Tuesday, July 29, 2014

We Ran to Jesus!

Mi Querida Familia,

What a week! So many experiences and adventures. There is not room or time to write it all here, but I will try my best to tell you the most important things that impacted me this week!

We went to Tumbes for exchanges!! It is 3 and a half hours north. We left super early and finally made it. I had the opportunity to serve in Truinfo with Hermana Garner and Hermana Cisneros! Hna Burton went to Puyango with hna Gozan and hna Ranson It was such a great experience. Their area is unlike any other I have been in in Piura. Its busy and there are tons of buildings and people. We were stopped at a corner and I wasnt sure why, and then saw the stoplight! Havent seen one of those in over a year! They have a great area and are working hard. Their pensionista even makes their rice in the shape of a heart. You cant beat that. Well we did divisions in the afternoon, and I got to work with Sister Cisneros first, and then Sister Garner. (the other went with a member). The sweetest experience was being able to teach Sarita with Hna Garner. Hna Garner has such great love for everyone here, and you can hear it in her voice! Sarita is 10, and has gone through some things no one should ever have to go through. Tears were streaming down her face as she was telling us things that had happened in her life. Hna Garner bore such powerful testimony that she is not alone, that she is a daughter of God, who loves her. The spirit filled the room and it was one of those moments Ill never forget. The tears running down her cheeks slowly stopped as we prayed for comfort and peace. Im so grateful for that tender experience. 

Other sweet experience was when we were getting out of the moto. We always talk to la taxista about the church before we pay them. Well it turns out Miguel, who we were talking to, has a brother in Lima whos a member! He said he is almost never in his house, so we wouldnt be able to visit him, but we invited him to church, and he told us to pay cincuenta centimos less than regular, and he said, ¨those missionaries really had an impact on my brother, and really helped him when he needed it.¨It was so sweet how he said that, and made me think of the impact I want to have on others. We are always witnesses of Christ, in every moment, and what we do really has an impact on people!

We made it back from Tumbes fine, but without my booklet My family. :( I lost it somewhere in that city and it looks like I will be making a new one! But thats ok because it was in the case with my book of mormon and pamphelts, so I hope whoever finds it reads that book, because I know it will change their lives. 

It was a great week and we sprinted to the finish! Hna Burton finished her mission so strong, she is an incredible example to me. She will be in Canada Wednesday! we had the goal this whole time to run one morning to a huge Jesus Christ statue, overlooking alll of talara. We finally did it! And it ended up being a lot closer than we thought. haha. But as we were running I fell flat on my knees and hands in the rocks and it was cold. So I had that cold sting in my hands and legs, but hopped up and we kept going! Nothing was stopping us. :) With a little bloody hands, we made it! I love this statue, because Christ has a bird he is setting free in his hand. I know Christ lives, and it is through his atonement that we are set free! There are obstacles and trials always, like falling in the dirt, but that shouldnt stop us from reaching the goal, coming to Christ! We could feel suc a peace as we climbed up to the big statue of Jesus and could look out to our area and the beach. I konw we are in the hands of the Lord, and thanks to him, we can all be set free. 

Miracles of the week included that Roso, a less active member, is reading his book of mormon, Jeffery came to church for the first time since his mission!!, and Raquel, a recent convert of the Elders left to visit her aunt with us, and her testimony was so so powerful. I love converts!

Sorry for being so late today, but that is because I waited for my new companion to get here, Hermana Villena!! :) She is my fourth companion, from, LIMA! :) We havent had too much time together, but I know that things are going to go great and we are going to see miracles! and guess what...its her last transfer of the mission, like it was for hna Burton! Im excited for all I am going to learn from her, she is such a great example to me of strength and faith. Her mom passed away while she has been here on the mission, and she has stayed, and served with all she has! I am grateful for this incredible blessing to be her companion this last 6 weeks she has of her mission! WE are going to finish strong, again. :)

Love yall kind of a lot! have such a wonderful week! Keep running and coming to Jesus Christ, get back up when you fall :)
Hna Garlick

Monday, July 21, 2014

Peru in July!

Get ready. It's the most important week of our lives!!!

Hey fam!!

It was another one of those adventure weeks! Hna Burton trimmed my hair so now I dont have to tilt my head so it can be even, twice this week someone asked me if I was from spain, and I found out Bernabé, our convert from Patia was just called as Mission Leader!!!! I almost cried when the Elder told me that. Miracles happen! 

