Monday, April 28, 2014

The week sure goes fast when you go to Ecuador!!

Hey Fam!
So this week had a fun surprise, I went to Ecuador!! There were 5 other gringas, and well we just had a blast spending 18 hours together! we left at 5:30 am and got back 11:30. We went to renew our visas, and now we are legal for another 3 months, so I think within that time they will send us to lima, so that will be fun! Anyways, we spoke English basically all day long and it was so fun! I miss it a little! But Spanish is great too. Hna Johnson and Hna Harrison only have 2 or 3 transfers left in teh mission, and are sooo great. I love them so much and we were able to have such a fun day. We never ate any lunch or dinner, and we were super cramped in the bus, but we sure had a blast and I didnt even remember I was super hungry! We crossed the border and Ecuador is pretty great, for the whole 30 minutes I was there. Reminded me of when we went to mexico for 30 minutes. hahhaha. When we got back the next day, I kept talking to hna Hualinga randomly in English! haha mY mind got switched back a little, but now its back to spanish. :) it was funny, I was borrowing sandles from the hna Capacitadoras, and I said, ¨Mis feetos están largos.¨.....hahahahha it was super funny, it means my feet are long, but instead of saying pies for feet, I said, feetos. ahhahah Thats what 18 hours of english does to you. But It was a fun day! 
Im reading in the beginning of the book of mormno again, and I got thinking, why didnt the lord command lehi and his family to grab the plates and ishmael and is family as they were leaving the first time??? wouldnt that be a lot easier? and save time and gas? But as I kept reading I realized the purposes of the Lord. If Nefi and his brothers never had had to go back, they would never had received the testimony they had of the hand of the Lord, and Nefi maybe would not ahve gained the faith he needed to build a boat! I konqw everything happens for a purpose, and sometimes the Lords way is a little harder or a little longer, but its so worth it. 
EDDI! he´s the younger brother of Alexis! hes 12 and is like teaching a peruvian dallin! but a lot shorter.. haha He is JUST like alexis, knows so much and is so willing to act in faith. I was thinking too, why could we have taught him with alexis and his mom, and all be baptized the same time! but the Lord has his purposes and it wasnt until Alexis was baptized that the heart of his mom was softened. THats just how it goes sometimes! He was at church for all three hours and loved it. We are so happY!
So confession. I left 3 times with missionaries to visit people before my mission. How sad is that??? I need to repent, and I invite all of you to call the missionaries and go out wiht htem thuis week! they will lvoe you! Oh and does anyone know anything of LIli? like her email or soemthing? I wnat to know how she is doing! 
There are transfers next monday! So i may or not be emailing yall here from chulucanas. I know whatever happens will be what is supposed to and Im already happy whatever it is! Sorry this email is all over the palceThe
love yall so mcuh!
hna Garlick

ps dad sent me this and incase yall want to see it again it is so good. Because of him I can be more than I can be! 
Because of Him

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