Monday, April 7, 2014

Now That's What I'm Talkin About (in Dad's Kip voice)

Hey family!

Ok seriously, General Conference was SO AMAZING. So inspired and so what I needed. Here it is in case anyone missed any of it and to watch it all again and again. :) 

We went to piura to watch it, and they had a room downstairs with it in English with all the gringos! haha so that was pretty great listening to 8 hours of english-good practice for mothers day coming up! :) Hna Kaeding is a new missionary from provo, she has 1 week in the mission, and is so cute! We were literaly squealing together as the conference came on. It was so funny! I have such good memories watching general conference. Setting up our couch cushions, with our bingo and candy and pens and paper. Good times! I feel so close to home watching general conference, so its fun to feel that same feeling from so far away. I LOVED the song the choir sang sunday morning, im not sure what its called, but it says, Fear not, for the Lord is on thy side. It was so beautiful and really was so great and nate I thought you arranged it or something. 

Yeah well I couldnt pick a favorite talk, but narrowed it down to my top three, President Uchtdorf, Elder Stevenson, and Elder Bednar. The talk on gratitute by pres uchtdorf reminded me of you jess, when you made that attitude of gratitute blog! Such a great example of this. We should be grateful for whatever circumstances we are in, and not base our gratitude on our circumstances. I also loved how he said, ¨we are eternal beings wih eternal blessings. Endingss are not our desitny, but are mrerely temporary pauses. Hard things happen in life, but its not the end, its just a beginning, leading to bigger and greater things!

I absolutely loved the analogy by Elder Steveson! Life is just 4 short minutes. Like in sports or in this olympic event, the competators only have 4 minutes of performance, after YEARS or a lifetime of preporation! I loved how he compared our life to this 4 minutes. Before this life we prepared, and now its time to perform! I remember dad, you always telling me how crazy it was how many hours i was in the gym, and how all of it came down to the 4 minutes I would compete on the four events. This four minutes relaly will pass quickly, and like elder stevenson said, well have eternity to think about what we did with it! If life is 4 minutes then I am already at my 1 min mark--what??? Life goes fast, and its about performing to our best ability, and not giving up if we fall, but to keep giving it our all! We will receive our metal one day, as we give this 4 minutes our all. I was also thinking about how we have muscle memory, and after being injured, I was able to get back all my skills, thanks to muscle memory and lots of practice! It made me think, that we have spirit memory too! This life is about remembering what we already learned or knew in the preeternal life! I feel so at home when I read the scriptures or go to church, or pray, or go to general conference, because this is our home! Living the gospel of Jesus Christ is such a blessing, and its why we are here! 

Yeah well things here in Chulucanas are going great! Hna Hualinga knows the area better than me by now.. haha We have been working with a great family, la familia zapata chira! Elocadio has polio, and his left leg doesnt work. And the left arm of his wife aurora doesnt work either. They are so sweet and strong and have been inactive for years, but are starting coming back!!!!! they ahve 2 great kids, moroni and ja...something I forgot. But I will find out tonight when we ahve fhe with them. Elocadio has been having problems with drinking. We had a sweet lesson with presidente aguilar, who overcome smoking and drinking and is the 1st couselor. I love when members bear testimony and share experiences. The spirit was so strong. I was thinking about commandments, and how sometimes they are just hard. I loved how pres. eyring in conference said we will find happiness in time. The effects of our obedience is delayed for a purpose, and that is to build our faith. We first have to show obedience, and then receive the blessings. First have faith, then see the miracle. First dont compete at level 8 regionals on sunday, and then feel and gain a testimony of keeping the sabbath day holy. The small sacrifice of not competing gym on sunday has given me so much happiness and more faith and blessings. I know that sometimes its hard to keep the commandments, but thats the way they are supposed to be, to build our faith. 

Eva is doing well, but recently got back together with her boyfriend who is a little against the church. I know she will be strong! and great news is that ALEXIS is going to be baptized this saturday!!!!! :) He is so ready and such a great example to me. When he prays, he prays with SUCH Faith. Hes 16 and reminds me a lot of a peruvian jared. Ill send pics next week hopfully, my camera is temporarily disconnected if you know what i mean but we will get it fixed right quick! here are some other pics from before, kinda fun. :) 

other fun thing is we started up piano class this week! so that will be fun. ANd tomorrow we have muli zone conferece, so Im way excited for that. :) Love yall tons and hope you each have such a great week! Use your 4 minutes in the best way you can! :)

con amor,
hna Garlick

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