Monday, February 24, 2014

Hasta la Iglesia de Jesucristo de los santos do los últimos días, por favor :)

Howdy family!

Another great week! Do I say that every week? sorry if I do. But it always is! 

We started telling the Motos what I wrote for the subject this week, instead of just the direction of the roads to get to the church, so more people can get familiar with the name of the church! :) Dad, I remember you always saying the full name of the church to people and thinking jeez, its long, but I have liked doing it too in the mission, so thanks for the example. :) In Paita we always said, ¨hasta la iglesia de los mormones,¨ Everyone there knew what that was, but here the church is a lot less known! But more people are hearing about the church, one moto ride at a time. :) 

Eva´s baptism is this saturday! She is super excited and inviting everyone. And our flute duet is so sweet. Hna Gozán said Im the fasted person she has every taught to play the flute, must be in my blood or something. Mom, its what you played, right? I cant exactly remember. :) 

This week we were walking back to civilization from Ñacara, (we always say that coming back from Ñacara, haha) and a teenage boy yelled from his house, ¨¿¿Tü hablas ingles??¨I replied Si, and we were about to just keep going, because everyone asks me that, but we turned back, and talked to him, he loves English and wants to get better at it. We dont have a class here because there are not many people interested, but we invited him to church. Long story short, he, named Alexis, came to church the next day for all three hours, we taught him the restoration, and hes interested in being baptized! What! Comes in handy being a gringa sometimes. :) 

Love yall to death! Sorry this is short but gotta run! The church is true. Shall we not go on in so great a cause? ;) 

Hermana Garlick

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