Monday, April 28, 2014

The week sure goes fast when you go to Ecuador!!

Hey Fam!
So this week had a fun surprise, I went to Ecuador!! There were 5 other gringas, and well we just had a blast spending 18 hours together! we left at 5:30 am and got back 11:30. We went to renew our visas, and now we are legal for another 3 months, so I think within that time they will send us to lima, so that will be fun! Anyways, we spoke English basically all day long and it was so fun! I miss it a little! But Spanish is great too. Hna Johnson and Hna Harrison only have 2 or 3 transfers left in teh mission, and are sooo great. I love them so much and we were able to have such a fun day. We never ate any lunch or dinner, and we were super cramped in the bus, but we sure had a blast and I didnt even remember I was super hungry! We crossed the border and Ecuador is pretty great, for the whole 30 minutes I was there. Reminded me of when we went to mexico for 30 minutes. hahhaha. When we got back the next day, I kept talking to hna Hualinga randomly in English! haha mY mind got switched back a little, but now its back to spanish. :) it was funny, I was borrowing sandles from the hna Capacitadoras, and I said, ¨Mis feetos están largos.¨.....hahahahha it was super funny, it means my feet are long, but instead of saying pies for feet, I said, feetos. ahhahah Thats what 18 hours of english does to you. But It was a fun day! 
Im reading in the beginning of the book of mormno again, and I got thinking, why didnt the lord command lehi and his family to grab the plates and ishmael and is family as they were leaving the first time??? wouldnt that be a lot easier? and save time and gas? But as I kept reading I realized the purposes of the Lord. If Nefi and his brothers never had had to go back, they would never had received the testimony they had of the hand of the Lord, and Nefi maybe would not ahve gained the faith he needed to build a boat! I konqw everything happens for a purpose, and sometimes the Lords way is a little harder or a little longer, but its so worth it. 
EDDI! he´s the younger brother of Alexis! hes 12 and is like teaching a peruvian dallin! but a lot shorter.. haha He is JUST like alexis, knows so much and is so willing to act in faith. I was thinking too, why could we have taught him with alexis and his mom, and all be baptized the same time! but the Lord has his purposes and it wasnt until Alexis was baptized that the heart of his mom was softened. THats just how it goes sometimes! He was at church for all three hours and loved it. We are so happY!
So confession. I left 3 times with missionaries to visit people before my mission. How sad is that??? I need to repent, and I invite all of you to call the missionaries and go out wiht htem thuis week! they will lvoe you! Oh and does anyone know anything of LIli? like her email or soemthing? I wnat to know how she is doing! 
There are transfers next monday! So i may or not be emailing yall here from chulucanas. I know whatever happens will be what is supposed to and Im already happy whatever it is! Sorry this email is all over the palceThe
love yall so mcuh!
hna Garlick

ps dad sent me this and incase yall want to see it again it is so good. Because of him I can be more than I can be! 
Because of Him

Monday, April 21, 2014

Semana Santa!

Familia Mia!

Lots of Malaravia and Masamora this week! Not sure how to spell those but they are some easter foods we had this week which are great! It was a great week to be a missionary! We started teaching Francesca, Alexis´s mom!!! Before she didnt want to listen to us, was always busy, and just let Alexis listen. Well after his baptism, something changed and we are teaching her now! She came with us to our activity on Friday, Puertas Abiertas. We ended up getting 12 references from this activity, and we were way excited, even though 10 of them were in the area of the elders...haha. In the activity the members taught the restoration, and then we watched the movie of joseph smith, and after wards we bore testimony and gave copies of the book of mormon to those visiting! It was fun to see the branch come together to make this activity a success. They are wanting to do it again sometime soon too!

Katty is still unable to come to church, her mom wont let her! It makes me so sad because that is the only place katty wants to be, but she cant. There are others that lack the desire, but have the permission. But I know that this is a huge trial of her faith and she is going to come out strong. Eva is doing well, adn we did divisions this week with her! She was my companion, and wow, she was able to teach so well, just like a missionary! Its amazing to see her progress. Weve had so much more support for members this week, and it made us so happy! I konw we are being blessed for our efforts and faith, obedience, and diligence!

Goodbye to my split ends! Eva was kind enough to tell me last week while we were eating lunch in a restaurant (rice, banana, french fries, and chicken, my favorite) that my split ends are super bad and needed a haircut. Well I had a bad dream that I got a haircut and it went all wrongg, but she said she knew Christian and he cuts really well. Lets just say I gave in and it was the first time a man cut my hair.....and well I like it a lot! only 10 soles too! ahha I am thankful for good friends who help me out. There are some layers too and it looks like I died parts of it yellow too but thats just the sun.

Funny moment of the week, a 5 or 6 year old is like 4 feet from me and points at me and yells, MIRE, UNA GRINGA!! hahahahh it was super funny and we couldnt stop laughing. I think seeing one in real life got him a little excited or something. 

