Monday, July 7, 2014

"I am now changed from who I was before...."

Hola Hola!!!

It was another great great week! I love being a missionary! Talara is getting cold! especially at night. But thats not stopping us. We still need sunglasses during the day. :)
I had the opportunity to serve with Sister Castro in Talara Baja on Martes! It was such a great experience learning from her. She is from Ecuador, and was baptized with her brother 2 years ago! She is focused, diligent, and desires to do what is right! She teaches with power because she knows the scriptures. She motivated me to memorize more. This is her 3rd week of the mission, and she is already a preach my gospel missionary. I am so grateful for the time I had to learn from her! 

Carlos was baptized Saturday!!!! It was so special, and I loved in his testimony how he talked about how reading teh book of mormon each day is how he knows that this church is true. He said, Ï am now changed from who I was before. I love the power of the spirit and of the book of mormon. It is so real. I am changed too.

Robert told us he didnt have any intentions of going to church. So that was sad. But I know his time will come! La familia Bruno weren´t able to come to church either. Just come to church!!!! Its where you can feel the spirit and know that this church is true!! 8am is a little hard, but its just a small sacrifice in comparision with the great blessings they can receive! I hope they can realize that. In our mulit zone conference this week, one of the assistance said, we are not here to make the conversion, but the conection. We are here to invite others to come unto Christ, and as we do so by the spirit, we help them to become connected to the spirit too through prayer, the book of mormon, and coming to church. We do our job and then they avhe the agency to accept and act on those promptings of the spirit. 

Now our investigators have to go to church 3 times before tehy are baptized instead of just 2. And now lesson 5 we teach before baptism, not after! I know these changes are inspired, and taht it will help to have true converts! Presidente Rowley said, that in his training in LIma, elder oaks said, ¨we are here to establish the church for the eternity.¨I loved that. Through small and simple things, great things come to pass! Lets keep inviting others to come unto Christ!

Tomorrow Im going to Lima for the second time to get my visa! We had to rearrange alllll our plans and it sure makes this week hard, but I know everything is in teh hands of the Lord. It will be a great week. :)
love yall!
Hermana Garlick

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