Monday, June 2, 2014

Que mas me falta?

Hey Family!!!

 By cooler airs in the last email I meant in Lima. Here it is still an oven. Although the members think its cold and so they dont turn the fan on in relief society. I wouldnt go that far...

It has been a crazy great fun filled week! And this week is my one year mark with this nametag on??? what!! So crazy. I remember so vividly Jess and Trav dropping me off on the curb at the MTC. A lot has happened past then. I like to think of who I was before I left and now. Its crazy how much I have grown spiritually and lessons I´ve learned. I cant wait to keep on learning. This week was full with a Trip to Lima, moving apartments, and other miracles. Here we go!

First off, the husband of one of our investigators, Carola, passed away. Her husband never wanted to listen to us or go to church, but I got to meet him once. It has been so hard for Carola, and her two small kids. We gave her a frame of Christ, and some Liahonas. But the most important thing we were able to give her were our testmonies of the plan of salvation. This is what brought the most peace. She owns El Tano, the only place to buy pizza in chulucanas! Her husband is from Argentina, with grandparents from Italy. She is continuing her negocio and we are having a branch pizza night friday to support her. I hope it goes well!

Having Elder C. Scott Grow come to the mission was so great and inspiring. He talked about setting goals of faith, and how as a missionary he set the goal to baptize a stake president. Later when he was on assignment in his mission, a stake president announced in the meeting, giving thanks to elder grow for baptizing him. elder grow was so shocked, he had no idea!! Goals are so important. I know if we have faith and set goals of Faith, the Lord will help us accomplish them. I remember in gymnastics how each week I´d set a goal for how many tsuks I¨d flip on vault. Without this goal, I know I would have flipped a lot less times, and I wouldnt have stood it up as much at meets! Goals push you, give you a purpose, and help you reach your dreams. I could have made excuses for not flipping the tsuks, maybe somthing was hurting, coach jim was up in his office, or I felt like going to another event. But having that goal drove me to do more than I could have. I know its the same in our lives and in the mission. So lets keep setting goals of faith, and I know we will reach them. 

Oh, and we also had a giant ward council with Elder Grow, and the ward coucil of PAITA came!!! I seriously felt like I was seeing my family, it was so happy to see them! The most special moment was seeing Bernabé!!! Remember him??? Well his whole family was baptized, and he was there from the Young Mens!! He is doing so great and I felt the greatest joy seeing him. What a happy reunion!

I wish I could write more but Im out of time and finger strenght. Just kidding that doesnt run out. :)Looks like I have 2 more weeks in Chulucanas. I could stay here forever, but I am going to give this last bit here all I got! The Lord needs me! He needs all of us!! I love 2 Ne 26^24. All that Christ does is for my benefit. As I pondered this, the spirit told me, everything I do should be for Christ´s benefit! Let´s do it!
Love yall lots! Have a woderful week. I know that the Lord is mindful of us. We just need to recognize his hand, its always there. I love the scripture in mateo 19:20. Pres. Rowley used it, and I have been asking that each day. Que mas me falta? or, What lack I yet??? I love asking that each day. There is always more we can do! 

los amo!
Hna Garlick

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