We just got back from Lobitos, a beach about 30 minutes away, we also went to piura this week because hna burton went to lima, and we had exchanges here in talara, and I am just loving working and serving all of this craziness! 

I know everything works out the way the Lord wants them to. We had a plan for this week, and we were frustrated when it all got messed up! But at the end of it all, we realized it was exactly what was supposed to happen. When Hna Burton had to go to Lima (she got to go to the temple 2 times too! one day I will go...) I went to Santa Julia in Lima with Hna Brown! She´s from Washington! (olympia or something like that trav..) and has 5 months here, and it was such a blast! It was the first time I was with a companion, and I spoke more Spanish. It was fun helping her and figuring out things together. :) She is so fun. We had so much in common--she did gymnastics!! We had fun working together in her area, and teaching like crazies. We both decided though it was probably better we weren´t companions because we would talk in English way too much. Its just fun to do that though when you find a great friend! :) We were able to help each other and I know that I was supposed to be there those 2 days! The Lord´s plan is a perfect plan. The plan we had didn't work out, but God´s plan did. 

This morning I was studying in Ch 11 of preach my gospel, about follow up! I studied that with Elder Ballard's talk from this past conference. I realize I could be doing so much more to help my investigators and less active members to keep their commitments! As we help others strengthen their faith in principles, that is how this is best done. Preach my gospel says we need to be patient and persistant. As we come to Christ, and then help others to as well, we have to have faith and never give up. This week we found Jeffery! He is inactive now, but served his mission in Columbia north. (I'm not sure which one Quinn served in) But anyways, he´s Zahina´s brother, and we were persient in going to visit him, and he was so receptive, and wants to come back! We asked him to share how on his mission he was able to help and see others apply the atonement in their lives. It was powerful the testimonies he shared. Now he is doing the same in his own. Well we all are, all the time! It was weird at first teaching a former missionary and zone leader, but I know the Lord led us there. 

Another fun experience of the week. There is a less active sister named Lucia, and we have tried abuot 5 times to visit her, but each time it was one of the top five excuses here- making lunch, taking a nap, taking a shower, or they are about to leave. But this time, Gremilda, the 3 year old daughter answered the door. We excitedly greeted her, she is so cute, and i told her we wanted to sing a fun song with her! She ran to her mom to tell her, and then the mom came out, and well she couldnt say no to that little face! So, gracias gremilda!! We really need to become more like little children. 

I love how often the little kids here mistake me for hna Johnson. this week the cutest little girl in the street yelled out, HNA JOHNSON!!! and ran up and hugged me. I just played along, It´s an honor to be hna Johonson! Ill keep the name going, since no one here remembers garleeek. :) 

I had the great opportunity this week to go on an exchange with hna Giles!!! She is from Sandy Utah, and is the most humble missionary I have met. She just has 1 transfer left, and so you could just say I soaked in everything she did and taught me. After a day with her I came out wanting to be more humble, and have greater courage to follow the Spirit. We found a new family to teach through asking to serve someone as they were carrying this big board in the street and struggling. We helped them carry it to their house, and then got to teach them! Evenlyn and Edson. Find simple ways to serve someone, and then they will open up their door and their heart!

Well, this is hna Burton´s last week in the mission!!! she heads back to Canada next monday, and Ill be receiveing my new companion! Our weekly flan plan friday was great, and I loved that she said, that this is the most important week of her life! I loved that. But isnt´that true for all of us? Each week is the most important of our lives. Each day! Because our decisinos determine destiny, like pres. monson says. So make this most important week the best one ever, and I will too! Come what may and love it!
love yall tanto!
Hna Garlick

Monday, July 14, 2014

No tiempo, no agua, no problema....:)

