Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Sister Training Leaders!

Un dia sin oracion es un dia sin bendicion

Hola Familia!!

I love Talara! We just got back from the beach. It has been such a great week, we have given this week our all, and are super exausted, but super happy and ready for another great week! A new investigator we found named Suzana told us that saying in the subject. We loved it! I love learning from our investigators. 

Talara is great. There are more vans than motos, so we just hitch hike a van when we need to go to talara baja. Talara has a lot of oil rigs, so thats fun reminding me of home. Ill need to take a picture by one. So our area is about one tenth the size of the area we had in Chulucanas. Its weird not having to walk so far! We have stopped walking and started running all the time now (not literally, we actually maybe 2 times was literally..oops!), but we are working hard! We talked with more people in this week than any other week of my mission. Our voices are gone, but we keep going. We found la familia bruno!! José and Maria, and their daughter with her 2 kids. They are so great and really want to know more. It was disapointing they couldnt come to church, but accepted the baptismal invitation and we are going to keep working with them! Carlos is another invetigator that the hermanas were teaching abuot a month before I got there. He is separated from his wife for problems that they had, and he has 2 kids. He found the missinaries right when he was in his lowest of lows. He has a baptismal date for this week, but his mom got sick so he had to go to Piura. We hope hell be able to come back! Its incredible to see the happiness he has found in the restored gospel of jesus christ. the other day he said, ¨sisters, Im so sorry, but I wasnt able to read my book of mormon last night.¨He really felt so bad for missing one day, he truly is the greatest example of humility and repentance! 
This week three different people called out to me, ¨hna Johnson!¨they all think Im her. haha Shes a missionary who was here a few months ago. It helped us find 2 new people to teach! haha. I just hope I can live up to hna Johnson. She is an incredible person and missinoary, and I just try to be like her everyday, since well everyone thinks Im her too! haha :)
First of all I never thought Id play the piano in sacrament meeting in the mission, but I really never thought in dos sacarament meetings! so that was fun sunday! We ended sacrament meeting, went to a little of principios del evangelio, then left to pic up our other investigators for the other ward! We have to know how to juggle here, good thing I learned how to juggle in 5th grade. :) 
We had a meeting in the mission home last week, thats where the picture in from. We have another one tomorrow and we get to wake up super early! Lots of traveling, so thats hard leaving our area so much, but I know the Lord will bless us in the times we are there. We just ahve to work that much harder! There are 54 hermanas in the mission, and when I got here there were 30 something! Keep the sisters coming!
I love studying the book of mormon, the bible, preach my gospel, and the conference talks each day. There is so much power in these tools we have! I love the emphasis preach my gospel has on helping goals that make us stretch. To be able to do the splits, you got to stretch until it hurts, then go a little more. then each day you got to just keep going down. then once you make it all the way down, you put something over your foot, and start doing over splits! Flexibility comes with time and consistency. Reaching our goals does too. I love how with Hna Burton we focus on our weekly goals a lot more than I had in the past, and base our daily goals on those. We set the goals FIRST, and then make the plans. It makes so much more sense that way, I dont know why I ve been doing it in reverse. Keep setting worthy goals, and the Lord will help us accomplish them!
Hna Burton speaks Tagolog too, so Ive been learning a little. :) Mahal Ko Kayo! Love yall lots!!! I know that this church is true. There isnt anything better than testifying to others about Christ all day every day. Yall can do it too. Maybe you just dont have a name tag. Its in your heart! Have a wonderful week!
Hermana Garlick

Monday, June 16, 2014

World Cup Time!!


Zone Meeting...JUMPING PIC!


Lima PERU!

Take a Picture with your Heart!

hola familia....from TALARA!!!

Im here on the beach, once again! I feel like I am in Paita, but with more trees. :) It´s 2 hours from Piura, and I am so happy to be here! 3rd area, and I am so excited to get to work! It was way hard leaving Chulucanas. Lots of tears yesterday and goodbyes! 6 months serving these people was one of the greatest blessings of my life. I remember once when I was little and was with dad in the car, we pulled up to the house in utah, and we saw mom and kell and jared on the porch. Dad said, ¨take a picture with your heart!¨We put our hands like cameras and took a ¨picture.¨Maybe I now have a real camera and can take real pictures, I still like to take lots of pictures with my heart. Its the type of picture that can never get deleted or go away, its in your heart forever! Took lots of pictures with my heart of chulucanas, and know that I am forever a better person for having served in chulucanas. 

