so thankful for everyone of yall! Super exciting things happening, so happy for Kalan!! Well this email is going to be a little shorter than normal, but thats yalls fault. :) haha 

This week was a rough one for Hermana Gozán. This is her first time ever away from home, and is struggling with lots of homesickness and other things. It was one afternoon and she was feeling super down. I was praying hard to know what to do, and the Lord helped me and guided me in what I should say and do. She cheered up and I hope I can keep helping her to be motivated and to remember why she is here! I rediscovered the hymn, Be Still my Soul. It doesnt exist in spanish, so I had forgotten it, but redisovered it, and it was just what I needed this week. I love the part i used for the subject. life may be full of thorns, but the end sure will be joyful! I have been thinking tons about Elaine this week, and especially tomorrow, the day she was born a year ago! I am so thankful I was able to be there with you, jess and trav, and mom, and be able to feel of her sweet spirit. I know she is one of the many angels helping and protecting me. I know that the atonement is real, and I know that through the great plan of happiness, we are an eternal family, and wow, that gives me great reason to rejoice! 

I only have 9 more fast Sundays in the mission....what! Where has the time gone.(I cant find the question mark on this keyboard..haha) I sure want to use every single day the best way I know how, in dedicated service to the Lord! 

Hermana Eva had her interview for her baptism, and was super excited for this saturday, but is having some doubts now, and wants to wait longer. she has a testimony and knows its all true! I know as we pray in faith she will be able to know too that she is ready!

I love how here in chulucanas, when we are trying to get the attention of someone, we say, amigo, or amiga. everyone is friends here! Im glad I have so many amazing friends here and all over the world! Thanks for all your great examples to me!

Until Next week, sure love yall!
Hermana Garlick