Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Talara!! August 2014

Think before you pray, then think to pray, then afteryou pray , think again:)

Hi family!

I hope yall got all the pics! It sure has been another great week! Full of miracles and learning and working and traveling. I love all of it! Im reading in Alma right now. I loved the verse in alma 42:1, and how Alma just couldn´t rest! That´s how I feel. There is just so much to do! Work now, sleep later like dad told me. :) We need to keep moving!

Highlight of the week was definitly going to Tumbes! I was in Puyango, with Hermana Gozán, and Hermana Ziegner, who she is training! (so she is my grandaughter in the mission:) :) It was so great! I loved seeing just how much hna Gozan has grown and improved. She is such a powerful missionary. We were in a lesson with Carmen, an investigator. When she invited her to be baptized, the spirit was so strong. She teaches so boldly and powerfully. She is also a really great companion for Hna Ziegner, and helping her with Spanish! I totally remember my 4 week mark and being so frustrated and just wanting to be able to speak! Hna Ziegner is doing so well, is working so hard, and is able to talk really well! They are seeing miracles in puyango, and havnet had baptisms there fora  while, but recently have had 2! The lord has his timing. 

Miracle of the week was having Diesi AND shirly come to church this week! They are 2 less active members that we have been teaching, and always say they will come, but never do. Well this week was different. We left to visit with Deisy, and helped her feel more loved and needed! And with shirly we really listened to her in the lesson, and because of some hard things in her life, she was crying pretty hard. We got up and hugged her really big. Really its the small and simple things that can change someones heart. 

Ive been reading my patriarchal blessing every day, and its so neat! I used to once a month, or once a week, but every day as we eat breakfast, it really has been a blessing to have this blessing more on my mind. It changes my attitude and behavior, and has helped me improve my prayers too. I love in preach my gospel how it talks about the importance of personal revelation, and in preparing for and meditating after prayer. It really has a greater impact when we do it like that! 

Well IUve got 45 seconds to go, oops! love you all! dad have a super happy birthday tomorrow!!! hip hip hurray!!! :) 

with lots and lots of love,
Hnaita Garlick

Monday, August 18, 2014

"Don't Prepare the Talk. Prepare to Give the Talk." President Packer

Hola Hola familia!

Just got back from Negritos where we played bowling and walked on the beach! Im so thankful for relaxing pdays! :) The bowling was so great. all by hand, people in the back that came out each time to set up the pins! :) so fun. Hermana Villena´s health also is all better so that makes us both happy! And Joel, Zahina´s husband bought us colored marshmallows for dessert after our lunch and it reminded me of going to Great grandma burtons house! :) They were surprised that I actually got to know my great grandnparents. It is such a blessing, Im so thankful for family and to be reminded of all yall always! :)

We had interviews with Presidente Rowley this week!!! I love those! I feel the spirit so strong and such a peace and at home feeling when I talk to presidente y hermana Rowley. I asked him how he dealt with all his stress as a mission president (by the way ive gotten a lot better at switching to english now! only a few words I mix up...:) Well he told me he finally learned that this is the Lord´s work, not his! We have to do all we can to be instruments in the hands of the Lord, nothing else! We cant do everything, and we cant do it in his way. we have to do our part with all our heart, relying on him, because he´s in charge! Relying on the spirit is something I have definitely gotten better at, but I know I still have a long way to go. He told me the quote I put for the subject line, ¨dont prepare the talk, Prepare to give the talk.¨ by president Packer. (or something along those lines. Ive been pondering that a lot this week!  Yes we need to prepare, we need to know the doctrine, we need to have a plan--but most importantly we need to be prepared spiritually to say what the Lord needs us to say, to do what he needs us to do, and to act as he needs us to act. This is the Lord´s work! So there really is no need to fret. Im so thankful to be his servant in this time! And its going way too fast! I still remember quite vividly the night president prior placed his hands on my head and by the power of the priesthood set me apart as a missoniary. I remember feeling like a like switch literally went off in me. I wasnt too sure what that was then, but now I understand a lot better what that light switch was. Im so tahnkful to be a set apart servant of the Lord. It is such a blessing to serve him as I serve others. I know I cant do everything, but through him I can do everything he needs to get done. 

This week I had the opportunity to do an exchange with Hermana Giles!! It was so wonderful, she is such a spiritual missionary and teaches powerfully from the scriptures. We were teaching Deisy, (less active member) and had questions about the resurrection. Hna Giles flipped right open to Alma 11 and was able to explain so clearly and powerfully and helped answer Deisy´s questions. She ends her mission in 2 weeks with Hermana Villena too! And she is finishing so strong!! I love her and am so thankful for her example. This week we will be traveling to Tumbes for exchanges so we are getting excited for that! 

