Monday, March 17, 2014

HEB Speed Bumps and Shaking Doors, and Lots More!

HOLA HOLA familia!

What a filled crazy fun interesting blessed week! Lots of excursions and lots of missionary work, and lots of blessings.

first off, last monday we went to La Encantada, which is about 20 minutes in a moto away. We went with Eva and Bianca. Its a pueblito that makes tons of pottery! It was so fun seeing all the little shops and seeing how the pottery is made. Its so pretty and fun to expereince that. 

We also went to Moropón the next day, which is an hour away, for our district meeting! they usually come here to chulucanas, but we went there this time to see what the cute little town of moropón is like! I know I didnt participate much in the family ¨Lost¨marathons, but I felt like I was driving through the island of lost to get there! The mango and banana orchards were so pretty! And I even saw a corn one and could recognize that pretty well. :) It reminded me of the cherry orchards grandpa took us to in utah. so fun! Im so thankful for the beauty of the earth, and for beautiful peru that I have the opportunity to serve the Lord in for 18 months! We went in a nine passenger van, but it is more like the size for a 6 passenger or something like that. ha but the driver was super funny. There are those huge speed bumps in the road, the ones like in heb, that are super fun to go over! Well he drove AROUND every single one! hahah I have never heard of anyone driving around speedbumps, and he still had to slow down a little to do it. What is the purpose of speed bumps? To slow down a little! In life we get so busy, and get going way fast, but its important to slow down, take a breath, and really see whats most important. I know we have speed bumps for a reason.So lets not be like this driver and try to drive around them.. :)

Next excursion was thursday, when we went to Yapatera! Its another 20 min moto ride, but its our area! It was our fist time going there, and wow, its big! It really should be its own area! But there are no active members living there right now, for now anyway. :) We visited a woman who has been inactive for 15 years. Her health is poor and it costs a lot to take a moto to church. We are going to keep going there to visit the people there, and I know that with time we will be able to help them return back to church! Sergio, a member took us in his moto with Nelly, our pensionista and Jarman, our mission leader who is nelly´s wife. They are so great and really have dedicated their lives in service to the Lord. I sure do miss the food of Hermana Marilú in Paita, but Hna Nelly cooks great too and always gives us flan with jello afterwards, and apples! I really have learned to love this food! :) The other day she made us Ceviche de Mariscos. It was cooked so it was ok that we ate it. Man, it was the first time in my life that I ate sea food, and enjoyed it so much I wanted more! Only with Hna Nelly. Also here I love chifles. They are like potatoe chips, but made with bananas! so good! 

Then on Friday we were knocking on Maira´s door, a new investigator who was super interested and receptive, but we have been having so much trouble finding her in her house! The house was pitch dark, but I knocked anyways. Nothing. I knocked again, theis time harder, and the glass door shook, and then it wouldnt stop shaking! I sure thought I hadnt knocked quite that hard! ha! well, then we saw everyone was running out into the street, it was an earthquake! We couldnt feel it at all, which was so weird, I guess because we were outside, we could just see things moving. People were praying with their hands up in the air, and others crying. We were of course fine. We went to comfort a lady crying super hard. Earthquakes are perfect opportunities to share the gospel. We told her God loves her, has a plan for her, and that everything was going to be ok! She felt better but wasnt too interested in the Gospel. Anyways, I know that if we are prepared we shall not fear, and also if we trust in God. Thats why we are not afraid! 

Sorry for this marathon of a letter! ha! then we get to sunday. It was branch conference, and wow, we had SO many people come to church! It was a miracle! The fans were going like crazy, and I was playing the piano for the choir. Right when it was time for the 2nd musical number, the power went out! oops! no fans, no electric keyboard. So i stood and sang with them, and it still turned out great! Just got a little hot but thats nothing we cant handle. :) 

Alexis is doing well, but now we can only teach him Sunadys, so that makes it a little hard, but he has been reading his book of mormon like crazy! He got to church on sunday 30 minutes early, and was reading his book of mormon. I wanted to take a picture! He is so faithful and I am thankful for his example to me! We also had Leandro come to church, who is an investigator we ahve been teaching since January and for work he hasnt been able to come. But thats what faith does, it proceeds the miracle, and he was there! It made me so happy when I saw him walk in. I know that God is a God of miracles, and he will give us what we desire, as we have faith in him. 

love you lots! gotta run to a lesson. We were in piura today and got back late. I had RANCH for the first time in 9 months, and a hamburger from chilis. you could say my stomache is super happy from my lunch today. :) Hope yall have a super week filled with faith and miracles!

Hna Garlick

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