Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Answered Prayers and Cooler Airs!!!

Hey fam!
I know the subject doesn't make sense but it rhymes! :) haha Im here in Lima and have like 2 minutes so this is going to be quick. We are here getting our VISAS. woo! All is well. It was such a great week. So many experiences. The one Ill choose to share was Thursday when all our appointments fell through. We decided to say a prayer to know what to do. We were going to the side of the road by a house, we folded our arms to say it, and the door opened right up right before we said it!!! I never knew a prayer could be answered before it is said, but it can! The lord knows our desires. Well our desire was to find a family to teach. And we sure did! I konw the lord is mindful of each of us and loves us so much, he will do all he can to help us reach our goals, as we show our faith.
Love yall so much! until next week!!!
hna Garlick
ps its getting cooler and its so great. Im wearing a cardigain again. woo!

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