So all our investigators with baptismal dates have fallen through. But we are not discouraged, because Presidente said we are here to establish the kingdom of God, and well that is what we are doing! We taught Mary and Freddy this week. Mary talked with her sister whos Evangelica, and well now she doesnt want to read the book of mormon, because it says in the bible that you shouldnt add too it, and she doesnt believe it is possible that there can be more scripture. We shared scriptures from the bible and the book of mormon to resolve her concerns. Her husband said he is willing to read and pray to know if its true, but mary still says that she needs to think about it. We shared our testimonies. This is always my favorite part, because no one can deny what we know for ourselves. I love the quote from an apostle that says ¨Its true isn´t it? than what else matters?¨ People can argue that the book of mormon isnt true all day, but I know it is because ive read it, prayed about it, and it has changed my life! I know it can change anyones life that will do the same. So we are hoping and praying she will read teh book that holds it all together. :)

We had conferencía de distrito this week! And our branches of course were incharge of the choir. It turned out great, we had so many participate, including lots of our conversos recientes!! :) And its crazy, now I dont get the least bit nervous to play the piano! Good bye 14 yr old shaking hands at the ward talent show. (thanks mom for helping me know where to start..ahaha) I loved how the theme was la obra de salvación! Afterall, its the work of all of us! He needs all of us! 

HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOTHER DEAR this saturday!!! I hope someone makes your bed and you have the most splendid day! Mama mía estoy tan agradecida por ti y por todo lo que haces para mí! Espero que tengás una maravillosa semana! :)

This week we found Juana, she is 85 and when we got in she called her sobrina over and said, ¨come here, these girls are here to help put our lives in order!¨:) haha it made me smile. We are all here to put our lives in order each day, no? That´s what the gospel of Jesus Christ does. 

Have a WUNDERBAR week! :) venga lo que venga, disfrútalo! :)
Hermana Garlick

Monday, August 11, 2014

Hermana Rowley's Surprise Birthday Party!

Was lost, but then was found!

Familia Mia!!!

What a week it has been! Full of tons of experiences-fun, hard, spiritual, and new experiences, and I love everyone of them! From helping a blind man walk to his house as he called out for a hand, to traveling to piura (and once again we are here for the last doctors appointment for hna Villena we hope!), it has been another great week!

First experience was a great learning one. Last monday we went to Piura for the doctor too, and we also had leader council martes, and we had to bring our carpeta de area, or areabook. Incase yall dont know what that is, well its really important. Its where we write down all the informantion of the less actives, converts, and investigators we are teaching. It also has all the information that past missionaries since forever have written in there. So its kind of really important. Just lots of almas. So I put it in my backpack I had packed in to stay the night. When we were waiting in the doctors office in piura, I looked down to grab something from my backpack, and it wasnt there!! Hna Villena and I started to trace all our steps in teh hospital, and it was no where to be found! My journal, and preach my gospel were also in there! But we were most concerned for teh carpeta de area. WE went back to sit down and wait, didnt konw what else to do. Hna Villena tried to calm me down, and said it wasnt as bad as the 116 pages of the book of mormon martin harris lost! That made me laugh But it was still pretty bad and made me feel sick. We concluded that I had left it in the moto, which would be most likely impossible to get back. Hna villena said we were going to stay up all night and rewrite all the forms for tomorrow. haha we were silently praying, and I realized, sometimes things just get lost and what else can we do? then the lady came up to us and said a moto came back with a mochila azul!! :) We ran down and thanked the man so much for coming back!! we payed him 5 soles for doing that and, wow, we sure were revealed. I know the Lord answers prayers, and gives us experiences to grow. Im going to be more careful with my things now. :)

We had lots of time waiting in teh doctors office, and I read a lot from the Liahona from conference. Sus cuatro minutos por obisbo stevenson still is my favorite! In the perspective of eternity, our life is just like 4 minutes of performance in an olympic event. I havent done math in a while, so thought that would be fun. i felt like I was you dad as I started doing all these mathematics im my ensign. mi compañera was a little confused about what i was doing but i asurred her it was because i was studying the talk. haha anyways, this is what i learned. If we live to be 80 years old and lifetime is 4 minutes, 2 years of our lives, or a mission for elders is only 6 seconds!!! and 1.5 years of a mission for sisters is only 4.5 seconds!!! It was crazy to figure that out. (and i sure hope thats correct, if not thats a little embarrassing but thats ok.. Jared or dal you can check me:) Anyways, taht leaves me just about 0.75 seconds of my 4.5 second mission! I love what elder stevenson says in the talk. We are going to have ETERNITY to think about what we did in this life! Each decision we make each day is so important. Im thankful for this time, although it is short, to serve the Lord here in Peru. I know as we live each day with this perspecitve, it will help us to make right choices, progress, and be happier now, and for the eternities!