My new companion is Hna Burton!! This is her last transfer in the mission!! Im ready to learn as much as I can from her. She is from the philipines, but lives in canada. She speaks english perfectly, and learned spanish in hte mission too! She is so great. We also received the assignment to be sister training leaders! So we will be doing exchanges with 2 other companionships here in talara, and 3 others in tumbes as well, wich is 4 hours away! I sure hope taht all of this traveling will cure my car-sickness. I know it will! :) We are missionaries for 2 branches here, so we are going to do double everything! Double church, double ward council, double fun! I know that in the Strength of the Lord we can do all things. I am grateful for this opportunity to be here and to get to work! 

This past week was a goodie. We taught mission prep, and primary, and I gave my last talk in church! Every 3rd sunday we speak, so it was my 6th and last time. I spoke about ¨Que mas me falta?¨from mateo 19, and the 10 commandments. Individually we can all improve, but we need to look in ourselves, not in others, thats not our job. We definitly have enough to look looking in ourselves. And I know if we do that in an attitute of humility, Heavenly Father will tell us what we need to change or do to be better. 

Visiting all the investigators in Chulucanas for the last time was hard, but good. Hna Carola, wow, she is incredible. Her grandfather passed away this week, and recently was robbed too. After the death of her husband a month ago, she asked us the question, Ïm not a bad person, why is all of this happening to me?? Hna Arce responded with such power, and I loved what she said, we shouldnt ask, ¨porque¨, (why), but ¨para que¨(for what). What are the reasons why we pass through these trials in life? I know that it is to strengthen our faith, to give us experience, and to help us learn, and ultimately progress to becoming like God. Lets keep changing the porques to para ques, and I know that as we do that we can find true joy in life. 

For fathers day we had a fathers day activity viernes, and it was great! It was a dinner and dance and they had all the dads walk down the allie of balloons and it was super fun. Dad I could picture you dancing down that allie. :) This week I ate a hamburger from Willo, and it had an egg, banana, meet, cheese i think, and mayo! Definitly thought of you and think you should try it. It was good. 

Happy bday trav, domingo! I hopey ou have such a great day, you are one great older brother. You inspire me to be a better missionary!

Everyone and their dog is watching the world cup! Are y'all watching it too? You should! Poor hna Arce was dying seeing it in the windows of every other house we walked by. 

Love y'all so much! I know this new area is going to be great! Im ready to be an instrument in the hands of the Lord here in Talara. There is a lot to learn and a lot to do, and Im ready to learn it and do it. 

Con Amor,
hna Garlick

Monday, June 9, 2014

And They Laughed....

Querida Familia,

It was a filled, fun, wonderful week with lots of blessings! Lots of laughing attacks, and smiles. I love how Grandma Garlick would always say, änd they laughted..¨thats really what life is about! Here is how my week went: :)

Lunes we had a great family home evening! The investigator we invited wasnt able to go, so we went and invited another. Hna Arce and I both thought, she is going to say no, its so last minute, but she said SI!!! so excited too! And now she is best friends with Lali, the member. Our plans may not always work out, but thats because the Lord has a better one. :)

Martes we had clase de piano like usual! We had 10 students! Including Luca and Teresa, Carola´s kids!!! IT was so great and mom those songs you sent me were perfect!! Could you send me one or two more? Luz is the mom of hno Giancarlos, a member here, and she can now play 2 songs!! She is so happy, and it made me smile so big that she was so proud. Thanks mom for teaching me to play the piano.

Miercoles we went to La Viña! Its a pueblito that is like 15 minutes away in moto. It cost 15 soles too! but its so worth it because Janet is so amaing. She is a member who has been inactive for a few years after the divorce wiht her husband. Well she wants to come back to church, and has been attending, although it costs a lot for her and her dauger angela to attend! I thought before we lived far from the church. It amazes me to see the sacrificese of these people. Sacrafice shows our Heavenly Father our love for him!

Jueves we had a Zone mtg in Piura! and it was so great gettiong letters and the pkg from jess! I am so excited to meet dalling again in December. YOURE HUGE! Anyways, I always get fired up at zone meetings. We talked about how when Christ told the disciples to put their nets on the other side of the boat, and were able to catch a ton of fish! Before, nada. well in the mission there are some changes, and I know they come from the Lord, and that as we keep acting in faith the lord will help us find more fish, or people prepared for the gospel. 

Viernes we had interviews with president Rowley! I feel so happy and motivated everytime I talk to him, and SIster Rowley. They are definitely my heros!

Sabado we did our weekly planning, since viernes we had to go to piura for interveiws. Sister Cardon is an incredible missionary, adn we talked the whole time we went to Lima the other week! Well she showed me this brilliant way to do weekly planning, its like a pop out book weekly planning in your planner. I love it! haha And I may have shown a member and was really excited, and then realized people that arne´t missionaries probably wouldnt get as excited as I did over something like that...haha But life is about enjoying the little things: :) We also had pizza night in El Tano, to support Carola!! We had about 12 members come, and an investigator!! so we were happy! We even got it worked out to wtach mormon messages on the flat screen up there on the third story. IT was so great. I love when a plan comes together and we see postivie results! Carola still hasnt come to chruch, but I know as we keep loving her she will have the desire to come!

