Monday, April 14, 2014

Alexis was born again and I got to be companions with Hermana Rosas again!!

Hola Familia!

It was a super happy great miracle filled fun week! Alexis was baptized and it was so great!! It made my heart hurt a little that no one from his family came, but he had a great big family right there to welcome him in! :) After the baptism the elders and other young men were planning to play soccer at 5 am today...haha That just makes me so happy and it was such a great experience seeing him go from someone yelling at us from his house without a shirt on, to a faithful member of the church dressed in white! Thats what this is all about! His faith remeinds me of the brother of jared. He had such great faith, he saw the hand of the Lord! I konw that as we have faith in him, it will open our eyes, and we will be able to see the hand of the Lord so much greater in our lives.

Everyone has a copy of Preach my Gospel right? I sure hope yall do! I loved how we used to do family night with the lesson on something from PMG. Elder Ballard says we all need one, and so I think we all better should get it quick if we dont already have one! 

In our Multi zone conference we talked so much about the book of mormon and how important it is to read and feast upon daily, and how key it is in gaining a testimony that joseph smith was a prophet. I finished the book of mormon today in Spanish! Took me a while, but Dad taught me what footnotes are and I like those. :) Im excited to start reading it again,a nd IM pretty sure will go a lot faster this time since I acutally understand spanish now. :) This book is true, I know it! It has blesed my life more than anything else, and I konw that as we constantly feast upon the words of this book, we wont go astray!  I also found out some super great knews from sister eams who is in paita. CARLOS BAPTIZED MARCELLA!!!!! I almost cried when she showed me the picture! Carlos is who we taught for about 4 months and then was baptized, and marcella we taught for all 6 months I was there. Her time finally came and was baptized, and Carlos did it! Oh the Joys of being a missionary, seriously!

I had an exchange with hna Rosas!!! LIttle family reunion! Incase yall forgot, she is my mom, or she trained me! And I could understand her this time! hahahahaha She is SUCH a great missionary. I feel like I was starting to get deflated a little, and wow, she sure blew me right back up! (In a good way, in the analogy it sounds bad..) Anyways, she goes home in May, What!!! Time goes way too fast! 

Easter is this weekend!!!! We eat something called Malaravia, every friday of this month. It looks like mashed potatoes, but really is bananas and cheese and I dont know what else but it is SO GOOD. Yall should look up a recipe and try it. For real so good. 

I listened to all of priesthood session this week, and wow, it was so great! Love the talk by president uchtdorf. Sleeping through the restoration isnt allowed. We need to get to work! There is no stopping! Helping others learn about the resotration of the gospel is so imporatant, how else are they going to know that the church of jesus christ has been restored??! Yeah well, good things dont have to happen in the week for us to be happy...If we want to be happy all we need to do is forget our selves and get to work. So keep being happy erre one, and that means were getting to work!

love yall tons.

Los Amo!
Hermana Garlick

the one of the baptism is presidente vargas in the front, the pres of the branch, and hno jarman, our mission leader to the right. he is soo funny! I forgot what other pics i attatched, but hope yall enjoy! :)

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