Hola Familia!
Fun week! 2 birds went to the bathroom on my head, we didnt have water for 3 days (it happens a lot here, like in paita. but dont worry we have storage water), and we are busy serving the Lord and it is so much fun! Hna Burton said that the 2 birds means 2 baptisms in the near future. I sure hope she is right. :)
So the trip to Lima was great! Went with he usual crew- hna Johnson, Harrison, Cardon, Roper. :) They all told me they could tell hna Burton and I never speak english to each other, because my english is terrible. Speaking backwards is just how I speak now! haha Ill get it figured out one day. :) We also weren´t sure how to greet each other. Here you always give  other girls a kiss on the cheek and a hug. We dont remember what we used to do so we just do that to each other too. haha Everytime you talk to someone, you do it, and then when you leave them too. And with guys you do the handshake when you see them, AND when you leave too. And if you walk into a room of 20 missionaries, or people, you greet all of them! It takes some time but its the polite thing to do. :) now I understand why Adnon in Alpine Ariels gymnastics always had us shake his hand when we got tehre, and when we left. :) ANyways, Im legal now and that completes my 3 trips you have to make. But surprise, hna Burton has to leave today for Lima! So more bus rides and fun trips. We were frustrated how much we were out of our area the other week, but this week its even more! But we know everything is in the hands of the Lord, and that he will bless us in the time we are there.
In our district meeting we talked about how understanding the why, increases the power to do. As we teach people, helping them understand WHY we go to church, gives them so much more incentive to go! To partake of the sacrament, feel the spirit, and given more strength for the week are some pretty great promises and reasons why we should go to church. Everyone has their agency though. We are learning that. The Elders had a baptism saturday, and none of our investigators came. I felt like on the district when the same thing happened to the elders, but then in the very last part one walked in! Well no one did. The investigators we have have lost interest or stopped progressing. We are on the look out for new people who are ready to hear the message of the restoration. I konw the Lord will guide us to them, or them to us. :)I love using our pamphlets, My family. We carry it in our hands with our book of mormon. I love showing complete strangers pictures of yall :) They all say Jared is so tall for a 15 yr old. (i need to put an updated pic of dallin in there), taht mom looks so young, if jess and kell are twins, if travis really is my brother (yes he is..) :) and if that is really me because they dont hink it looks like me. (its the blonde highlights from the sun .:)) I love bearing testimony of teh restoration, and relating that to my family, and the blessings we have receieved from the gospel. I am so blessed! We all are!
In the rama Bello Horizante we had an activity celebrating peru! the food and the dances. We do not have an active mission leader in either branch, so thats a trick. President Rowley said we are the hearts of the branches. So it looks like my heart is in 2. The members here are so great, and I love how activities like these help bring them together. Any ideas for how we can work better with he branches without the help of a mission leader?
I love the book of mormon so much!! Im reading in Alma now. I love how reading gives me so much peace, direction, and direct answers. I love in alma 2:28-31 it talkes about how the Lord gave the nephites strength to overcome the nephites. Alma had the faith, and the Lord delievered. Lets have the faith, and the Lord will deliever us.
Other fun things. Everyone here is named Rosa! I know like 5. Its fun trying to keep track of them all.
YAY for Germany winnig the world cup!! :) I think I was the only one ehre cheering for them. :) Sunday afternoon in EVERY door it was playing, kind of hard getting into houses and telling them to turn off the tv...so we just kept walking and talking to people till it ended .:)
Zahina is such a great pensionista! She gives us just the right portion of rice. :) We have language study after lunch, and in all my other areas we went bck to our room, but we stay there adn study with her, and it is so mcuh fun! She is getting way good at english. So we leave our room at 10am, and get back at 9pm at night! And it goes so fast!
Hna Burton is so fun. Fridays we have friday plan con flan. haha we plan for the week and eat flan! its fun :) and then we make our pasta. :)
FELIZ CUMPLEANOS MAKELL MORGAN GARLICK TOMORROW!!! :) Yuo should be getting your card in 2 or 3 or 4 months, or maybe I will just hand deliever it to you.. haha :) I will be eating pb and oreos tomorrow thinking of you!
There are so many questions that people ask us. But the most frequent question would have to be, Why are there trials? This week an investigator named Editha asked this. The answer I have realized is that it is because God loves us! He loves every last one of us. He wants us to progress. And it is through trials that that is possible. I am so thankful for the trials and hard times in life. It means That our heavenly father really does love us. I loved seeing her eyes light up as we testified of this. It is because it´s true!!
Well, I love all of you!

Hna Garlick

Monday, July 7, 2014

Disco Night and La Playa!

"I am now changed from who I was before...."

Hola Hola!!!

It was another great great week! I love being a missionary! Talara is getting cold! especially at night. But thats not stopping us. We still need sunglasses during the day. :)
I had the opportunity to serve with Sister Castro in Talara Baja on Martes! It was such a great experience learning from her. She is from Ecuador, and was baptized with her brother 2 years ago! She is focused, diligent, and desires to do what is right! She teaches with power because she knows the scriptures. She motivated me to memorize more. This is her 3rd week of the mission, and she is already a preach my gospel missionary. I am so grateful for the time I had to learn from her! 

Carlos was baptized Saturday!!!! It was so special, and I loved in his testimony how he talked about how reading teh book of mormon each day is how he knows that this church is true. He said, Ï am now changed from who I was before. I love the power of the spirit and of the book of mormon. It is so real. I am changed too.

