Tuesday, July 1, 2014

How would you like to be remembered?

Mi Querida Familia,

Ha sido una buena semana!! Estoy tan agradecida por estar aquí en Talara, y sé que vamos a ver milagros. This week we had a leader meeting, zone conference, branch activity, and daily inviting many of God´s children to come unto Christ through baptism! This is the life. 

First off, the meeting we had in Piura was incredible! I am so thankful for what I learned there from presidente Rowley, and we are applying it here. Since the time when Elder Grow came to the mission, we have been setting higher goals of faith. We realized that we have not been able to reach them. Presidente Rowley said what coach Julie told me after I had fallen hard on beam and had to get up to do it again, ¨If you fall of the horse, you got to get back on.¨ Not reaching our goals didnt mena we have failed, it just means we need to try again. And falling is what helps us know what we need to change. Before our nightly prayer, Hna Burton and I talk about the day, and what went well, and what we want to change. Like when you crash on the beam because you werent tight or your mind was in a different place, you do it again, but different this time. In a changed, better, way. And you only know how to do that when you fall. So we are ready to keep changing and keep imporving. 

Presidnte Rowley had a training in Lima with Elder Oaks! Elder Oaks said this in the trainig, ¨We dont accept things as they are. We never accept the status quo. If we do the best we can, God helps us be better tahn before.¨ I loved that. Yes we should be happy whatever our circumstances, but we should always be looking for new ways to improve. thats what life is about! In the training we also talked about the importance of the baptismal date invitation. We are here to help others to come unto Christ, and through baptism they are able to make a convenant with God, and gain eternal life as they endure to the temple! In our zone meeting Hna Burton and I taught this part and the importance of overcomeing fears, and just inviting. Its so important to do this, beacuse as we invite, we are able to see the needs and level of interest of the investigators, and this helps us know if we should keep teaching them, or go find new people who really are prepared for the restored gospel of jesus christ!

Carlos is getting baptized this saturday! We werent able to visit him last week for his work schedule, (the work schedules are hard here), but he said on the phone that this week has been one of the hardest he has had. I know he is experienceing these trials because he is about to make an eternal covenant with God. He was the first person at church sunday at 8am though, and we have a noche de hogar tonight with him and la familia maldonado, some recent converts! I know he will be strong in these trials he is having in his family, because his rock is Christ. 

We have been teaching Robert, who is athiest. It is my first time to meet someone who doesnt beleive in God here. He has been progressing, and now prays, and is reading his book of mormon. He still donest want to come to chruch, but little by little. Its incredible to see his faith growing. The spirit can turn hard hearts into soft ones. La familia Bruno is doing really well too! Tania, and Abel, twho of the kids, came to the branch activity we ahd, Disco night!! :) it was a great activity and 33 nonmembers were there!!! Ill send pictures next week or the next :) 

This coming week we will start exchanges. Im excited to keep working and working and working. I love feeling my testimony grow each day. Its through beeing happy and the small and simple things. 

Happy canada day and independance day this week! hna Burton and I are celebrating with buying pizza from the restaurant Lo Maximo :) Enjoy the fireworks for me!! 

Hna Garlick

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