Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Rohaihu....I love you!

hola fam!!

I had such a blast talking to yall yesterday!! Its amazing we can all be together at one time, and all be so far away. I love technology. :) Cant believe how big the boys are (can I still call them that??) That 40 minutes was definitely a highlight of the week!!! And there were lots more highlights too!

Bianca is a memeber here who yall might have seen on facebook... haha... and she is waiting for her mission call! Well the other day she came with us to visit, and wow, it was so great. The first three appointments fell through. We were saying, we know its for a reason! We then went to visit her aunt, Antonia, an hour earlier than her appointment, but we thought we should do it anyway. Well we did and she was just about to leave to go to the gym because her friend invited her! I am so thankful we were able to get there when we did so that we could teach her before she went to the gym! I know the Lord´s hand is in everything, even when las citas fall through. 

The other great highlight was when Eddi(alexiss younger brother) and Vuenefel(son of a less active family who isnt baptized) came to church, that I already told yall! They are 10 and 11, and both came all alone! But they became best friends fast. I dont know if I ever would have walked far to go to church all alone. But they did! and Its incredible to see their faith. I know they are going to be the examples their parents needs, and As we keep praying for them and their families in faith, we will see miracles. 

The other day in my personal study I was focusing on the atonement. At the end of this month, Elder C Scott Grow is coming to our mission!!!! (of the seventy). There is a talk he wrote called the miracle of the atonement. It is so great. He talks about how he has seen the atonement work in the life of his brother. Its incredible to see here the atonement working in the lives of so many people who choose to let it, and especially in mine! In each of the 5 lessons from preach my gospel, they about Jesus Christ and his atonement! This theme isnt interwoven through each lesson on accident. Christ really is central in his message, and as his representative I love testifying of him in every lesson we are in. I am so thankful for Jesus CHrist, for his great and eternal sacrifice, and that because of him we can all return to live with him and our Heavenly Father, and our families. What great blessings are awaiting us!! 

The other week when I was with hna Peterson, I forgot to tell yall something that I really loved! Before we said night prayer, we each said what were were grateful for, and something we need or woud like to ask. Then we said the prayer, and it really made the prayer so much more meaningful, focused, and full of the spirit. I want to keep doing that through my life!

Well, Love yall lots! Keep being so great and building up others. Stand a little taller! (but not jared or dallin...haha) Come what may and love it!
love yall!
hna Garlick

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