Tuesday, July 29, 2014

We Ran to Jesus!

Mi Querida Familia,

What a week! So many experiences and adventures. There is not room or time to write it all here, but I will try my best to tell you the most important things that impacted me this week!

We went to Tumbes for exchanges!! It is 3 and a half hours north. We left super early and finally made it. I had the opportunity to serve in Truinfo with Hermana Garner and Hermana Cisneros! Hna Burton went to Puyango with hna Gozan and hna Ranson It was such a great experience. Their area is unlike any other I have been in in Piura. Its busy and there are tons of buildings and people. We were stopped at a corner and I wasnt sure why, and then saw the stoplight! Havent seen one of those in over a year! They have a great area and are working hard. Their pensionista even makes their rice in the shape of a heart. You cant beat that. Well we did divisions in the afternoon, and I got to work with Sister Cisneros first, and then Sister Garner. (the other went with a member). The sweetest experience was being able to teach Sarita with Hna Garner. Hna Garner has such great love for everyone here, and you can hear it in her voice! Sarita is 10, and has gone through some things no one should ever have to go through. Tears were streaming down her face as she was telling us things that had happened in her life. Hna Garner bore such powerful testimony that she is not alone, that she is a daughter of God, who loves her. The spirit filled the room and it was one of those moments Ill never forget. The tears running down her cheeks slowly stopped as we prayed for comfort and peace. Im so grateful for that tender experience. 

Other sweet experience was when we were getting out of the moto. We always talk to la taxista about the church before we pay them. Well it turns out Miguel, who we were talking to, has a brother in Lima whos a member! He said he is almost never in his house, so we wouldnt be able to visit him, but we invited him to church, and he told us to pay cincuenta centimos less than regular, and he said, ¨those missionaries really had an impact on my brother, and really helped him when he needed it.¨It was so sweet how he said that, and made me think of the impact I want to have on others. We are always witnesses of Christ, in every moment, and what we do really has an impact on people!

We made it back from Tumbes fine, but without my booklet My family. :( I lost it somewhere in that city and it looks like I will be making a new one! But thats ok because it was in the case with my book of mormon and pamphelts, so I hope whoever finds it reads that book, because I know it will change their lives. 

It was a great week and we sprinted to the finish! Hna Burton finished her mission so strong, she is an incredible example to me. She will be in Canada Wednesday! we had the goal this whole time to run one morning to a huge Jesus Christ statue, overlooking alll of talara. We finally did it! And it ended up being a lot closer than we thought. haha. But as we were running I fell flat on my knees and hands in the rocks and it was cold. So I had that cold sting in my hands and legs, but hopped up and we kept going! Nothing was stopping us. :) With a little bloody hands, we made it! I love this statue, because Christ has a bird he is setting free in his hand. I know Christ lives, and it is through his atonement that we are set free! There are obstacles and trials always, like falling in the dirt, but that shouldnt stop us from reaching the goal, coming to Christ! We could feel suc a peace as we climbed up to the big statue of Jesus and could look out to our area and the beach. I konw we are in the hands of the Lord, and thanks to him, we can all be set free. 

Miracles of the week included that Roso, a less active member, is reading his book of mormon, Jeffery came to church for the first time since his mission!!, and Raquel, a recent convert of the Elders left to visit her aunt with us, and her testimony was so so powerful. I love converts!

Sorry for being so late today, but that is because I waited for my new companion to get here, Hermana Villena!! :) She is my fourth companion, from, LIMA! :) We havent had too much time together, but I know that things are going to go great and we are going to see miracles! and guess what...its her last transfer of the mission, like it was for hna Burton! Im excited for all I am going to learn from her, she is such a great example to me of strength and faith. Her mom passed away while she has been here on the mission, and she has stayed, and served with all she has! I am grateful for this incredible blessing to be her companion this last 6 weeks she has of her mission! WE are going to finish strong, again. :)

Love yall kind of a lot! have such a wonderful week! Keep running and coming to Jesus Christ, get back up when you fall :)
Hna Garlick

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