I am so thankful that in this week we were able to remember our savior, Jesus Christ--his life, his sacrifice, and his resurrection. I know he lives and that he loves me! Our gratitude grows as our testimony grows for him. My testimony of him grows each day, as I see miracles. I am so thankful for him. 

love you all so much! have a great week!
hna Garlickkk

Monday, April 14, 2014


Alexis was born again and I got to be companions with Hermana Rosas again!!

Hola Familia!

It was a super happy great miracle filled fun week! Alexis was baptized and it was so great!! It made my heart hurt a little that no one from his family came, but he had a great big family right there to welcome him in! :) After the baptism the elders and other young men were planning to play soccer at 5 am today...haha That just makes me so happy and it was such a great experience seeing him go from someone yelling at us from his house without a shirt on, to a faithful member of the church dressed in white! Thats what this is all about! His faith remeinds me of the brother of jared. He had such great faith, he saw the hand of the Lord! I konw that as we have faith in him, it will open our eyes, and we will be able to see the hand of the Lord so much greater in our lives.

Everyone has a copy of Preach my Gospel right? I sure hope yall do! I loved how we used to do family night with the lesson on something from PMG. Elder Ballard says we all need one, and so I think we all better should get it quick if we dont already have one! 

In our Multi zone conference we talked so much about the book of mormon and how important it is to read and feast upon daily, and how key it is in gaining a testimony that joseph smith was a prophet. I finished the book of mormon today in Spanish! Took me a while, but Dad taught me what footnotes are and I like those. :) Im excited to start reading it again,a nd IM pretty sure will go a lot faster this time since I acutally understand spanish now. :) This book is true, I know it! It has blesed my life more than anything else, and I konw that as we constantly feast upon the words of this book, we wont go astray!  I also found out some super great knews from sister eams who is in paita. CARLOS BAPTIZED MARCELLA!!!!! I almost cried when she showed me the picture! Carlos is who we taught for about 4 months and then was baptized, and marcella we taught for all 6 months I was there. Her time finally came and was baptized, and Carlos did it! Oh the Joys of being a missionary, seriously!

I had an exchange with hna Rosas!!! LIttle family reunion! Incase yall forgot, she is my mom, or she trained me! And I could understand her this time! hahahahaha She is SUCH a great missionary. I feel like I was starting to get deflated a little, and wow, she sure blew me right back up! (In a good way, in the analogy it sounds bad..) Anyways, she goes home in May, What!!! Time goes way too fast! 

Easter is this weekend!!!! We eat something called Malaravia, every friday of this month. It looks like mashed potatoes, but really is bananas and cheese and I dont know what else but it is SO GOOD. Yall should look up a recipe and try it. For real so good. 

I listened to all of priesthood session this week, and wow, it was so great! Love the talk by president uchtdorf. Sleeping through the restoration isnt allowed. We need to get to work! There is no stopping! Helping others learn about the resotration of the gospel is so imporatant, how else are they going to know that the church of jesus christ has been restored??! Yeah well, good things dont have to happen in the week for us to be happy...If we want to be happy all we need to do is forget our selves and get to work. So keep being happy erre one, and that means were getting to work!

love yall tons.

Los Amo!
Hermana Garlick

the one of the baptism is presidente vargas in the front, the pres of the branch, and hno jarman, our mission leader to the right. he is soo funny! I forgot what other pics i attatched, but hope yall enjoy! :)

Monday, April 7, 2014


Now That's What I'm Talkin About (in Dad's Kip voice)

Hey family!

Ok seriously, General Conference was SO AMAZING. So inspired and so what I needed. Here it is in case anyone missed any of it and to watch it all again and again. :) 

We went to piura to watch it, and they had a room downstairs with it in English with all the gringos! haha so that was pretty great listening to 8 hours of english-good practice for mothers day coming up! :) Hna Kaeding is a new missionary from provo, she has 1 week in the mission, and is so cute! We were literaly squealing together as the conference came on. It was so funny! I have such good memories watching general conference. Setting up our couch cushions, with our bingo and candy and pens and paper. Good times! I feel so close to home watching general conference, so its fun to feel that same feeling from so far away. I LOVED the song the choir sang sunday morning, im not sure what its called, but it says, Fear not, for the Lord is on thy side. It was so beautiful and really was so great and nate I thought you arranged it or something. 

Yeah well I couldnt pick a favorite talk, but narrowed it down to my top three, President Uchtdorf, Elder Stevenson, and Elder Bednar. The talk on gratitute by pres uchtdorf reminded me of you jess, when you made that attitude of gratitute blog! Such a great example of this. We should be grateful for whatever circumstances we are in, and not base our gratitude on our circumstances. I also loved how he said, ¨we are eternal beings wih eternal blessings. Endingss are not our desitny, but are mrerely temporary pauses. Hard things happen in life, but its not the end, its just a beginning, leading to bigger and greater things!

