Monday, March 3, 2014

Half Way??? This is March Madness!!

Hey family!

It has been wow, a great week! EVA WAS BAPTIZED! :) It was so great the baptismal service, and she is just the greatest. shes 28 years old, and has such a strong testimony of this gospel. After her baptism, she asked where we were going, and we said off to visit Alexis! Well she asked if she could come! She bore such strong testimony of baptism. The spirit was so strong, and man, she is so great! Alexis is already in 1 nefi 7, and was reading all the pamphlets and in moroni too! He talked to his boss about taking off sundays, and he said no! AH. But I know there is a soluctiion. So he wasnt able to come to church sunday. Buty I know the Lord will ehlpe provide a way! 

Other way exciting news, hna Gozan went to Lima for her residence...not too sure why they got to go, and we still havnet! they even got to eat subway! Im way jealous. but anways, i got to be companions with hna Gutierrez again for a day!!!! :) it was so fun, she has gotten SO good at spanish! She makes me want to be more dilligent in my studies and during the day to keep getting better. Well we went and visited Shirly in her area of Tacala, and wow, it was such a powerful lesson. She said, ¨Por Supuesto!!¨to the baptismal invitation, with such joy and a great smile. It was such a happy moment. Life is full of so many happy moments and its so great being a missionary because those happy moments feel amplified. SHe may not even be my investigator but it made me so happy! :) 

OH, and I found out this week that Angelica, and her two sons Benjamin, and Alvaro in paita, WERE FINALLY BAPTIZED!!!!! Wow, I am so so ahppy, and also at the fact that their dad was STANDING IN THE DOOR AT THE BAPTISM!!! Miracles really do happen, he would barely shake our and when we entered the house. So that was super happy news! 

Sure love you all lots. Hope you have such a great week, and not too much march madness! ha! when does that start by the way? I really cant believe I am at my half way mark. Time is flying so fast- I dont want it to! Time to make this next 9 months even better than the first! 

Have a happy day! 
Hna Garlick

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