Monday, April 21, 2014

Semana Santa!

Familia Mia!

Lots of Malaravia and Masamora this week! Not sure how to spell those but they are some easter foods we had this week which are great! It was a great week to be a missionary! We started teaching Francesca, Alexis´s mom!!! Before she didnt want to listen to us, was always busy, and just let Alexis listen. Well after his baptism, something changed and we are teaching her now! She came with us to our activity on Friday, Puertas Abiertas. We ended up getting 12 references from this activity, and we were way excited, even though 10 of them were in the area of the elders...haha. In the activity the members taught the restoration, and then we watched the movie of joseph smith, and after wards we bore testimony and gave copies of the book of mormon to those visiting! It was fun to see the branch come together to make this activity a success. They are wanting to do it again sometime soon too!

Katty is still unable to come to church, her mom wont let her! It makes me so sad because that is the only place katty wants to be, but she cant. There are others that lack the desire, but have the permission. But I know that this is a huge trial of her faith and she is going to come out strong. Eva is doing well, adn we did divisions this week with her! She was my companion, and wow, she was able to teach so well, just like a missionary! Its amazing to see her progress. Weve had so much more support for members this week, and it made us so happy! I konw we are being blessed for our efforts and faith, obedience, and diligence!

Goodbye to my split ends! Eva was kind enough to tell me last week while we were eating lunch in a restaurant (rice, banana, french fries, and chicken, my favorite) that my split ends are super bad and needed a haircut. Well I had a bad dream that I got a haircut and it went all wrongg, but she said she knew Christian and he cuts really well. Lets just say I gave in and it was the first time a man cut my hair.....and well I like it a lot! only 10 soles too! ahha I am thankful for good friends who help me out. There are some layers too and it looks like I died parts of it yellow too but thats just the sun.

Funny moment of the week, a 5 or 6 year old is like 4 feet from me and points at me and yells, MIRE, UNA GRINGA!! hahahahh it was super funny and we couldnt stop laughing. I think seeing one in real life got him a little excited or something. 

I am so thankful that in this week we were able to remember our savior, Jesus Christ--his life, his sacrifice, and his resurrection. I know he lives and that he loves me! Our gratitude grows as our testimony grows for him. My testimony of him grows each day, as I see miracles. I am so thankful for him. 

love you all so much! have a great week!
hna Garlickkk

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