Monday, August 18, 2014

"Don't Prepare the Talk. Prepare to Give the Talk." President Packer

Hola Hola familia!

Just got back from Negritos where we played bowling and walked on the beach! Im so thankful for relaxing pdays! :) The bowling was so great. all by hand, people in the back that came out each time to set up the pins! :) so fun. Hermana Villena´s health also is all better so that makes us both happy! And Joel, Zahina´s husband bought us colored marshmallows for dessert after our lunch and it reminded me of going to Great grandma burtons house! :) They were surprised that I actually got to know my great grandnparents. It is such a blessing, Im so thankful for family and to be reminded of all yall always! :)

We had interviews with Presidente Rowley this week!!! I love those! I feel the spirit so strong and such a peace and at home feeling when I talk to presidente y hermana Rowley. I asked him how he dealt with all his stress as a mission president (by the way ive gotten a lot better at switching to english now! only a few words I mix up...:) Well he told me he finally learned that this is the Lord´s work, not his! We have to do all we can to be instruments in the hands of the Lord, nothing else! We cant do everything, and we cant do it in his way. we have to do our part with all our heart, relying on him, because he´s in charge! Relying on the spirit is something I have definitely gotten better at, but I know I still have a long way to go. He told me the quote I put for the subject line, ¨dont prepare the talk, Prepare to give the talk.¨ by president Packer. (or something along those lines. Ive been pondering that a lot this week!  Yes we need to prepare, we need to know the doctrine, we need to have a plan--but most importantly we need to be prepared spiritually to say what the Lord needs us to say, to do what he needs us to do, and to act as he needs us to act. This is the Lord´s work! So there really is no need to fret. Im so thankful to be his servant in this time! And its going way too fast! I still remember quite vividly the night president prior placed his hands on my head and by the power of the priesthood set me apart as a missoniary. I remember feeling like a like switch literally went off in me. I wasnt too sure what that was then, but now I understand a lot better what that light switch was. Im so tahnkful to be a set apart servant of the Lord. It is such a blessing to serve him as I serve others. I know I cant do everything, but through him I can do everything he needs to get done. 

This week I had the opportunity to do an exchange with Hermana Giles!! It was so wonderful, she is such a spiritual missionary and teaches powerfully from the scriptures. We were teaching Deisy, (less active member) and had questions about the resurrection. Hna Giles flipped right open to Alma 11 and was able to explain so clearly and powerfully and helped answer Deisy´s questions. She ends her mission in 2 weeks with Hermana Villena too! And she is finishing so strong!! I love her and am so thankful for her example. This week we will be traveling to Tumbes for exchanges so we are getting excited for that! 

So all our investigators with baptismal dates have fallen through. But we are not discouraged, because Presidente said we are here to establish the kingdom of God, and well that is what we are doing! We taught Mary and Freddy this week. Mary talked with her sister whos Evangelica, and well now she doesnt want to read the book of mormon, because it says in the bible that you shouldnt add too it, and she doesnt believe it is possible that there can be more scripture. We shared scriptures from the bible and the book of mormon to resolve her concerns. Her husband said he is willing to read and pray to know if its true, but mary still says that she needs to think about it. We shared our testimonies. This is always my favorite part, because no one can deny what we know for ourselves. I love the quote from an apostle that says ¨Its true isn´t it? than what else matters?¨ People can argue that the book of mormon isnt true all day, but I know it is because ive read it, prayed about it, and it has changed my life! I know it can change anyones life that will do the same. So we are hoping and praying she will read teh book that holds it all together. :)

We had conferencía de distrito this week! And our branches of course were incharge of the choir. It turned out great, we had so many participate, including lots of our conversos recientes!! :) And its crazy, now I dont get the least bit nervous to play the piano! Good bye 14 yr old shaking hands at the ward talent show. (thanks mom for helping me know where to start..ahaha) I loved how the theme was la obra de salvación! Afterall, its the work of all of us! He needs all of us! 

HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOTHER DEAR this saturday!!! I hope someone makes your bed and you have the most splendid day! Mama mía estoy tan agradecida por ti y por todo lo que haces para mí! Espero que tengás una maravillosa semana! :)

This week we found Juana, she is 85 and when we got in she called her sobrina over and said, ¨come here, these girls are here to help put our lives in order!¨:) haha it made me smile. We are all here to put our lives in order each day, no? That´s what the gospel of Jesus Christ does. 

Have a WUNDERBAR week! :) venga lo que venga, disfrútalo! :)
Hermana Garlick

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