Monday, March 24, 2014

"I sail, I sail! I just let the boat do the work!"

Hola Familia Mia,

WHATAWEEK! First off, Im sitting here with my new companion, Hermana Hualinga, from, you guessed it, Peru!! She´s from a part of Lima close to the temple. I am 2 days older than her, she is the youngest of 15 kids, and the first to serve a mission. She´s way cute and well we´ve only been together for a few hours now but I have already learned lots from her and I am way excited to be her companion. She has been in the mission for 6 months, and was in piura this whole time, like how i was in paita for my first 6 months too. Hermana Gozán got transfered to... PAITA!!!!!! She is in the other branch, but wow, I am so excited she gets to go there. She sure has heard a lot about Paita in these past 12 weeks. We have had 3 cakes made for us this weekend since we were having transfers. Hna Gozán has been such a great missionary here in Chulucanas and the people here love her so much! She will be missed lots, but I know she will be able to bless so many lives over there in Paita! 

It rained a few times this week which was fun, and no earthquakes so thats good! We were able to see Katty, the member we were able to help come back to the church! She is adorable and man, going through some rough times. Her mom prohibited that she come to church! She is super sad but has so much faith. I know that through prayers of faith her moms heart will be softened and will be able to be ok that she comes to church. Going to church yes, is important, but something that her mom cant take away from katty is her testimony and her faith. She is always reading the book of mormon, praying, and sharing the pamphlets we give her with her friends! She really is so great and I know as we keep having faith her mom will come around. 

Sad day, Hermana Tempora went to Tumbes for a month! She has been progressing so well, and am sad we forgot to get her address so the missionaries can visit her there. Well, we will be ready when she gets back and I know that she will do great things in her life. The faith she has is amazing. And the love she has for her family is incredible. I want to be like her. 

We went to yapatera again this week with our pensionista, hna nelly and a member sergio in his moto. We visited hna lydia. She told us that she is receiving visits from Jehovah Witnesses too! they were actually waiting outside during the lesson so they could enter! She says she has a testimony, but needs time to think about it if she wants to return. She is currently the only member living in yapatera. We are going to plan an activity over there so we can help the name of the church be known over there too! I know that God has plans for all of his children. 

I feel like Bob in What about bob sometimes, how he said, ¨ahoy!! I sail!!! I just let the boat do the work..¨ Its kind of like being a missionary. Being a missionary is something that our Heavenly Father is directing, through the Holy Spirit and through his servants, us! Being a missionary is living the gospel of Jesus Christ. As we live the gospel, God will bless us, and help his work to go forth. I know that Christ lives and leads and guides this church through living prophets. Im way excited for general conference coming up`, Like nate, I feel like its christmas coming up. :) so everyone get your brackets ready for the 5th and 6th! :) 

Love you all so much! Im so happy being here and serving the Lord. ¨happiness is the desination, but its also the path.¨-Elder Uchtdorf. I know that there is great happiness ahead, and also great happiness we can find right here, righ now.
love yall!
Hna Garlick

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