Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Un dia sin oracion es un dia sin bendicion

Hola Familia!!

I love Talara! We just got back from the beach. It has been such a great week, we have given this week our all, and are super exausted, but super happy and ready for another great week! A new investigator we found named Suzana told us that saying in the subject. We loved it! I love learning from our investigators. 

Talara is great. There are more vans than motos, so we just hitch hike a van when we need to go to talara baja. Talara has a lot of oil rigs, so thats fun reminding me of home. Ill need to take a picture by one. So our area is about one tenth the size of the area we had in Chulucanas. Its weird not having to walk so far! We have stopped walking and started running all the time now (not literally, we actually maybe 2 times was literally..oops!), but we are working hard! We talked with more people in this week than any other week of my mission. Our voices are gone, but we keep going. We found la familia bruno!! José and Maria, and their daughter with her 2 kids. They are so great and really want to know more. It was disapointing they couldnt come to church, but accepted the baptismal invitation and we are going to keep working with them! Carlos is another invetigator that the hermanas were teaching abuot a month before I got there. He is separated from his wife for problems that they had, and he has 2 kids. He found the missinaries right when he was in his lowest of lows. He has a baptismal date for this week, but his mom got sick so he had to go to Piura. We hope hell be able to come back! Its incredible to see the happiness he has found in the restored gospel of jesus christ. the other day he said, ¨sisters, Im so sorry, but I wasnt able to read my book of mormon last night.¨He really felt so bad for missing one day, he truly is the greatest example of humility and repentance! 
This week three different people called out to me, ¨hna Johnson!¨they all think Im her. haha Shes a missionary who was here a few months ago. It helped us find 2 new people to teach! haha. I just hope I can live up to hna Johnson. She is an incredible person and missinoary, and I just try to be like her everyday, since well everyone thinks Im her too! haha :)
First of all I never thought Id play the piano in sacrament meeting in the mission, but I really never thought in dos sacarament meetings! so that was fun sunday! We ended sacrament meeting, went to a little of principios del evangelio, then left to pic up our other investigators for the other ward! We have to know how to juggle here, good thing I learned how to juggle in 5th grade. :) 
We had a meeting in the mission home last week, thats where the picture in from. We have another one tomorrow and we get to wake up super early! Lots of traveling, so thats hard leaving our area so much, but I know the Lord will bless us in the times we are there. We just ahve to work that much harder! There are 54 hermanas in the mission, and when I got here there were 30 something! Keep the sisters coming!
I love studying the book of mormon, the bible, preach my gospel, and the conference talks each day. There is so much power in these tools we have! I love the emphasis preach my gospel has on helping goals that make us stretch. To be able to do the splits, you got to stretch until it hurts, then go a little more. then each day you got to just keep going down. then once you make it all the way down, you put something over your foot, and start doing over splits! Flexibility comes with time and consistency. Reaching our goals does too. I love how with Hna Burton we focus on our weekly goals a lot more than I had in the past, and base our daily goals on those. We set the goals FIRST, and then make the plans. It makes so much more sense that way, I dont know why I ve been doing it in reverse. Keep setting worthy goals, and the Lord will help us accomplish them!
Hna Burton speaks Tagolog too, so Ive been learning a little. :) Mahal Ko Kayo! Love yall lots!!! I know that this church is true. There isnt anything better than testifying to others about Christ all day every day. Yall can do it too. Maybe you just dont have a name tag. Its in your heart! Have a wonderful week!
Hermana Garlick

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