Domingo is always my favorite day of the week. Nothing better than taking the sacrament. My poor companion got sick though, so I did divisions with cynthia. Shes waiting for her mission call!!
Miracle of the week was when all our appointments fell through. I said out loud, Quiero encontrar una familia ahora!!! or, I want to find family NOW! hna arce said, lets knock this door. Well we did and looky there, family found! I know our desires are heard. I love revelation from the book of mormon. I was reading Enos today. He has so many righteous desires, and i love how in verse 12 The lord tells him it will be given him, since he prayed, and labored diligently. Its important not to be repetative in our prayers, but praying diligently means constantly asking in faith. I know its not repetative when we pray like that. Also in my studies I have been picking a general conference talk, based on a lesson we have planned for the day to help a specific person. Its incredible to see the revelation Ive received as i´ve dont htis each day and how it has helped me in lessons. I love the scriputres and the words of the prophet and apostles. They are true!!

WEll dad you always taught me better early than late, so happy fathers day this sunday!! I sure love you!! Thanks for inspiring me, teaching me to laugh always. And I was inspired by your love to invent food combonations. So I mixed inca cola with this strawberry icecream. The first bite was good, but after that not so much. But I will try more food combos this week for you. :)
Love you ALL so much, and I am so blessed. Have such a wonderful week!!!
Hna Garlick

Monday, June 2, 2014

Que mas me falta?

Hey Family!!!

 By cooler airs in the last email I meant in Lima. Here it is still an oven. Although the members think its cold and so they dont turn the fan on in relief society. I wouldnt go that far...

It has been a crazy great fun filled week! And this week is my one year mark with this nametag on??? what!! So crazy. I remember so vividly Jess and Trav dropping me off on the curb at the MTC. A lot has happened past then. I like to think of who I was before I left and now. Its crazy how much I have grown spiritually and lessons I´ve learned. I cant wait to keep on learning. This week was full with a Trip to Lima, moving apartments, and other miracles. Here we go!

First off, the husband of one of our investigators, Carola, passed away. Her husband never wanted to listen to us or go to church, but I got to meet him once. It has been so hard for Carola, and her two small kids. We gave her a frame of Christ, and some Liahonas. But the most important thing we were able to give her were our testmonies of the plan of salvation. This is what brought the most peace. She owns El Tano, the only place to buy pizza in chulucanas! Her husband is from Argentina, with grandparents from Italy. She is continuing her negocio and we are having a branch pizza night friday to support her. I hope it goes well!

Having Elder C. Scott Grow come to the mission was so great and inspiring. He talked about setting goals of faith, and how as a missionary he set the goal to baptize a stake president. Later when he was on assignment in his mission, a stake president announced in the meeting, giving thanks to elder grow for baptizing him. elder grow was so shocked, he had no idea!! Goals are so important. I know if we have faith and set goals of Faith, the Lord will help us accomplish them. I remember in gymnastics how each week I´d set a goal for how many tsuks I¨d flip on vault. Without this goal, I know I would have flipped a lot less times, and I wouldnt have stood it up as much at meets! Goals push you, give you a purpose, and help you reach your dreams. I could have made excuses for not flipping the tsuks, maybe somthing was hurting, coach jim was up in his office, or I felt like going to another event. But having that goal drove me to do more than I could have. I know its the same in our lives and in the mission. So lets keep setting goals of faith, and I know we will reach them. 

Oh, and we also had a giant ward council with Elder Grow, and the ward coucil of PAITA came!!! I seriously felt like I was seeing my family, it was so happy to see them! The most special moment was seeing Bernabé!!! Remember him??? Well his whole family was baptized, and he was there from the Young Mens!! He is doing so great and I felt the greatest joy seeing him. What a happy reunion!

I wish I could write more but Im out of time and finger strenght. Just kidding that doesnt run out. :)Looks like I have 2 more weeks in Chulucanas. I could stay here forever, but I am going to give this last bit here all I got! The Lord needs me! He needs all of us!! I love 2 Ne 26^24. All that Christ does is for my benefit. As I pondered this, the spirit told me, everything I do should be for Christ´s benefit! Let´s do it!
Love yall lots! Have a woderful week. I know that the Lord is mindful of us. We just need to recognize his hand, its always there. I love the scripture in mateo 19:20. Pres. Rowley used it, and I have been asking that each day. Que mas me falta? or, What lack I yet??? I love asking that each day. There is always more we can do! 

los amo!
Hna Garlick