I absolutely loved the analogy by Elder Steveson! Life is just 4 short minutes. Like in sports or in this olympic event, the competators only have 4 minutes of performance, after YEARS or a lifetime of preporation! I loved how he compared our life to this 4 minutes. Before this life we prepared, and now its time to perform! I remember dad, you always telling me how crazy it was how many hours i was in the gym, and how all of it came down to the 4 minutes I would compete on the four events. This four minutes relaly will pass quickly, and like elder stevenson said, well have eternity to think about what we did with it! If life is 4 minutes then I am already at my 1 min mark--what??? Life goes fast, and its about performing to our best ability, and not giving up if we fall, but to keep giving it our all! We will receive our metal one day, as we give this 4 minutes our all. I was also thinking about how we have muscle memory, and after being injured, I was able to get back all my skills, thanks to muscle memory and lots of practice! It made me think, that we have spirit memory too! This life is about remembering what we already learned or knew in the preeternal life! I feel so at home when I read the scriptures or go to church, or pray, or go to general conference, because this is our home! Living the gospel of Jesus Christ is such a blessing, and its why we are here! 

Yeah well things here in Chulucanas are going great! Hna Hualinga knows the area better than me by now.. haha We have been working with a great family, la familia zapata chira! Elocadio has polio, and his left leg doesnt work. And the left arm of his wife aurora doesnt work either. They are so sweet and strong and have been inactive for years, but are starting coming back!!!!! they ahve 2 great kids, moroni and ja...something I forgot. But I will find out tonight when we ahve fhe with them. Elocadio has been having problems with drinking. We had a sweet lesson with presidente aguilar, who overcome smoking and drinking and is the 1st couselor. I love when members bear testimony and share experiences. The spirit was so strong. I was thinking about commandments, and how sometimes they are just hard. I loved how pres. eyring in conference said we will find happiness in time. The effects of our obedience is delayed for a purpose, and that is to build our faith. We first have to show obedience, and then receive the blessings. First have faith, then see the miracle. First dont compete at level 8 regionals on sunday, and then feel and gain a testimony of keeping the sabbath day holy. The small sacrifice of not competing gym on sunday has given me so much happiness and more faith and blessings. I know that sometimes its hard to keep the commandments, but thats the way they are supposed to be, to build our faith. 

Eva is doing well, but recently got back together with her boyfriend who is a little against the church. I know she will be strong! and great news is that ALEXIS is going to be baptized this saturday!!!!! :) He is so ready and such a great example to me. When he prays, he prays with SUCH Faith. Hes 16 and reminds me a lot of a peruvian jared. Ill send pics next week hopfully, my camera is temporarily disconnected if you know what i mean but we will get it fixed right quick! here are some other pics from before, kinda fun. :) 

other fun thing is we started up piano class this week! so that will be fun. ANd tomorrow we have muli zone conferece, so Im way excited for that. :) Love yall tons and hope you each have such a great week! Use your 4 minutes in the best way you can! :)

con amor,
hna Garlick

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Sunday will Come

Familia Mia,

This week has been good! Lots of ups and downs, but we keep going! Hna Hualinga is a great missionary, and it has been hard with the adjustment but little by little she is getting more comfortable in the area. This week I was in need of some help, and when God knows you need help, he will send you Nelly. She is our pensionista and we eat and she talks with us for lunch each day. I had broken my watch and sunglasses, and she went to the market and got them both fixed for me! Sometimes if we are feeling down or broken, and pray to our heavenly father for help, he´ll always provide a way for things to be made whole again! Im so thankful for all the members here too who have been so loving! Love is always the answer. Love is doing the dishes, and serving selflessly. It has felt like one of the longest weeks of my mission, but Sunday came! Sunday is always my favorite day of the week, and it was a day I felt so close to my heavenly father. Maybe my compaion and I are different, but I know that we are companions for a reason, and that together hna Hualinga and I are going to be able to bring forth the Lord´s work in Chulucanas! 

I forgot to tell yall that the other week was stake conferences, and so we traveled to piura! (I know know how everyone feels from huntsville) YEah well there were a couple surprises there! The first one was that ANGELICA was there with her kids! They moved to piura! It was SOOOO happy seeing them, she showed me all the pictures from their baptism, and it made me so happy! Also, all the missionaries went up to sing in stake conference, and they had me lead! ah! In front of everyone, was so scarey but fun! good thing kell and I went to choir practice with nate so that I could learn how to do it. And then I had to teell the whole congregation to stand and sing with us too, I may not have a gym to get an adrenaline rush here, but I can get asked to spontaneously lead the stake miraflores in called to serve, and that works good enough for me. haha :) 

Our investigators are doing really well and we are receiving so many references from members!! Everyone give a reference to the missionaries this week! I am way pumped for general conference this weekend, it will be great! And the rs conference blew me away. And I could understand all of it! would you look at that. :) 

Love you all so so much! Make it a great week! And if you ever feel down, konw that sunday will come. ;)

hna Garlick