Monday, July 21, 2014

Get ready. It's the most important week of our lives!!!

Hey fam!!

It was another one of those adventure weeks! Hna Burton trimmed my hair so now I dont have to tilt my head so it can be even, twice this week someone asked me if I was from spain, and I found out Bernabé, our convert from Patia was just called as Mission Leader!!!! I almost cried when the Elder told me that. Miracles happen! 

We just got back from Lobitos, a beach about 30 minutes away, we also went to piura this week because hna burton went to lima, and we had exchanges here in talara, and I am just loving working and serving all of this craziness! 

I know everything works out the way the Lord wants them to. We had a plan for this week, and we were frustrated when it all got messed up! But at the end of it all, we realized it was exactly what was supposed to happen. When Hna Burton had to go to Lima (she got to go to the temple 2 times too! one day I will go...) I went to Santa Julia in Lima with Hna Brown! She´s from Washington! (olympia or something like that trav..) and has 5 months here, and it was such a blast! It was the first time I was with a companion, and I spoke more Spanish. It was fun helping her and figuring out things together. :) She is so fun. We had so much in common--she did gymnastics!! We had fun working together in her area, and teaching like crazies. We both decided though it was probably better we weren´t companions because we would talk in English way too much. Its just fun to do that though when you find a great friend! :) We were able to help each other and I know that I was supposed to be there those 2 days! The Lord´s plan is a perfect plan. The plan we had didn't work out, but God´s plan did. 

This morning I was studying in Ch 11 of preach my gospel, about follow up! I studied that with Elder Ballard's talk from this past conference. I realize I could be doing so much more to help my investigators and less active members to keep their commitments! As we help others strengthen their faith in principles, that is how this is best done. Preach my gospel says we need to be patient and persistant. As we come to Christ, and then help others to as well, we have to have faith and never give up. This week we found Jeffery! He is inactive now, but served his mission in Columbia north. (I'm not sure which one Quinn served in) But anyways, he´s Zahina´s brother, and we were persient in going to visit him, and he was so receptive, and wants to come back! We asked him to share how on his mission he was able to help and see others apply the atonement in their lives. It was powerful the testimonies he shared. Now he is doing the same in his own. Well we all are, all the time! It was weird at first teaching a former missionary and zone leader, but I know the Lord led us there. 

Another fun experience of the week. There is a less active sister named Lucia, and we have tried abuot 5 times to visit her, but each time it was one of the top five excuses here- making lunch, taking a nap, taking a shower, or they are about to leave. But this time, Gremilda, the 3 year old daughter answered the door. We excitedly greeted her, she is so cute, and i told her we wanted to sing a fun song with her! She ran to her mom to tell her, and then the mom came out, and well she couldnt say no to that little face! So, gracias gremilda!! We really need to become more like little children. 

I love how often the little kids here mistake me for hna Johnson. this week the cutest little girl in the street yelled out, HNA JOHNSON!!! and ran up and hugged me. I just played along, It´s an honor to be hna Johonson! Ill keep the name going, since no one here remembers garleeek. :) 

I had the great opportunity this week to go on an exchange with hna Giles!!! She is from Sandy Utah, and is the most humble missionary I have met. She just has 1 transfer left, and so you could just say I soaked in everything she did and taught me. After a day with her I came out wanting to be more humble, and have greater courage to follow the Spirit. We found a new family to teach through asking to serve someone as they were carrying this big board in the street and struggling. We helped them carry it to their house, and then got to teach them! Evenlyn and Edson. Find simple ways to serve someone, and then they will open up their door and their heart!

Well, this is hna Burton´s last week in the mission!!! she heads back to Canada next monday, and Ill be receiveing my new companion! Our weekly flan plan friday was great, and I loved that she said, that this is the most important week of her life! I loved that. But isnt´that true for all of us? Each week is the most important of our lives. Each day! Because our decisinos determine destiny, like pres. monson says. So make this most important week the best one ever, and I will too! Come what may and love it!
love yall tanto!
Hna Garlick

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