Monday, June 16, 2014

Take a Picture with your Heart!

hola familia....from TALARA!!!

Im here on the beach, once again! I feel like I am in Paita, but with more trees. :) It´s 2 hours from Piura, and I am so happy to be here! 3rd area, and I am so excited to get to work! It was way hard leaving Chulucanas. Lots of tears yesterday and goodbyes! 6 months serving these people was one of the greatest blessings of my life. I remember once when I was little and was with dad in the car, we pulled up to the house in utah, and we saw mom and kell and jared on the porch. Dad said, ¨take a picture with your heart!¨We put our hands like cameras and took a ¨picture.¨Maybe I now have a real camera and can take real pictures, I still like to take lots of pictures with my heart. Its the type of picture that can never get deleted or go away, its in your heart forever! Took lots of pictures with my heart of chulucanas, and know that I am forever a better person for having served in chulucanas. 

My new companion is Hna Burton!! This is her last transfer in the mission!! Im ready to learn as much as I can from her. She is from the philipines, but lives in canada. She speaks english perfectly, and learned spanish in hte mission too! She is so great. We also received the assignment to be sister training leaders! So we will be doing exchanges with 2 other companionships here in talara, and 3 others in tumbes as well, wich is 4 hours away! I sure hope taht all of this traveling will cure my car-sickness. I know it will! :) We are missionaries for 2 branches here, so we are going to do double everything! Double church, double ward council, double fun! I know that in the Strength of the Lord we can do all things. I am grateful for this opportunity to be here and to get to work! 

This past week was a goodie. We taught mission prep, and primary, and I gave my last talk in church! Every 3rd sunday we speak, so it was my 6th and last time. I spoke about ¨Que mas me falta?¨from mateo 19, and the 10 commandments. Individually we can all improve, but we need to look in ourselves, not in others, thats not our job. We definitly have enough to look looking in ourselves. And I know if we do that in an attitute of humility, Heavenly Father will tell us what we need to change or do to be better. 

Visiting all the investigators in Chulucanas for the last time was hard, but good. Hna Carola, wow, she is incredible. Her grandfather passed away this week, and recently was robbed too. After the death of her husband a month ago, she asked us the question, Ïm not a bad person, why is all of this happening to me?? Hna Arce responded with such power, and I loved what she said, we shouldnt ask, ¨porque¨, (why), but ¨para que¨(for what). What are the reasons why we pass through these trials in life? I know that it is to strengthen our faith, to give us experience, and to help us learn, and ultimately progress to becoming like God. Lets keep changing the porques to para ques, and I know that as we do that we can find true joy in life. 

For fathers day we had a fathers day activity viernes, and it was great! It was a dinner and dance and they had all the dads walk down the allie of balloons and it was super fun. Dad I could picture you dancing down that allie. :) This week I ate a hamburger from Willo, and it had an egg, banana, meet, cheese i think, and mayo! Definitly thought of you and think you should try it. It was good. 

Happy bday trav, domingo! I hopey ou have such a great day, you are one great older brother. You inspire me to be a better missionary!

Everyone and their dog is watching the world cup! Are y'all watching it too? You should! Poor hna Arce was dying seeing it in the windows of every other house we walked by. 

Love y'all so much! I know this new area is going to be great! Im ready to be an instrument in the hands of the Lord here in Talara. There is a lot to learn and a lot to do, and Im ready to learn it and do it. 

Con Amor,
hna Garlick

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