Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Expect Miracles

My Dear Family!

It was the greatest week ever filled with miracles! Well, it always is, but the Lord did it again. :) We went to a waterfall in Moropon in Caracucho today with the Zone. It was so beautiful, the green hills and long hike and lots of cows to get there was well worth it. It reminded me of the waterfall we went to in Peru! Im so thankful for the beauty of this earth! One day Ill be able to send pictures. :)

Bishop Steel from my provo YSA ward sent us an email, talking about one of his main themes, which is, Expect Miracles! I had this be the focus of my week, and it was amazing to see the miracles the Lord performed for us. As we expect miracles to happen, they do, because we have the faith, diligence, and obedience required for them to happen. The first one was as we were looking for a new apartment. We found SO many new investigators, new inactive members who are very receptive and want to change! It was so amazing to see that through looking for a new room, we have been lead to so many perpared people. Now I know why we need to move rooms! Next miracle, all our appointments fell through one morning. We were walking for 3 hours straight! Normally the sun is super sharp and hot in the mornings, but it was cloudy and cool! The Lord is looking out for us. Next one, we went to lunch on sunday with the Cabanas. We wanted to share a message about the word of wisdom after, especially for their son Christian. well he was at work, and RIGHT before we started the message, he walked in. Miracle! We were about to go to lunch early, but decided to wait until 1, and I know why now! Next, we sang I am a child of God in Church with la familia canayo, and sang in spanish, english, and guarani! The spirit was so strong and I am so thankful we were able to bring the spirit to te meeting! Its amazing to see that when you are looking for and living like miracles are going to happen, they do. Thanks to te miracle of the atonement of Jesus Christ, we are living a miracle every day!

Other fun things happening. We are one of the 4 missions starting a Pilote plan for family history! We are supposed to use the booklets My Family, every day, and are focusing on helping our investigators prepare names for the temple. We have a new key indicator to report every week--how many names we helped prepare for the temple from our converts and less active families we are teaching! Our district leader gave us a training on the new familysearch.org, and we are going to help the members here to use it! Im excited to get this going and know that we will see miracles through it. Not many people here have computors, but I know there is nothing that is impossible for the Lord. Were going to do it so these families can be eternal! Thats what this is all about. The work of Salvation is the greatest. 

President Rowley told us this week we should carry a Libro de Mormon IN our hand, everywhere we go! Trying that this week was fun! I love it. It helps us refer to the book of mormon so much more, and is a constant reminder to me of our purpose. Also, people are curious to know what it is we are holding. Before the mission I was always holding my iphone in my right hand walking around. The book of mormon is just a little bit bigger, but full of a whole lot more power. This book has changed my life and am so happy to be a missionary and see it change others! Its true isnt it? Then what else matters! What do yall carry around when you walk? Maybe a book of mormon wouldnt be a bad idea. :) 

Our investigators are doing well. There are lots of struggles with being able to come to church, but we are working hard and have lots of faith. Eddi hasnt missed a sunday in a month. He is so great, has a great testimony, and is reading his book of mormon each day! What a great example. hes 11! 

I love being here! I love my companion so much. We come back to the room aboslutely exhausted each day, and we are so happy! We talk to more people than we have ever talked to, we ask for more references, and receive more than we ever have. The more you put into something, the more you get out. We are seeing this here in Chulucanas!! President Rowley said we need to stop walking, and start running! Ive always loved running, and its healthier too. But as we have put this into practice more, we have seen how inspired it is and how much we need to run in te work of the Lord! So stop walking, and everyone get running! We can do it. 

This week we also had some great new food combinations. First one, was when te whole glass of inca cola of my companion spilled on our fresh backed pizza from Carola!! hahaa We ate it anyway, pretty good! Next one, is Guacasweet! yall need to try this. Hna Arce always eats her avacados with sugar!!! it was super weird at first, but tastes so good. Just put a lil milk and sugar in their and mash it all up and eat it with a cracker and cookie and youll say, hna Garlick was right.. :) She also let me try her drink from Paraguay, Terere. Its this drink that tastes like mint! I like it! Ok, and the last one is, you mash up a banana and put oatmeal in there, and then pour milk over it and eat it! Super fast and good. And healty too.

Well, I love yall so much! This work is so amazing. I am so blessed to be a missionary at such a time as this. I know Christ lives and loves me, I know the Book of Mormon is the word of God. Its in my hand every second of the day. 

Con MUCHO amor,
hermana Garlick

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