OUr learder council and zone meeting were so great! We are focusing a lot more on retention now as a mission. Helping those converts to stay active, and those that have gone inactive to come back! We are doing this by focusing on reading the book of mormon. This book really is the key of our religion, and is true! Reading this book changes lives. It has changed mine and I know as we focus more on this as we teach, we will see more lives changed. In weekly planning, we normally plan for converts and less actives in step 9 in preach my gospel. But now we ahve changed that step to number 2. We are first focusing on retention and activation, and then on to those investigators progressing. President compared it to Naaman in the bible. Sometimes we may not understand we have to do things, like how naaman didnt understand he had to wash 7 times in el río jordán to be healed, but he obeyed and was healed. So as a mission that is what we are doing. Teaching more lessons with converts nad less actives, and as we do this thet Lord will bless us even more. 

We had a great experience this week teaching Deisy de Garcia, a less active member whos about 60 years old. Her mom recently passed away, and because of this for the first time wants to talk to us! She told us all of what she is going through, and how she feels, and how she wants to understand more about teh plan of salvation and what is death. We taught her the doctrine of the resurrection and of teh atonement, and shared testimonies of this plan. Hna Villena was able to bear such powerful testimony, since she has also been through the passing of her mom, just last january here in the mission. I know God has a plan for each and everyone of us, and although we may not understand exacly they why, we can understand the for what. and its so we can progress, and return to live with God, and with our families one day! And to bring others with us as we do. It was a sweet experience this lesson, and everyone!

Last experience Ill share of the week, it has to do with prayer! (like almost always.) All of our appointments fell through friday night. We decided to pray to know where to go, and both felt we should knock the door of our neighbor wendy, who we have talked to once. So we did, and she was there with her sister hillary. (they are 20 and 18). She said they didnt have power, so we couldnt enter, but we insisted and then the power worked again, and she let us in! :) They are super receptive, have had trials in their lives like everyone, but want to learn more! Then, on Friday, the same thing happened in teh afternoon. All our appointments fell through. We decided to pray, again to know where to go. WE both felt we should go visit juan, and his mom diana, who live in front of la iglesia. They almost are never in their house, but Diana´s sobrino was there, and said, ¨pasen!¨or, come in! But Diana was on the couch and yelled out, no, she has to clean and do other things, and cant receive us right now. we left from there, and I had learned a great lesson! the spirit always leads and guides us, but there is a factor that we cant control, and that is the agency of others. We just keep doing our job, working through the spirit, and pray that others will choose to accept christ and the restored gospel in our lives. We have to keep going!

So great to hear yall are all great and happy and so fun to see those pictures of yall all together! I have the best family ever and am so grateful for each one of you. Have a wonderful week!! make miracles!
Hermana Garlick

Monday, August 4, 2014

Let the Spirit be your guide!

Hola Fam!!

So I love Hermana Villena so much! It has been an incredible week. I have learned so much from her, and am so blessed to have 5 more weeks with her! Sorry this is going to be a little short this week since we have to go to Piura today! She has a doctor appointment, and then tomorrow in the morning we have consejo de líderes in la casa de la mision, so that works out. And tonight we get to stay in la casa de la mision and have noche de hogar with pres and sister rowley! We are excited for that. :)

I love how when we teach, hna Villena lets the spirit teach more. There are so many moments of silence, and the spirit is so strong in these moments. Especially as we have taught Juan, we have been able to fnid out his doubts, his questions, and his concerns, as we waited and listened. It´s so important! Its what Christ did, and thats what we should too. We found Juliana this week, she is so fun and full of questions and so interesting in finding out for herself if these things are true! She asked why isnt the book of mormon more known throughout the world. Thats a good question! Well each day millions of missionaries and members go out, talking to people about this book, and so I think its becoming more and more well known each day! Lets keep helping the world know of the great news that we have! :)

Another thing she has taught me is to have a question every time I read the book fo mormon! I have done that this week, and its crazy to find out but not surprising, that every last one has been answered!!  So ask a question before you read, and you'll find your answer. .) 

I had the chance this week to have an exchange (is that what its called?) with Hermana Pleitez. She  is from el salvador, and it was great! She came here to our area, and I love how simply and clearly she teaches. Sometimes we try to fluff things up, or add unneeded information, but teaching clearly and simply and by the spirit is what the savior did, so thats what we should do too. Im so tahnkful for her, and especialy for the lesson we had with Deisy , a less active member. She wont tell us exactly why she doesnt want to go to chruch, but I know little by little the Lrod is softening her heart to whatever happened. We taught about the atonement, and she said she didnt understand. Hna Pleitez explained so simply and clearly what Christ did for us. And then we could see she understood. I know christ lives, and that he lived, suffered, and died for us, so we can be healed and return to live with him! What joy this sentence gives, I know that my redeemer lives!

Love yall tons. Have fun in the water and the sun! :) Be sure to eat lots of licorice and wheat thins and all those other fun snacks mom always packs. :) Lets get to work, and do it by the spirit!
love yall!
hna Garlick