Robert told us he didnt have any intentions of going to church. So that was sad. But I know his time will come! La familia Bruno weren´t able to come to church either. Just come to church!!!! Its where you can feel the spirit and know that this church is true!! 8am is a little hard, but its just a small sacrifice in comparision with the great blessings they can receive! I hope they can realize that. In our mulit zone conference this week, one of the assistance said, we are not here to make the conversion, but the conection. We are here to invite others to come unto Christ, and as we do so by the spirit, we help them to become connected to the spirit too through prayer, the book of mormon, and coming to church. We do our job and then they avhe the agency to accept and act on those promptings of the spirit. 

Now our investigators have to go to church 3 times before tehy are baptized instead of just 2. And now lesson 5 we teach before baptism, not after! I know these changes are inspired, and taht it will help to have true converts! Presidente Rowley said, that in his training in LIma, elder oaks said, ¨we are here to establish the church for the eternity.¨I loved that. Through small and simple things, great things come to pass! Lets keep inviting others to come unto Christ!

Tomorrow Im going to Lima for the second time to get my visa! We had to rearrange alllll our plans and it sure makes this week hard, but I know everything is in teh hands of the Lord. It will be a great week. :)
love yall!
Hermana Garlick

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

The Zone on the beach with friends!

How would you like to be remembered?

Mi Querida Familia,

Ha sido una buena semana!! Estoy tan agradecida por estar aquí en Talara, y sé que vamos a ver milagros. This week we had a leader meeting, zone conference, branch activity, and daily inviting many of God´s children to come unto Christ through baptism! This is the life. 

First off, the meeting we had in Piura was incredible! I am so thankful for what I learned there from presidente Rowley, and we are applying it here. Since the time when Elder Grow came to the mission, we have been setting higher goals of faith. We realized that we have not been able to reach them. Presidente Rowley said what coach Julie told me after I had fallen hard on beam and had to get up to do it again, ¨If you fall of the horse, you got to get back on.¨ Not reaching our goals didnt mena we have failed, it just means we need to try again. And falling is what helps us know what we need to change. Before our nightly prayer, Hna Burton and I talk about the day, and what went well, and what we want to change. Like when you crash on the beam because you werent tight or your mind was in a different place, you do it again, but different this time. In a changed, better, way. And you only know how to do that when you fall. So we are ready to keep changing and keep imporving. 

Presidnte Rowley had a training in Lima with Elder Oaks! Elder Oaks said this in the trainig, ¨We dont accept things as they are. We never accept the status quo. If we do the best we can, God helps us be better tahn before.¨ I loved that. Yes we should be happy whatever our circumstances, but we should always be looking for new ways to improve. thats what life is about! In the training we also talked about the importance of the baptismal date invitation. We are here to help others to come unto Christ, and through baptism they are able to make a convenant with God, and gain eternal life as they endure to the temple! In our zone meeting Hna Burton and I taught this part and the importance of overcomeing fears, and just inviting. Its so important to do this, beacuse as we invite, we are able to see the needs and level of interest of the investigators, and this helps us know if we should keep teaching them, or go find new people who really are prepared for the restored gospel of jesus christ!

Carlos is getting baptized this saturday! We werent able to visit him last week for his work schedule, (the work schedules are hard here), but he said on the phone that this week has been one of the hardest he has had. I know he is experienceing these trials because he is about to make an eternal covenant with God. He was the first person at church sunday at 8am though, and we have a noche de hogar tonight with him and la familia maldonado, some recent converts! I know he will be strong in these trials he is having in his family, because his rock is Christ. 

We have been teaching Robert, who is athiest. It is my first time to meet someone who doesnt beleive in God here. He has been progressing, and now prays, and is reading his book of mormon. He still donest want to come to chruch, but little by little. Its incredible to see his faith growing. The spirit can turn hard hearts into soft ones. La familia Bruno is doing really well too! Tania, and Abel, twho of the kids, came to the branch activity we ahd, Disco night!! :) it was a great activity and 33 nonmembers were there!!! Ill send pictures next week or the next :) 

This coming week we will start exchanges. Im excited to keep working and working and working. I love feeling my testimony grow each day. Its through beeing happy and the small and simple things. 

Happy canada day and independance day this week! hna Burton and I are celebrating with buying pizza from the restaurant Lo Maximo :) Enjoy the fireworks for me!! 

Hna Garlick