Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Sunday will Come

Familia Mia,

This week has been good! Lots of ups and downs, but we keep going! Hna Hualinga is a great missionary, and it has been hard with the adjustment but little by little she is getting more comfortable in the area. This week I was in need of some help, and when God knows you need help, he will send you Nelly. She is our pensionista and we eat and she talks with us for lunch each day. I had broken my watch and sunglasses, and she went to the market and got them both fixed for me! Sometimes if we are feeling down or broken, and pray to our heavenly father for help, he´ll always provide a way for things to be made whole again! Im so thankful for all the members here too who have been so loving! Love is always the answer. Love is doing the dishes, and serving selflessly. It has felt like one of the longest weeks of my mission, but Sunday came! Sunday is always my favorite day of the week, and it was a day I felt so close to my heavenly father. Maybe my compaion and I are different, but I know that we are companions for a reason, and that together hna Hualinga and I are going to be able to bring forth the Lord´s work in Chulucanas! 

I forgot to tell yall that the other week was stake conferences, and so we traveled to piura! (I know know how everyone feels from huntsville) YEah well there were a couple surprises there! The first one was that ANGELICA was there with her kids! They moved to piura! It was SOOOO happy seeing them, she showed me all the pictures from their baptism, and it made me so happy! Also, all the missionaries went up to sing in stake conference, and they had me lead! ah! In front of everyone, was so scarey but fun! good thing kell and I went to choir practice with nate so that I could learn how to do it. And then I had to teell the whole congregation to stand and sing with us too, I may not have a gym to get an adrenaline rush here, but I can get asked to spontaneously lead the stake miraflores in called to serve, and that works good enough for me. haha :) 

Our investigators are doing really well and we are receiving so many references from members!! Everyone give a reference to the missionaries this week! I am way pumped for general conference this weekend, it will be great! And the rs conference blew me away. And I could understand all of it! would you look at that. :) 

Love you all so so much! Make it a great week! And if you ever feel down, konw that sunday will come. ;)

hna Garlick

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